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Ryan is on the computer noticing that all of Greenlee’s symptoms are early signs of pregnancy. She inquires whether it could have happened so soon and asks if it is real, is he ok with that? He sounds like he is but asks if she is. She confirms that she is but realizes that they will have a big responsibility over this little tiny creature. She admits that she does not know how to be a mother, was raised by nannies and remembers she had a worthless mother. She reflects that she does not do any domestic work. But he assures her that she is kind and loving and capable of running a multi-national company. But she needs to find out how he really and truly feels and asks if this really is what he wanted.

Alone, Zach is having a flashback of a happy and romantic encounter he had with Maria in the past.

Meanwhile, Edmund demands that Maria takes the bags that he has packed and that she leaves their home. She tells him she does not know why. He tells her she lied to him. She protests to him that he must believe that she never knew that Zach was a Cambias throughout the time they spent in the desert during their affair. He reminds her that she did protect Zach’s secret when he revealed it to her recently. She says although she did that, she was not sleeping with him. He informs her that Erica informed him that she saw Maria holding Zach in her arms at the cemetery only a week ago. He tells her that he has accepted too much. He tells her that even if she hasn’t slept with him recently, she’s lied to him and might just as well have slept with him. And he tells her it’s over. She admits that it’s right that she should have been honest with him. He tells her it’s not just about telling him, but Erica, Bianca, Kendall and many others had the right to know that there was another Cambias in this town. She protests that they have been through so much pain and grief. And that is why she believed that telling him that would be too much, and so she kept it a secret. He tells her he knows she saw Zach today.

David and Krystal are both worried about Babe being gone and keeping a secret from them, and about Paul Kramer’s threats. But David is less worried about Paul, whom he’s sure will eventually pay for what he’s done, than he is about Jamie. When Krystal informs him that Babe has confided everything in Jamie, David is very upset and angry and tells her he does not trust any Martin with anything and wants them all to go away. She protests that Jamie has no intention of betraying their daughter, but she is also a little concerned.

Meanwhile, Babe and Jamie are alone and away form civilization. She is writing Bianca a letter. He presents to her with a new fake driver’s license with her new identity. They confirm that their plan is for them to take Ace and give Bess to Bianca. He informs her that very possibly on election night, when Kevin Buchanan is busy, he will be too distracted to know that they’ve taken Ace. But Babe is worried about Paul Kramer. Jamie assures her that he will take care of Paul and when he’s done with him, Paul will never bother Babe again.

David suddenly tells Krystal that he has to leave and go to a meeting. But she knows he’s hiding something and she pulls a gun out of his pocket. She asks if he’s going to use it to kill Paul and urges him not to go through with it. He explains to her that his plan is that eventually, Paul will want to take his own life for what he’s done to Babe, as well as his own sister, and so many others. So David will provide the means for his death and he also reveals to Krystal a “suicide note”. She tells him he can’t go through with this. But he protests that he knows that if he does not, then Kramer will do everything he can do to keep Babe’s baby from her and he is determined not to let that happen. And he walks out the door, telling Krystal that she will not stop him.

Right when Greenlee asks Ryan whether he wants the pregnancy test to come back positive or negative, Jonathan appears, revealing he’s heard the news. He expresses his worries about Ramsay being a fake and what-not, but tells his brother and sister-in-law that they must not listen to him, he is happy about their news. He admits to both of them that he’s been a total jerk, but now wants to focus upon them. He asks whether they’ve thought about names or schools or anything else about the future of their baby. But Greenlee tells Jonathan that he’s getting way ahead of himself because they don’t even know for certain that she is pregnant. When he leaves, Ryan admits to Greenlee that both of them did not have great childhoods or parental role models and he says that maybe with his history, he would be the last guy to raise a baby.

Maria admits to her husband that he is right; she did see Zach today, they just met in order to say goodbye and he is leaving town. He still is determined to throw her out. But she protests that she only acted as a friend to Zach. He tells her that she’s told him too many lies and chosen Zach before him, but now he will be the one to choose. She protests that they must consider their children. But he reminds her that the children were without her for 5 years before, and they can survive it again.

When Babe and Jamie are alone at the beach, he tells her the story of the golden girl on the beach who won his heart.

David goes and finds Paul Kramer and lays down the law to him. He pushes him against a dumpster, demanding that Paul signs a confession that he kidnapped David’s grandson and that he returns him to Babe. Paul says he won’t do that. But David pulls out the gun.

Greenlee assures Ryan that he need not have any worries that he will turn into his monster stepfather. She reminds him that he has been Bianca’s rock, he was there for Alexander Cambias Jr. whom he didn’t even know, he’s been a great friend to Erica, he’s made her feel loved. And he’s been really good to his brother. She reminds him however, that unless she wants to follow the pattern of Mary Smythe, she will need some training in motherhood.

Right when Edmund and Maria continue their argument where he keeps telling her he cannot forgive or trust her, Zach keeps having more and more flashbacks of his romantic encounters with Maria.

Maria tells Edmund that she is not going anywhere. She is going to stay there and fight for this marriage whether he likes it or not. But he is still adamant that he wants her to leave, no matter what she says.

Jamie tells Babe he will always be there for her, but at this moment, he needs to go and check on something. Babe goes to David’s and sees her mother. They both sound positive as though they must believe that everything will work out. Krystal tells her daughter that she remembers the two of them being alone. And now they have David, Tad, Jamie and many friends. Babe tells her mother she will always remember how she was there to help her. But Krystal admits to her daughter that many times she’s felt she might have been better off without her help.

Jamie goes and finds David confronting Paul. David demands that Jamie stays out of his business; that he will handle Kramer by himself. But Jamie tells David he does not trust him nor believes he knows how to handle the situation.

Edmund concludes to Maria that she can stay if she wants. But all the time in the world will not change the fact that they are over. She cries.

Zach keeps having more flashbacks of his romance with Maria.

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