AMC Update Tuesday 11/2/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/2/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca returns from her unsuccessful conversation with JR and vents to Babe about how unreasonable her husband is. She still has no clue about what is on Babe’s mind in regard to returning two babies to their rightful mothers. Babe sits silently and depressed. Noticing that Babe is somewhere else in thought, Bianca protests to her friend that she does not understand why she would choose to run away with Jamie. She tells Babe it makes no sense for her to leave Bess with JR and protests that she cannot do that to her child. Babe keeps telling Bianca that she will be ok, without telling her what her plans really are. She tells Bianca that she must trust her on this one; JR will get what he deserves and Bess will be in good care. Bianca remarks that Babe is behaving just like she’s on the run and afraid of being convicted of murder. Babe tells Bianca something about doing a terrible thing, remembering having the opportunity to confess to her crime, but chickening out. And she admits that she was so in love with JR, and so obsessed with saving her marriage that she blew it.

David confronts Jamie telling him he does not trust him with his daughter. Jamie protests that David hasn’t succeeded in helping Babe or in bringing Paul Kramer to justice. At that moment, Maggie enters. David attempts to urge his cousin to talk some sense into Jamie before it’s too late. Jamie asks her if her cousin is asking her to do his dirty work for him. She tells him she understands David’s concerns about his plans to run away with Babe.

Tad is still determined to reconnect with Krystal He catches her in a net and carries her into his home. He tells her that she cannot weasel her way out of the net nor out of his house until he lets her. He tells her that since she cannot escape, he needs to find out some things. He tells her that he is concerned about what his son and her daughter are up to and trying to hide from him.

Jonathan gets a visit from Maggie at the Fusion office. They kiss and seem very chummy. He tells her he’s not certain if he belongs in Pine Valley, nor at this job, which was offered to him by his brother. He tells her he regrets burning Bianca’s shirt, realizing how it affected her. She protests that she covered for him and is not angry with him about that. He asks her about her previous relationship with Bianca, inquiring if they were more than friends. She assures him that they were very close, but only as friends. Although she reveals that Bianca is very special to her, she definitely has romantic feeling for Jonathan, which he seems to return.

Kendall goes to look for Ryan in his home but does not find him. She only sees Greenlee lying on the couch looking motionless. Kendall notices there is something not right with Greenlee. She asks Greenlee what has happened to her. She calls to her, asking if she is ok, asking her to say something, to stop scaring her and snap out of it. But Greenlee only sees a blur of Kendall. She gets up and demands to know who let Kendall in and that she broke into her apartment. Kendall asks Greenlee how much she’s had to drink. She protests that the door was wide open and that Greenlee looks very odd sitting on the couch with her eyes wide open, being so out of it. She expresses to Greenlee that she is concerned about helping Ethan. Greenlee turns away saying she believes that Ethan shot Ryan. But Kendall protest that she knows he did not and he needs people to help him.

Ryan goes to visit Ethan in jail. Ethan protests that he did not shoot Ryan and whoever did is still out there and Ryan maybe should watch his back not knowing who it is or what they could do if they are not found out.

Not knowing what Babe’s big secret is, nor why she’s not confiding in her, Bianca asks if she has done something wrong to betray Babe’s trust. Babe assures her she has not done anything wrong, but she is just determined to protect her baby. And she assures Bianca that very soon there will be no more secrets and no more lies and everything will be just fine. At that moment, Bianca concludes that she knows that Babe is planning kidnapping.

Tad tells Krystal that he has reason to be suspicious of her. He lists their history of how he fell head-over-heals in love with her and she never got back to him with an answer about his marriage proposal. He’s always known that she has some secret she’s kept from him. He reminds her that he ran into her in a coffee shop in Llanview talking to some strangers about their baby and some secret involving Babe, not long ago. And he’s very concerned that both of their kids are about to get themselves into trouble and keeping secrets from both of them. She protests that she does love him. He tells her that in that case, she needs to be honest with him and trust him.

Kendall protests to Greenlee that she knows that Ethan did not try to kill Ryan. She says she has feelings about Ethan good will and integrity. Greenlee tells her she knows she has feelings for Ethan beyond that. Kendall protests to Greenlee that she is also concerned about Ryan, since, due to the fact that Ethan has been falsely accused of attempted murder, the real shooter is still out there with perfect opportunity to finish the job. But again, Greenlee is experiencing the same “illness” that Kendall observed when she first saw her. Greenlee climbs up on a chair, idly, and looks like she could fall and hurt herself, until Kendall pulls her off the chair. Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows that something is not right and that maybe Greenlee should go to a hospital. Kendall leaves and Greenlee makes a call to Dr. Maria Gray.

Although Babe does not come out and tell Bianca the reason why, she is able to inform her and confirms with her that Bess with be with her while she goes off with Jamie. Bianca admits that she is relieved that she will be able to care for Bess and at least keep her away from JR and she doesn’t ask any more questions. Babe tells Bianca, very emotionally, that she knows Bianca will be there for Bess when she takes her first step, speaks her first words, goes to school, gets married, and so on. She cries and hugs Bianca. She tells her that it’s amazing that at one moment, everything seems so tragic, but then not long thereafter, something can be a miracle.

Tad urges Krystal to see that she needs to trust him and realize that he will be there for her, through the good and the bad. He also expresses to her that he is a little concerned about his son letting his emotions think for him. She asks Tad if he really considers himself so unlike Jamie or incapable of making similar mistakes. He admits that he remembers making mistakes in his younger days, such as cheating on Dixie. But he tells her he gives her his word that he will be there for her, for better or for worse. Right at that moment, David enters and holds a gun on Tad. He demands that Tad leaves Krystal alone. He says he’s tired of people messing with his family. Tad protests that Krystal is not his family. David reminds him that she is his daughter’s mother. Krystal tells Tad he needs to let her out of the net and let her go. Tad lets her go but tells her that he wants to help her, yet cannot if she does not trust him. She goes off with David, much more comfortable to be “rescued” by somebody from whom she has no secrets.

Jamie informs Maggie that he and Babe are leaving town together. She inquires why. She tells him that it’s a little odd that Babe first sleeps with him and strings him along, then marries JR and dumps him, then turns around and needs him to help her with her problems. He informs Maggie that leaving town was his own idea and not Babe’s. He asks Maggie to realize that Babe never did anything to hurt anybody. She expresses she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, knows there’s something he is not telling her and asks what is going on. He hugs her, tells her he’s going to miss her and leaves what has been their mutual apartment.

Bianca sounds like she wants to help Babe with her plans. She offers her money but Babe refuses, telling her that Jamie has taken care of everything. Babe tells Bianca that she is so indebted to her, never before remembering having such a great friend. Bianca informs Babe that she has been grateful to have Babe’s friendship and acceptance of her, which not everybody has given her. Right when Bianca goes out the door, Babe cries and tells Bianca how much she will miss her, but tells her at least she will have Miranda.

When Ryan returns home, Greenlee happily rushes to the door to greet her husband, acting like everything is ok and there is no cause for worry.

Kendall goes to visit Ethan in jail again letting him know she’s determined to help him.

Maggie tells Jonathan that she’s afraid she’s lost her relationship not only with Bianca but with Jamie as well. Jonathan tells her that she still has him. She seems happy to hear that. But at that moment, there is a knock on the door. It’s Bianca.

David and Krystal attempt to put their heads together to figure out what Babe’s and Jamie’s bit secret is. And right at that moment, they both seem to know that they have already left.

Right at that moment, Babe and Jamie are in the car, ready to put their plans into motion. He tells her that tonight she will have her son.

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