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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/26/04

By Jenn
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After the meeting has ended and all the people have left Ryan’s and Greenlee’s home, Greenlee expresses to her husband that she is very happy that they need no longer worry about Zach Slater, Ethan Ramsay, the Cambias fortune or any of the stress they’ve just dealt with. But Ryan expresses that he sees things differently. At that point, she lashes out at him and later catches herself, not knowing the reason why.

Erica goes to talk to Edmund and informs him that Zach Slater informed her and Jack and their families that he is Alexander Cambias Jr.

Kendall asks Ethan what he plans to do now that he’s found out that he is not a Cambias after all. The only two conclusions he can make are that either his real mother intentionally forged his birth certificate or Zach Slater lied when he said he knew that Ethan was not his son. And he asks Kendall just which of those two possibilities she would pick.

Lily is in the kitchen of her father’s house making a mess preparing ice cream sundaes. Jack enters and asks his daughter what is going on and if she is ok. She tells him, sounding like she may be intoxicated, that she is following what somebody wanted her to do but could not find the right ingredients. Jack asks his daughter if she’s been drinking. She says yes, she’s been drinking massive quantities of ice cream floats. But it clearly looks like she’s under the influence of alcohol.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she is very concerned about some sniper across the street who may be firing shots. She tells him they are not safe; they must get out of there and find a safe place. Ryan grabs a hold of her and tells her she must calm down and that he promises nothing is going to happen. But she sounds like she’s totally losing it.

Kendall admits to Ethan that she thought that Zach was pretty convincing with his revelation that Ethan is not a Cambias. She also inquires if it really is very likely that Ethan’s mother really forged a birth certificate. He informs Kendall that his mother wanted to cash in on any fortune she could have. And he also reflects that he wonders why he has never fit into that family and has always believed that he was a Cambias.

Zach informs Maria that he just found out and revealed to Ethan that Ethan is not his son. He reveals to her that he “did what he had to do” and now Ethan is out of his life forever. She tells him that he must know that he’s just made a terrible mistake.

Erica tells Edmund that they must do something before Zach ruins their lives forever. She suggests that he prints something in the local paper. She tells him that Zach Slater hides his identity in order to “stalk his pray”, remembering how she met him in Vegas, and how he found his way to Pine Valley without revealing his identity to anybody. She also urges Edmund to know that they cannot let another Cambias come into town and ruin their lives. Silently, Edmund remembers wondering why his wife would keep a secret from him about her involvement with Zach Slater. She tells him that a story he could print about Zach Slater posing a clear and present danger could force him out of town. But Edmund sounds like he believes that Erica is just using him to be her mouthpiece and do her dirty work for her. She reminds him that he should see that he has a stronger motive for wanting Zach out of town than she does. She reveals to him that recently she saw Maria and Zach with their arms around each other at the cemetery. And she tells Edmund he must want to save his marriage and that might require running Zach out of town.

Maria urges Zach not to keep the secret and to realize that he is Ethan’s father. He tells her that because of his own father he did not even know that he had a son.

Very certain that his daughter must have consumed alcohol, Jack asks Lily why she appeared to be sick earlier and asks her what she drank during the day at school. She says she remembers milk and orange juice from a carton. He asks her who gave her the milk and orange juice. She admits the “hot girls”. He tells her that he believes they gave her alcohol. But she says that could not be because alcohol is not allowed in school.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she is scared about something. He tells her that he is there to help her but she must tell him how long she’s been feeling that way. She says perhaps she started feeling this way when she found out the secret about Zach and Ethan. She also informs him that a few weeks ago, she gave Simone her wedding ring sounding as though she did not want to keep it. And she cannot figure out why this very morning, she forgot to get dressed and opened the door naked. She tells him that she is finding herself behaving in a very strange way and not knowing why. He tells her that he’s going to get her checked out. But she tells him she doesn’t want to do that, she’s embarrassed, does not believe they can treat stupidity, and all she needs is to get some sleep so that she feels better. But at that moment, Ryan has a brainstorm and tells Greenlee that maybe he can find some answers about what is wrong with her.

Jack invites the principal of Lily’s school to his home to investigate who may have given his daughter alcohol. Lily says she needs to go to bed because she feels a little dizzy. When Jack is alone with the principal, she asks him if he’s certain that Lily got the alcohol at school. He says he is. She inquires if he has liquor in his home. He admits that he does, in his cabinet, and reveals that it’s very easy for anybody to have access to his booze in his kitchen. She tells him that it’s very common for kids to drink and point the finger at other kids. But he does not believe that for a moment and tells her she must realize how damaging it would be for his daughter to be given alcohol by her peers without knowing it.

Ethan reveals to Kendall that he does not have one memory of his mother holding his hand across the road or kissing him goodnight. He sounds as though he believes that his mother only saw him as something to give her bragging rights and to have money. Kendall urges him to believe that his mother must have cared about him. But he does not see it that way. He tells her that the way it occurred for him in his childhood, even the Cambias family seemed so right to him. Kendall presents a scenario that Ethan’s mother, Edith Ramsay, may have just been out walking on the boardwalk many years ago and stumbled across a lost little boy and adopted him. She also assures him that she believes that he is a good guy who is just looking for where he belongs and he can and should demand that Zach does another test to confirm whether or not they are father and son.

Zach tells Maria that he regrets never being there for his brother or his son. She tells him that it might be because of his father. She reminds him that he has never been a father, yet he has done one of the most difficult things to do as a parent. He tells her he really believes that Ethan will be better off without him because he would not be a proper father to him. And he reflects that so will she, because he was not the right man for her. She confirms that he is right that she is committed to her marriage and her family and to keeping the promises that she’s made to Edmund and the kids. He asks what has happened, remembering that their lives used to be so simple. But he also remembers making a promise that if he could get Ethan to leave town that he would also leave. So he concludes that the only thing left for him and Maria to do is to say goodbye. At that moment, she cries and he kisses her.

The school principal promises Jack that she will have the school search the girls’ locker and belongings. He inquires if she will inform their parents. But she tells him that the girls’ parents are fine, upstanding members of the community, with no soil on their records and plenty of money, and so it would not be appropriate to violate the privacy of three young ladies with no negative records. But Jack reminds her that these “three young ladies” manipulated his daughter to do their homework for her. She reminds him that she did what he asked by having Lily mainstreamed. Right at that moment, she gets a call and informs Jack that somebody found chocolate milk spiked with booze in a school locker. Hearing that, Jack tells her that that should be all the proof she needs of the “character” of the three girls. But she informs Jack that the chocolate milk spiked with alcohol was found in Lily’s locker. She concludes that there is nothing she can do to implicate the girls without better evidence. But Jack is determined to see this through and make sure he gets to the bottom of this. When Lily comes out of her room, Jack asks if the girls gave her the “chocolate milk” to put in her locker. She replies yes. And he tells his daughter that from now on she must not take anything that those girls give her. At that moment, Erica enters. Jack informs her what has happened and how Lily’s principal doesn’t want to do anything about somebody giving Lily alcohol.

Zach tells Maria that he lost his son and his soul all in one day. She tells him that he is doing the right thing for Ethan and she is doing the right thing for Edmund. Before he leaves, however, he tells her that she is the love of his life and she will always be.

Ethan tells Kendall that it’s pointless to pursue this situation of interrogating Zach about whether he’s Zach’s son and he’s done being the bat flying into rocks. But she reveals to him that it was worth it for her to search her birth records and find out the truth and that might also be the case for him. But he tells her that all that’s left for him now is to leave Pine Valley.

Noticing Ryan on the Internet, Greenlee inquires if he is looking under But right at that moment, he tells her that he believes that he’s found the source of her problem. He believes that she is pregnant.

Lily asks Erica if she may have caught Erica’s disease. Erica assures Lily that she does not believe Lily is an alcoholic nor that she’s done anything wrong. Lily assures Erica and her father that she does not like alcohol, it grosses her out and she doesn’t want to drink ever again. They tell her they are glad about that. When Lily leaves Jack and Erica alone, they both express their outrage toward the principal and the girls and are determined to do something about this.

Maria returns home noticing suitcases packed by the door and asks Edmund what’s up. Having no clue that there could be anything wrong with their marriage, she inquires if it is not a little too soon to go on their ski trip or where else he may be going. He grimly tells her he is not going anywhere; she is going. He tells her he wants her out of their house.

Kendall and Ethan say their fond farewells. He tells her that she is a remarkable woman and she must not ever believe differently. She says he must send her a postcard. They kiss goodbye very passionately. And it looks like they cannot tear themselves away from each other.

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