AMC Update Thursday 10/28/04

All My Children Update Thursday 10/28/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Adam Chandler is sending a search party to find Babe and Jamie whom he knows are on the run together and intending to take his granddaughter. Unknown to him, however, Tad has snuck into his home disguised as a security officer.

Greenlee is in the hospital looking through the maternity ward window. She discusses with Anita that she suspects she may be pregnant and what it would mean if she were.

Babe and Jamie are also in the hospital. She mentions to him their strategy where he is going by himself to kidnap two babies, and it sounds like they are both seen and overheard by Jamie’s grandfather, Dr. Joe Martin when he gets off the elevator. At that moment, Jamie grabs a hold of Babe and kisses her. When she leaves and Jamie is alone with his grandfather, he tells him that JR is up to no good and trying to make it look like he and Babe are doing something they are not doing. Joe tells his grandson he believes him. Hearing that, Jamie replies that that is good because he needs a favor.

While Kendall and Ethan are having a private encounter in a motel room, Ryan comes and knocks on the door. Ethan gets the door and tells Ryan he needs to go away and leave him alone, while he hides Kendall who is overhearing their conversation from the bed. Ryan demands to know what Ethan’s and Zach Slater’s little plan is all about.

Babe runs into Greenlee in the maternity ward. Babe tells Greenlee all about what a joy it has been to have Bess. Greenlee admits that she and others did a terrible thing to her at the christening by assuming that Bess was Miranda and attempting to take her from Babe, and she apologizes.

Tad manages to get into the Chandler’s living room, wearing his disguise. He believes he sees Adam and hides underneath a chair. But he is then, surprised to hear Stuart ask if it is Tad. He comes out of hiding, noticing Stuart wearing a business suit and ask him why he’s dressed like Adam. Stuart asks Tad why he’s dressed like a security guard. Stuart explains to Tad that he wants to help prevent his brother from succeeding in his plans and agrees that JR has gone too far in what he’s done to Babe and Bess and Jamie. Tad asks Stuart if he’d like to help him. He informs Stuart that all he needs is the key to Adam’s safe deposit box. He says he just needs the copies of the DVD that Adam is storing to incriminate Babe and Jamie. Tad tells Stuart that all they need is to get the key to the bank by way of messenger. But Stuart informs Tad that they need not rely upon a messenger. And he demonstrates how he can make himself sound just like Adam, and with the fact he looks exactly like him, it seems they are all set for fooling anybody into believing he is his brother.

Overhearing Ethan and Ryan’s conversation, Kendall comes out and urges Ethan not to give up on finding out whether he really is Zach’s son. But he tells her he’s ready to give up. And Ryan tells Kendall she must listen to Ethan and allow him to give up and leave town. Ryan does, however, concede that he has no intention of preventing Ethan or Zach from having what is rightfully theirs, if in fact it is true that they are heirs to Alexander Cambias’ estate. Ethan sounds suspicious of Ryan. And he tells them that he believes that Zach Slater would have no reason to lie to him in his revelation that Ethan is not Zach’s son. Ethan supplies Ryan with some information, which could exonerate him of suspicion in the possibility that he shot Ryan. Ryan thanks him for that but sounds like he still may not trust him. And he gives Ethan a check. Ethan questions where that came from. Ryan says Ethan may consider that a gift from the late old man Cambias. Ethan gives Ryan back the money and tells him he will just leave quietly and leave it at that. After Ryan leaves, Kendall ask Ethan if she’s told him how much she’s going to miss him. They kiss and go back to bed.

Aidan goes to talk to Anita and asks her if she can help him with some confidential information. He informs her that he’s trying to help Tad and Jamie find some suspicious person who is probably in the hospital right now attempting to help Adam Chandler with his dastardly plans. When he identifies the guy whom he believes is the culprit, she tells him she has an idea, and pull out her cell phone.

Right before Tad and Stuart are ready to put their plan into motion. Tad goes outside the door where he is unseen by Adam’s “agents”. Believing Stuart is Adam, the men question his very different way of doing things from what they know to be Adam Chandler’s habit. Stuart says, in his arrogant and gruff “Adam voice” that they have heard of it now and had better not question his authority. They still seem very puzzled at what this man, who looks just like Adam, is doing. Outside, Tad hears the conversation.

Babe and Greenlee discuss what it means to be a mother. And Babe reveals to Greenlee, for the first time, what JR is trying to do to her. Hearing this, Greenlee sounds surprised and inquires if that is legal. Babe leaves and Greenlee, then, sounds like she’s worried about all the new complications having a baby could present for her.

Anita talks on the phone, making herself sound very easily overheard, and expresses her emotional hardship about losing her dog, sounding, to the man whom Aidan suspects, like the “damsel in distress” and motivating him to want to help her. He offers to go to the park with her and attempt to find her dog. Making himself scarce, hiding behind a newspaper, Aidan overhears and watches them go out the door together.

Joe tells Jamie that he has had problems with his son, Jamie’s father. And he inquires whether Jamie might be behaving like Tad. He sounds like he wants to help Jamie but asks his grandson if there’s anything he’d like to tell his grandfather.

After verbally abusing an agent for his mistake, Stuart realizes he’s tripped over his words by accusing the agent of having: “incontinence in penmanship”, and later exhibits his “kind side”, which reveals behavior completely unlike Adam Chandler. Hearing that, Tad hits himself over the head, afraid that Stuart will fail in disguising himself as Adam.

Right while Greenlee is having a “day dream” of having a baby with Ryan, her husband shows up behind her and startles her. He tells her that he just went and talked to Ethan.

Following Anita and the man who wants to “help her find her dog”, Aidan appears and tells her the dog has been found and everything is ok. Aidan gets on the phone and calls Tad, informing him that he’s found “their guy” who is working for Adam. Tad informs Stuart that they are making progress. But right at that moment, when Tad is headed out the door, he runs into one of Adam’s employees who seems to recognize Tad. The employee asks Stuart, whom he believe is Adam, if that was, in fact, Tad Martin. Stuart replies, in his “arrogant Adam” voice that there is no way Tad Martin would ever enter his home.

At the hospital, somebody delivers a correspondence to Ryan and Greenlee. She gives it to him to read before she sees it herself. After seeing it, he holds her in his arms and reveals to her the test came back negative and that maybe somebody who knows things better than they do has decided that it is not their time.

Adam returns to his home after Tad has left and asks Stuart what is going on. Stuart happily tells his brother that nothing is going on and that he’s just a little surprised by all the guards hanging around the house, but does not let on to Adam that he has any problem with his plans nor that he is plotting a plan to prevent it from happening. Adam tells his brother that he is doing the right thing and that Stuart will understand in time.

Tad and Aidan drag the “guy” they’ve found who is now unconscious, into the bushes.

Right when Ethan and Kendall are in the motel room, afraid of nothing, they get a surprise visit from the cops who arrest Ethan for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery, put him in handcuffs, read him his rights and haul him down to the station.


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