AMC Update Friday 10/29/04

All My Children Update Friday 10/29/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Jamie go to see JR at Chandler mansion but are stopped by a guard. JR comes to the door and agrees to let them in. Jamie says they have something to tell him but they don't know how to do it. Jamie then pulls Babe into a passionate kiss in front of JR. JR asks them what that proves, that once a tramp always a tramp? Jamie says they didn't want him to hear it from someone else. Babe tells JR that they love each other. JR says no one cares. Jamie asks JR for money. JR says he needs to go to Krystal since she took $10,000 from their safe. Jamie admits he's the one who took some money, but he needs more in order to get out of town with Babe. JR doesn't want to cooperate. Jamie asks him if he wants him to go to prison. JR tells him he doesn't. All Jamie has to do is tell them where Liza and Colby are. Jamie tells JR that he's sold out all their childhood memories to become an Adam clone. JR asks to talk to Jamie alone. Babe asks if she can see Bess to say goodbye and JR agrees. He tells the guard not to leave the room when Babe is with Bess. When alone, JR tells Jamie that it's not too late. Don't make the same mistake he made with Babe. He urges Jamie to dump her and he'll fix things so that he'll be in the clear. Jamie asks about Babe. JR says he doesn't care about Babe, he cares about him. JR says he doesn't want Babe to do what she did to him. Jamie asks him if he wants him to desert Babe. JR says things can get back to the way the were between them if he leaves her. Jamie says he and Babe are leaving Pine Valley together.

In Bess's room, Babe whispers that she has left a note for her mother. She tells the baby that her mother loves her very much. Babe is giving Bess a tearful goodbye when JR enters and takes the baby from her. She tells JR goodbye and she and Jamie leave. JR tells the baby that this is the way it was meant to be, just her and daddy.

David goes to his home and finds Tad and Aidan guarding an unconscious man. Tad tells David this is the man shown on DVD that tries to implicate Jamie and Babe for attempted murder. David is pleased that the man has been found. The man, Rod, wakes up and protests that he was drugged. He calls himself an upstanding citizen. Tad tells Rod that they know Adam and JR paid him off to frame Babe and Jamie. Tad tells him he's trying to send two innocent people to prison. Rod says he doesn't know what he's talking about. David displays a tray of drugs and a syringe. He says he's ready to conduct an experiment. Tad and Aidan taunt Rod while David prepares a syringe. It's David's castration drug. Tad asks David if he's used it on anyone before. David says he did but the guy died before he could see how it worked. David tells Rod that he'll feel a little dizzy then will have a rapid degeneration of the nerve endings in his genitalia area. He'll never feel arousal again. Tad rolls up Rod's sleeve as Rod fidgets and sweats. He says he'll do anything. David puts the syringe away and Rod admits he was promised $100,000 by the Chandlers. Aidan gives him $20 to get out of town and they let Rod leave.

Zach is sitting alone in his casita and has another flashback of a happy time with Maria. Bobby walks in after being summoned by Zach, but Zach sits there silent. Bobby asks Zach what he needs. Zach tells him to tear this place apart. Zach says he's done with this place and doesn't want to see it again. He's going to Vegas permanently and tells Bobby he has been promoted to head this new casino. Bobby asks him what happened. Zach says only that's it's time.

Anita asks Greenlee what she means by Bobby trying to seduce her. Greenlee realizes what she has done and admits she has been doing crazy things and words just tumble out of her without her realizing it. She tells Anita that Bobby did not seduce her. Maria approaches them and Greenlee tells her she has to find out what's wrong with her. She apologizes and asks that she not let this ruin her marriage. She tells Anita that Bobby loves her. Anita tells Maria that she'll be OK and walks away.

Greenlee tells Maria that she thinks she's losing her mind. She asks to be hooked up to a machine to find out what's wrong with her. Greenlee says that she has told secrets that she ordinarily wouldn't have told. Maria says they can start running tests now. It's probably a chemical imbalance.

Bobby arrives at the hospital and tells Anita about his promotion. Anita says it's good news for him. Bobby says it's good news for the two of them. She says now he can pay back Kendall and he can seduce Greenlee after all. A stunned Bobby says he would not cheat on her and would not risk their marriage for money. Anita tells him to leave and go home.

Kendall and Ethan are at the police station and Kendall is demanding that Ethan be freed. Derek asks her what part of attempted murder she doesn't understand. When Ethan protests that police have no evidence against him, Derek says they found the weapon used to shoot Ryan in Ethan's storage locker. Kendall tells Ethan not to say anything until she gets him a lawyer. Ethan insists he hasn't done anything wrong. The gun that was found previously is the only one he owns, he says. This new one was planted. Kendall tells him not to say any more and she leaves. Now alone with Ethan, Derek asks him if Ryan's shooting was Kendall's idea alone or was Zach Slater involved. Kendall tells Derek to leave Kendall out of this as she's not involved.

Simone is at the police station talking to an officer about her latest parking ticket. She says it was given unfairly. The officer tells her that she has 23 outstanding citations. She'll have to pay the full amount of fines or they'll keep her car. Ethan walks out of the interview room and Simone spots him. She asks Ethan if there's anything she can do to help. She tells herself he can't go to prison. She wanted to date him.

Zach goes to his door and finds Kendall has arrived. She calls him a liar and tells him Ethan was arrested again. Why did he let this happen? Zach asks what happened. Kendall says he has to do something to help him whether he's his son or not.

Bobby runs into Maria and Greenlee after her tests and he asks Greenlee what's wrong with her. Does she get off on wrecking his marriage? Maria tells him that Greenlee's not the one who made this mess.

Anita goes to a supply room at the hospital and begins to cry. Aidan walks in and hugs her. He asks if she wants him to leave but she tells him to stay. She tells him he was right about Bobby. He hasn't stopped lying. She thinks her marriage is over.

Babe arrives at David's house and is standing outside when she is approached by Jamie. She says she can't believe JR was that generous. They now have enough cash to take care of it, they say. Tad and David walk out and hear the comment. Tad asks what they're up to. Jamie says they should tell them the truth since the truth will get out anyway.

Simone comes to the hospital and tells Greenlee that it's awful that Ethan was arrested again and they can prove he shot Ryan. Meanwhile, Zach goes to the police station and tells police to stop.

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