AMC Update Monday 11/1/04

All My Children Update Monday 11/1/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach is at the police station trying to help Ethan, but Ethan says it’s too late for his help. Zach wants to help get a lawyer but Ethan tells him to go to hell. Livia arrives and identifies herself as Ethan’s lawyer. She advises Ethan to keep his mouth shut. Turning to Zach, she tells him his help is unneeded. After Livia and Ethan go into a small room to talk, Kendall tells Zach that she can tell he gives a damn. Why? Zach explains it’s because Ethan is innocent. Kendall suggests he’s lying about not being Ethan’s father.

Bianca goes to see JR to make him an offer he can’t refuse. JR tells her she’s speaking his language. Bianca tells him he is greed personified, and she can help feed that greed. She knows he and his father want Chandler Enterprises back. She says if he gives up his vendetta against Babe and Jamie to frame them for attempted murder and agrees to share custody of Bess with Babe, she’ll go to Ryan and convince him to give up the company. JR tells her he wants Babe wiped completely out of his life. He says Babe sucked in him, Jamie and now her. Now she’d rather get busy with her brother. He tells Bianca that Babe has left town with Jamie.

Tad and David want to know what’s going on with Jamie and Babe. Babe says they didn’t want it to come out this way. David invites them inside his house, where Jamie tells them they are leaving town. Jamie says they want to escape the trouble Adam is trying to make for them by trying to frame them. Tad and David say they don’t have to worry about that anymore because the witness is gone. Babe says that’s great, but they have another reason for leaving. They want to spend time alone together. They kiss and Brooke walks in and is not happy to see her son in this position. David asks Babe if she’s lost her mind. Now is not the time to engage in fun, he says. Babe tells them they’re in love. Brooke tells them to take a cold shower. Tad tells Jamie he’s going home with them. He wants to have a nice, mature conversation with his son. Jamie leaves with his parents.

Greenlee and Bobby are having it out about Greenlee spilling the beans to Anita. Suddenly Greenlee is looking at Bobby with double vision. She walks to the elevator and when it opens, thinks she sees that there is no floor. She shouts that she could have fallen into the elevator shaft, but then sees a man walk into it with no problem. She asks herself what’s wrong with her.

Anita tells Aidan in the supply room that she pretended like Bobby would change. Instead he had a plan to seduce Greenlee. Aidan tries to comfort her when Bobby walks in and sees them together. He angrily asks for a minute with his wife. After Aidan leaves, Bobby tells Anita that it’s convenient that Aidan is always around for her and he’s always comforting her with his hands. He asks if she wants to cut him out of her life to make room for her closet buddy. Anita slaps him.

David doesn’t understand Babe’s behavior. He thought her goal was to get Ace and give Miranda back to Bianca. He says something is going on and he wants to know what. He tells her she has the worst taste in men – first Paul, then JR now Jamie. Babe tells David that Jamie is amazing. She urges him to put his negative feelings about the Martins behind him. She knows in her heart everything is going to work out. Jamie has even taken care of Paul, she says. David seems surprised by that, asking if Jamie said that. She questions his reaction and says that should be good news. She asks if he got Paul to sign the confession. David says he hasn't, but he'll figure something out. Babe says Paul would die before he took the blame for what he did. Babe argues that Jamie will be on their side, but David says he needs to keep his mouth shut and walk away. Babe says she didn't think she needed a father but now knows she does. She tells David she loves him and he tells her the same.

Tad and Brooke talk to Jamie and urge him to be careful when it comes to Babe. Tad is suspicious that Jamie is up to something and figures he knows what the secret Babe and Krystal are hiding. Jamie denies it. Tad says Babe must have told him what's bothering Krystal enough to kick him out of her life. He asks Jamie to trust him. Jamie says maybe there is no secret. Maybe Krystal was just worried about the custody arrangement. He tells his parents that he loves Babe. He hugs and praises his parents and Tad says he keeps hearing the word "goodbye." Jamie just says he'll talk to them soon and leaves. Tad says something else is going on. Jamie lied like a pro and he has to figure out what he's lying about.

David finds Jamie and tells him it's time for them to have a talk.

Zach tells Kendall he'll stand by Ethan. Livia leaves Ethan and approaches Zach and Kendall. She lets Kendall into see Ethan but tells her to be careful in what she says since the walls have ears. Livia tells Zach that if he wants to help he needs to be responsible. Lawyers point guilt at other people and he's at the top of her list, she says. Zach tells her she can't place him at the scene of the crime.

Kendall tells Ethan that he needs all the help he can get. Ethan immediately thinks that Kendall believes he is guilty. Ethan insists he didn't shoot Ryan and the gun was planted in his storage locker. Kendall says she believes him and wants to help prove his innocence. He tells her not to try to figure out who shot Ryan because whoever did is capable of murder.

Bianca tells JR he is a liar, but JR says he's not lying about this. Bianca says Babe would never stop fighting for Bess. JR says Babe is nowhere to be found. She and Jamie wanted money to leave. Babe left her daughter behind, he says. What kind of a mother does that? Babe also ruined his brother's life, he says. He tells her Babe wants her to think he's a monster, but they could still be friends. Bianca says nothing has changed about who he is. He's become cruel and pathetic and she can't be a friend with him ever again.

Aidan finds Greenlee crouched in the hospital elevator. She is out of sorts. He helps her out of the elevator and asks her what's wrong. She says nothing, but he starts to call Ryan. She persuades him not to call Ryan since he has been through enough. He knows what's going on anyway and they are working to find out what's wrong.

Anita tells Bobby that he can't compare Aidan patting her on the back with his scheming to seduce Greenlee. Bobby says he didn't seduce her and nothing happened. He says at least he doesn't have feelings for Greenlee. She can't say the same thing about Aidan. He accuses her of stringing Aidan along. She tells him she's done wasting her energy on him.

Babe, at David's house, is writing a letter to Bianca. The letter contains her confession about Bess being Miranda and says she does not expect forgiveness. The letter says Babe's child was lost, not Bianca's. After finishing the letter, Bianca appears relieved and tells her self it's over. Bianca walks in.


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