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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/3/04

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Erica and Kendall are surprised to see each other at Bianca's door. Erica says she was on her way home from a meeting and thought she'd stop to discuss it with Bianca. Kendall has a problem she wants help with. They both go inside, even though Bianca is not home, to wait for her. Erica wonders if she can help Kendall. Kendall says it's about Ethan being arrested again for Ryan's shooting. Erica is overjoyed to learn he is behind bars. Kendall is not thrilled by Erica's reaction and decides to go ahead and leave. Erica stops her and begs her to let her help. She knows she let both of her daughters down before but won't ever again. Erica looks at the picture of Babe and Bianca on the mantle and comments that if only things could have been different. Bianca returns, surprised to find them there. Kendall brings up Ethan; she and Erica start arguing about him. Bianca tells Erica and Kendall that they are all connected. Apart they make mistakes, but together they are invincible. When Bianca brings up Miranda, Kendall wants to bolt. Erica suggests they all try to heal together. Kendall refuses to discuss Miranda, but the other two gang up on her. Kendall is afraid of the pain and that if she starts crying, she will never stop. Bianca tells her that the tears and the memories are all that are left of Miranda. Bianca urges Kendall to talk to her, or to Miranda. Kendall keeps begging them not to go there, but they hug her until she breaks down crying. They tell her she is safe and that they love her. A letter from Babe is delivered outside Bianca's door.

Bianca arrives at Maggie's door while Jonathan is there, sitting on the couch. Bianca wonders if Maggie has heard about Jamie and Babe leaving town, and how she feels. Maggie is upset about it. Bianca hugs her and then comes in. Jonathan observes in a patronizing way that Bianca looks so together even though she has lost her best friend. There is awkward tension between the three. He leaves to get ice cream. Things are still a little awkward. Bianca and Maggie talk about Babe and Jamie's leaving. Bianca tells Maggie that they are kidnapping Bess and Maggie seems okay with that. She is sad that Bianca won't be seeing Bess any more, though. Bianca tells her that Babe has assured her that she'll see Bess go to school and take other important steps in her life. Maggie wonders how Babe is so sure about that, but Bianca is confident that Babe has a way. They are hugging again when Jonathan returns. Instead of ice cream, he has brought champagne so they can make a toast. He toasts to Ethan being in jail again. The other two are shocked and do not toast. Bianca says that Ethan is innocent until proven guilty. He explains that they found the right rifle in Ethan's locker this time. Bianca argues with him for a moment and then leaves. He hugs Maggie and observes that Bianca is hot and cold, but Maggie deserves a better friend than that. Maggie wonders what he means. They discuss Bianca for a minute. He gets mad and wonders if she's stupid. She gets angry back and orders him out. He yells back at her but then admits that he was feeling jealous because he saw Bianca's arms around her again. He mentions that he loves her. Maggie is floored and says she just won't hang out with Bianca as much. She doesn't want to pass up true love. They kiss.

J.R. sits with Bess on the couch. Adam walks in, yelling about how he still can't find Colby. He picks up the phone to make a call, so he can get those DVD's and put Jamie in jail. J.R. threatens that if he goes after his brother, he will have to go through him first. Adam is shocked that J.R. would choose someone he's not related to over his own blood. They argue. J.R. says that he is not Adam's clone, despite what people think. He stands up to Adam. Adam makes a snide remark about Dixie, so J.R. warns him to back off. Adam takes Bess out of J.R.'s arms to make him realize what it's like to have someone take his daughter away. J.R. snatches her back and Adam points out that he would have done anything to get her back. Brooke arrives, saying she has news. Adam jokes to her about pulling a gun on him, but she's not amused. She is anxious to tell them some news, but Adam first insists on telling her that he's going to use the disk to put her son in jail. Brooke tells him that his safety deposit box is empty; they have all of the copies. She taunts them about it. J.R. quickly ushers her out. Adam is angry until J.R. tells him that Babe and Jamie have left town, so Babe will not be able to get Bess, even though there are not disks to threaten her with. J.R. then wonders, if there are not disks, why are they leaving town? But they have no answers. Later, J.R. is sitting with Bess, telling her that from now on life will be all sunshine and rainbows. A letter to him from Babe is delivered outside of his door.

David and Krystal arrive at Kevin Buchanan's campaign headquarters, wondering if Babe and Jamie are really going to steal Ace. David suggests they split up to cover more ground. Tad follows Krystal, then later runs into her. He demands to know why she's there and what she was going to tell him until David came by with his gun. Krystal says she's there to visit a friend. Tad knows that the blonde woman she was talking to the other day is Kelly Buchanan. He tells Krystal that Kelly has left. Krystal manages to lose Tad by pushing a luggage cart into him. Later, David and Krystal meet up again and still haven't found anything.

Babe and Jamie are in their disguises at the campaign headquarters. Jamie has on a straw hat and dopey glasses. Babe's hair is tucked into her shirt. Jamie spies Ace and his nanny getting into an elevator. They watch it go to the tenth floor. Babe sees David getting out of another elevator, so she grabs Jamie and kisses him, to hide their faces. They follow on the next elevator. Jamie has a glass of champagne on a tray. He puts sleeping pills into it and heads to the room. Krystal finds Babe and accuses her of snatching Ace and leaving town with Jamie. Babe tells her that it's the only thing she can do. They argue a bit. Babe tells Krystal that everyone will get the news in letters that she and Jamie wrote, delivered via messenger. She assures Krystal that while everyone will hate her (Babe), no one will know Krystal's part in it. In the room. Jamie tells Karen, the nanny, that he has brought a glass of champagne from Kevin to celebrate his election. She thinks it might be a test to see if she drinks alcohol while she's watching his son. He pretends to be upset that he has failed Kevin on his mission and won't get a spot in his new office. Karen is charmed by his act and drinks the champagne. She says she has some phone calls to return, so he says he'll let himself out. He puts some tape on the lock so he can get back in. When Krystal sees Jamie, she tells him that he is breaking her heart, and his dad's, by taking her baby away. He tells her that he has to (something like that), so she hugs him and hugs Babe, telling them goodbye. The nanny is asleep, so Jamie and Babe take Ace. Babe is thrilled to be with her long-lost son.

Tad and David argue about Krystal. David knocks Tad unconscious with a suitcase. Krystal returns and lies to David that Babe phoned her from his house. He laughs, relieved. He shows her that Tad is unconscious in the chair. She doesn't want to know what happened. He leaves. Tad waks up, bruised and annoyed. She tells him that the answers he wants are back home and he will hear them from someone he loves. Meanwhile, David and Krystal get a letter delivered from Babe, and Tad gets one from Jamie.

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