AMC Update Friday 11/5/04

All My Children Update Friday 11/5/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Jamie are bonding with her baby boy. But it looks like the cops may be finding them soon and charging them with kidnapping. They still do not know that JR has gotten the news that Bess is Bianca's before Bianca has found out. JR behaves very strangely, after reading Babe's letter to Bianca about Bess being Miranda, apologizes for not trusting Bianca and asking her to help him raise his baby. He leaves her with the baby and goes to deliver the letter to Erica's home where she will find it.

Tad is furious with Krystal and with David for what they've done to Bianca. They protest that they and their daughter did what they thought was the right thing. David warns Krystal that she should have tried to stop Babe from taking the baby because she will be in big trouble when the cops find out.

Maria, tired of Edmund not speaking to her, says this has got to stop. She says yelling at her is better than not talking. He tells her she's right. They can't live like this. Maria asks if he's willing to talk to a marriage counselor. She could make some calls. Edmund says he's already made some calls. He's called an attorney to file for divorce. He suggests she call one too. Maria says he has the right to be angry but she won't let him end their marriage. Edmund says it's over. A suddenly grown Maddie walks in and asks them what's over. Maria leaves the room to retrieve something and Maddie asks her father why he and her mother are fighting. It's not the same anymore between them. What happened? She asks if they will fix things. Edmund says he's not sure he can. Maria returns and Maddie leaves for school. Maria asks Edmund what he said to Maddie. Nothing she doesn't already know, he says. Maria says she will not give him a divorce. She says there's been no infidelity. He tells her she committed adultery without sleeping with him. Maddie comes back after missing the bus and Maria takes her to school. After she leaves, Edmund makes a phone call and asks the person to come over. It's about Maria, he says.

Ryan goes to Zach's office to apologize. He tells Zach he's misjudged him. He appears to be one of the good guys after all, noting that Zach hasn't made a play to get Cambias Industries. Zach tells him to get to the point. Ryan reveals a large rifle that he had behind his back. He says it was easy to get. He wanted to see up close what the weapon that almost killed him looks like. He says this is an exact model of the one taken from Ethan's locker. Ryan says he used to think Zach was the chief suspect in his shooting, but now he's working with police to make sure Ethan pays. Zach's voice raises as he tells Ryan to leave Ramsey out of this. Ryan asks him what the pappa bear routine is all about. Zach says Ethan has been through enough. Ryan sits down, holding the gun toward Zach in a threatening manner, and tells him not to waste his money on a lawyer for Ethan because he has to pay. Ryan comments that he has blanks in the gun, just like he had blanks in the gun during his murder game. Zach orders Ryan to leave and Ryan tells him he can't say that it's not been fun. After the door is shut, Ryan says to himself "now the fun really begins."

David walks into Tad's house and asks Krystal if she told Tad the truth. She tells David that Tad figured it out. Tad asks David how long he's been sitting on this keg of dynamite. David says he figured it out long before him, and orders him not to take this out on Krystal. Instead come after him. Krystal steps between the two men before they come to blows. Tad says he can't believe both of them stood there and watched Bianca grieve for Miranda when they knew Miranda was alive. Krystal says David just wanted to do what was right by his daughter. Tad accuses them of betraying Bianca and he's sure that David used this to wrap Krystal around his finger. David tells Krystal that Babe has left with Jamie and left a goodbye letter. Krystal knows and tells him that Babe also wrote one to Bianca and Jamie wrote one to Tad. Tad tells them they seem to think that Bianca getting her baby back now will make everything all right. She'll never get back the time she missed. And Jamie is sacrificing his life for a woman who didn't have the guts to do what's right. Tad accuses Krystal of being the architect of the whole thing. Krystal tells David to leave but he doesn't want to leave her alone with Tad. She says she'll be all right. David warns Tad not to do anything to Krystal. Tad tells him to get the hell out of his house. When David leaves, Tad tells Krystal to go too. She tells him for what it's worth, she still loves him.

Babe and Jamie stop after driving. Jamie offers her food but her mind is somewhere else. She tells Jamie that she's thinking about Bianca getting Miranda back. She remembers the night Miranda was born and the look on Bianca's face. She figures Bianca must be smiling by now. She asks Jamie if there's any way JR could keep Miranda from Babe, but Jamie says there's no way that would happen. Babe says she feels sorry for JR because he lost a son and a daughter. Jamie says he feels for JR too. Baby James squeals and Jamie turns on the car radio to calm him. Soon they are hearing a news bulletin about the newly-elected lieutenant governor's son being missing and a major search is underway. Babe is worried that the FBI will be after them, but JR says they have them beat. They've driven a long way on back roads.

JR is holding Miranda tight when Bianca comes into his house. He thinks about the note Babe left him and tells Bianca that she can't have the baby. Bianca asks JR where Babe went. JR says she left with Jamie and he doesn't know where she is. JR starts accusing Babe of spreading lies. Bianca notices Babe's note and says she can't believe Babe would leave without Bess. JR is struck by her mention of the name Bess and realizes she hasn't read her note. Bianca asks JR what's with him. What did he do that drove Babe away. JR says Babe left on her own. "Let's see what Babe has to say," Bianca says as she picks up the note. JR grabs the note from her hand and says it's a bunch of lies. Bianca says if Babe wrote him a note she probably wrote one to her too. She starts to leave but JR asks her not to. He says Bess needs her. A suspicious Bianca says she knows now that something is up. JR says he hates that their friendship has taken a hit. He says he knows how much Bianca loves Bess. She needs to be a part of Bess's life. Bianca says she needs her real mother. JR says she needs a strong woman and that's her. He asks Bianca if she'll stay with Bess while he leaves to do something he needs to do.

JR goes to Bianca's apartment to look for Babe's letter. Meanwhile, Bianca tells Bess that her mother won't be away too long. Winefred brings Bess her food and Bianca says she'll feed her. While Bianca feeds her daughter some pureed peas, Babe is shown feeding Baby James peas as well. Babe asks Jamie to feed the baby and while doing so, is sprayed with peas. Bianca is shown with Miranda also being splattered with peas. JR finds the note and reads it. In it Babe expresses deep remorse for keeping Bianca's baby and says she knows that she'll hate her.

Aidan is now with Ryan in Zach's office and asks how his meeting with Zach went. Ryan says Zach hates Ethan taking the fall. Aidan thinks Zach knows something. Ryan is looking around Zach's office and says he has to neutralize the enemy so he can start a life with Greenlee. He opens a drawer and finds something, which is not shown.

Maria returns home and tells Edmund he upset Maddie. She had to reassure her. Edmund tells her not to give Maddie false hope. Maria asks how can she convince him to not give up. The doorbell rings. Maria answers and it is Zach. Edmund tells Zach to take Maria. "She's your's."

David learns that Babe has kidnapped Ace and can tell by Krystal's reaction that she knew this. Krystal admits she talked with Babe in Llanview and tried to talk her out of it. David knows Babe is going to be in all kinds of trouble now. Does she have any idea what will happen when they're caught?

Babe and Jamie suddenly hear police sirens. They hope the police will pass but they stop and flash their lights.

JR is still reading the note when Erica walks in. She asks JR what he's doing here and what he has. She orders him to give it to her.

Tad arrives at Chandler mansion and finds Bianca with Miranda.

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