AMC Update Thursday 11/4/04

All My Children Update Thursday 11/4/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

After successfully getting Ace Buchanan out of his home and into their vehicle, Babe and Jamie are transporting the baby and on the run. Babe is also concerned about making certain that Bianca has gotten the letter she wrote to her revealing that Bess is really Miranda and hers to keep. Little does she know, however, that JR has intercepted the letter, prevented Bianca from having it and knowing the truth, and that JR is now shocked to discover the secret about Bess/Miranda for the first time.

Greenlee goes to David Hayward’s home, informing him that he has to help her. He invites her inside.

At Erica’s, Erica and Bianca know that Kendall has some sort of secret she is not telling them. Bianca asks her sister what is going on. But although not knowing Kendall’s secret, her mother and sister assure her they will be there for her and she expresses her appreciation. Right when Kendall leaves, Jack enters. Bianca asks what he has investigated about the girls who were harassing Lily. He informs them that nothing was done. Erica protests that these girls cannot get away with what they’ve done to Lily, making her dress like a hooker, planting alcohol is her locker, and being despicable people. Jack inquires what kind of worthless parents those girls could have to condone or excuse their behavior. But hearing that, and remembering Babe’s situation, Bianca inquires to Jack and to Erica, how somebody who is a fit parent could have their child taken from them or forced to abandon their child.

Tad discovers a letter left for him from Jamie. He reads that Jamie and Babe are leaving together. Krystal is there and Tad inquires if she knew about their plans beforehand and if so, how she could keep the secret from him. Knowing that Tad still has no clue that Ace Buchanan is Babe’s child and Bess is really Miranda, Tad is angry at Krystal for not having the courtesy to warn him about his son’s and her daughter’s plans to go away. He demands that she comes clean right now and tells him what’s going on.

Kendall goes to talk to JR Chandler. She informs him that she really does not care about his wife and won’t prevent him from going through with his plans in regard to her. He, however, has discovered a secret, which she can tell by noticing him lost in thought. She asks him what’s going on. Hearing JR talking about Babe leaving a letter, Kendall makes light of the situation by saying Babe is too stupid to know how to write a letter and only uses makeup brushes to draw anything. He still has not told her the very important specifics about the letter, and she has no clue that he’s talking about her letter he’s discovered that she’s written to Bianca. She tells JR he has nothing to worry about now that Bess is with him, assures him that he need not feel bad taking her from an unfit mother, and reflects that people like her sister, Bianca are fit to be parents, but people like his wife are only fit for backseats, partying and sleeping with everything that walks.

Erica shares with her mother and uncle Jack what Babe and Jamie are doing. She protests to them that JR has become a monster and has left them with no choice but to split town without Bess. Erica reflects on how she remembers JR once being a very sweet boy, but now notices that he’s gone bad. Jack informs his niece, however, that if Babe signed a contract, which allows JR to keep Bess, then technically, legally, she could get in trouble if she takes Bess away because that would be considered kidnapping. Bianca asks her mother and uncle if there would be grounds for Babe to be declared as signing the agreement under duress, due to the fact that JR was threatening her. Jack tells her that is always possible

Jamie inquires to Krystal what possible motive Babe and Jamie would have to leave town and stay away from their families. He remembers that JR’s and Adam’s threatening DVD is no longer an issue for them, Babe no longer has any reasons to have to take Bess away, nor does Jamie. He tells her that people do not just leave together because they are in love, as she suggests. He says he knows that Babe and Jamie must be afraid of something. He demands to know what Krystal knows about their plans. Krystal tells Tad that when he finds out, he must not blame Babe. If he blames anybody, he must blame her.

Greenlee informs David of her symptoms, about how she finds herself snapping for no reason, about how a week ago, she answered her door and met guests naked, and about how she broke up Anita and Bobbie Warner’s marriage. She says she’s afraid she’s lost it completely. He tells her before she straps herself into a straight jacket, she just needs to de-stress. He concludes that he will schedule an appointment for her. She all of a sudden becomes happy and rushes out the door.

Erica tells her daughter that although she believes it’s wonderful that she is so concerned about Bess, she suggests that Bianca could always look into having another baby. She says she knows Bianca has so much love to give to a baby, and although no other baby could ever replace Miranda, she might want to look into having her own.

While talking to JR, Kendall finds herself in love with Bess, almost as if she unconsciously knows who this baby really is. She urges JR to let Bianca visit Bess. He balks at that idea. But she protests that losing her child devastated Bianca and she was devastated along with her sister. She admits to JR that all of her recent crazy behaviors have been in reaction to losing Miranda. Knowing the big secret, which he cannot reveal to Kendall, JR realizes that maybe he should let Bianca see her own child. Although he vents his attitude about his wife and Kendall’s sister, he seems to listen to what Kendall is saying, knowing that this baby is not his nor Babe’s.

Tad protests to Krystal how Babe could possibly leave her child with JR. He tells her it makes no sense how she could just walk away form her own child and run away with Jamie. Krystal cries and cannot answer his question. But right at that moment, Tad concludes, on his own, the reason why. He says he knows, now, that Bess is not Babe’s child after all, she did not die in the crash, and she is Miranda.

In the car, Jamie remarks to Babe that he notices that she is quiet and asks her if she’s thinking about a U-turn. She tells him she’s thinking about her mother. She tells him she’s afraid of what will happen when Krystal has to tell Tad what has really happened. She tells Jamie she knows her mother loves his father to pieces and she is worried about what will happen to their relationship after this.

Tad tells Krystal that he knows she’s known all along that Bess was Miranda. He asks her how she managed to falsify the DNA results. She admits that she switched the test tubes in the blood lab. He asked her how she could let Bianca be devastated all this while believing she’d lost her baby, and how she and Babe could have lied and kept Bianca’s baby from her. She protests that he must not blame Babe, and only blame her and she knows she’s done wrong. He tells her she has not only devastated Bianca, but also her entire family, Erica, Kendall, Jack, everybody. He tells her that now he understands Jamie’s “secretive” behavior and his weakness toward Babe. He admits that he believes his son is crazy to forgive what Babe and Krystal have done. He again demands to know how Krystal could just sit there and watch what has happened to Bianca and her family. Krystal protests, emotionally, that Babe only did that to make her marriage work with JR and that her daughter would have done anything for that worthless stepson of Tad’s.

JR privately reads the letter Babe wrote to Bianca where she informs her that it has broken her heart to take the baby that is really Bianca’s. He sits silently, shocked and not knowing what to do with what he’s just discovered.

The letter, however, has not found it’s way to Bianca. She still has no clue. Nor does Babe have a clue that JR has now discovered the big secret.

David reads the letter that Babe wrote to him. She tells her father she loves him and will miss him. But realizing her father already knows hers’ and Jamie’s secret, she informs David that she had to do what she had to do. David reads it and sounds upset although at least he knows the real truth.

Krystal protests to Tad that Paul Kramer is the one to blame because he started this whole mess. He tells her she cannot put this all on Paul Kramer. Krystal and Babe willfully lied about Miranda and kept her from Bianca. He tells her she can save her excuse about how she’d do anything for her “precious baby doll”. She admits she has no excuse. She says all she could see was her daughter’s pain and that was all that mattered. She says if she could have just known what kind of person JR was, she would not have done anything. She realizes she put Bianca in a terrible situation, as well as her own daughter. But at that time, all she could think about was her little girl. He concludes that that must be the reason why she did not agree to marry him.

Alone, at the gravesite for Miranda, which is right by the mineshaft where Greenlee fell months ago, Greenlee is having a flashback about falling down the mineshaft. Kendall enters and tells Greenlee she has to get home to Ryan. Greenlee leaves. Alone, Kendall prays for the deceased Miranda and realizes Miranda is gone and that she needs to get on with her life.

Babe tells Jamie that not long from now, they will be in a warm beach enjoying the sun with their new child. She tells him she also believes that Bianca will be very happy to have Miranda and JR will have no reason to fight with her over her own baby. Little does she know, however, that Bianca has no clue but JR does.

After reading the letter and feeling spooked, JR notices Bianca entering his home. She looks angry. And now knowing he’s taken her baby and assuming that she now knows, he looks at her like he is afraid of her.

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