AMC Update Friday 10/22/04

All My Children Update Friday 10/22/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan, Kendall and Bianca arrive at Ryan and Greenlee's place for a meeting called by Zach. They knock on the door and are startled to see Greenlee when she opens it. Ethan turns his back and covers his eyes. "You're naked," Kendall tells her. Greenlee looks down at herself and immediately shuts the door.

Ryan and Zach are in a steam room. Ryan tells him that he thought his motto was "never let them see you sweat." Zach says he enjoys the solitude here. He asks Ryan if he is spreading the word that he's Alexander Cambias Jr. Ryan says the signs point to that. Zach says it's not smart to spread that word as Ethan was ready to leave town. Ryan asks him why he's so concerned about Ethan. Zach says that's his business. Ryan says he thinks the reason he was shot has something to do with the Cambias empire and he won't let it go until he finds out who shot him. He asks if the meeting at his house is another murder mystery because he can't be a good host if he gets shot again. Zach leaves, telling him he doesn't want him to miss a thing.

Krystal is escorted by a guard into Chandler mansion where she confronts JR. She demands to know what he did with Babe. She has been unable to reach her since yesterday. Something has happened to her baby, she says. "We can only hope," JR replies. He says he doesn't care where Babe goes as long as it doesn't involve Bess. Krystal warns him he'll be getting exactly what he deserves. She says there is no way he's going to get "him." JR asks what she's talking about. She stumbles for words and JR tells her she must have gotten confused. He asks how many times Babe has pulled this scam with other men. He says the Chandler safe is missing about $10,000 and he thinks Babe took the money and is on the prowl for a new catch. Krystal says Babe didn't take it, she did. The guard tries to remove Krystal but she resists and JR tells him he can leave. JR tells Krystal that it's over. He's raising Bess all by himself. He asks her to thank Babe for producing some a beautiful baby. The baby is brought to JR and Krystal stares at her.

Jamie and Babe are at the chapel, where Jamie has just proposed kidnapping Ace and running away together. He tells Babe he's going to keep bringing it up until she gives him an answer. He says it's the only thing that makes sense. Babe tells him she'll take care of Ace; he needs to take care of himself. He can't just leave his family. Jamie says he'd figure out a way to keep in touch. Babe reminds him he's not her baby's father. Jamie says he's the godfather and he vowed he would protect her baby and he will live up to that vow. He shows her the cash he took from the Chandler safe. She figures he must have borrowed or stolen it and is upset he put himself into that position. She says she'd rather follow David's plan to get Paul Cramer to admit what he did. Jamie says if Paul goes down he'll take her with him and Ace will be handed to JR. They have to run. Babe says that's what Liza and Colby did, and the Chandlers will never stop looking for her. Jamie says JR won't even know his baby exists. He can think he's dead. She asks if he wants her to tell JR that his son is dead. She remembers what it felt like when she thought her son had died and there is no way she could wish that pain on anyone else. Jamie says they can put things back to the way they are supposed to be. Babe realizes it's the only way. She says from now on JR doesn't know he has a son. Ace is dead to him. She says they'll get Ace and run right after telling Bianca the truth. Then they can start a new life. She asks where they start.

Lily is getting ready to leave for school but Jack is dismayed by her provocative outfit. He suggests she change into something more appropriate, but she doesn't understand his concern. Erica arrives and is startled to see how Lily is dressed. When Lily goes into her room to get her books, Erica tells Jack she can see he is overwhelmed. He says this path she's on to try to fit in is making her go out of control. Erica sees Lily doesn't have a clue as to how she's coming across to other people. When Lily returns, Erica asks to talk to her. She tells her she can see she's dressing differently. Lily says she used to dress like a dork but now she dresses like she's hot. Erica asks her what she thinks her clothes say about her. "I'm hot," Lily replies, explaining that she fits in now. Erica says some people thinks hot means sexy and may think she's ready to hug, kiss and hold hands with boys. Lily says firmly that she doesn't want that. Erica says not everyone will know that and she and her father want to make sure she's not put in an awkward position. Lily says she doesn't think she ever wants to be sexy. Erica says she doesn't have to do anything until she's ready. Lily goes and changes into something more conservative. After Lily leaves, Jack shows gratitude to Erica for helping him deal with this. She asks him to go to a meeting concerning Zach Slater.

Greenlee, now dressed, opens the door for Ethan, Kendall and Bianca. She explains that she thought it was Ryan and she couldn't find her robe. She urges them to forget this happened. Jonathan enters and Greenlee tells him they have guests. Jonathan explains that he moved back after his brother got shot. Kendall asks him if Greenlee runs naked in the halls for him too. He's confused by her question and Greenlee tells him Kendall is just babbling. Jonathan asks what the three of them are doing here. Ethan tells him to ask Zach Slater as it's his party. Bianca says she thinks Zach is planning on giving everyone some answers. Bianca takes Jonathan aside and confronts him about breaking into her home and stealing and burning her shirt, then lying about it to her face. She says he was wrong for thinking he would get away with it. Jonathan says what he did was unforgivable. He was over the edge. Bianca says she'll let it go since he's Ryan's brother and he's special to Maggie. But if he ever pulls something like this again there will be no forgiveness.

Ethan goes onto the terrace where Greenlee is standing. He asks her if she's ready to lose everything she's got. Life as she knows it may soon be over, he says. Greenlee says her awesome life won't change for him or anyone because Ryan is her life. Kendall and Bianca talk about their conversation of the previous day. Kendall says she still believes Bess belongs with JR.

Ryan arrives home and Greenlee asks him if he's sure he wants to do this. Zach enters and Ryan says they can't stop now. Erica and Jack arrive and Zach tells everyone to make themselves comfortable. Greenlee greets Jack with a hug and he tells her he has missed her. She seems to be zoning out and he asks her if she's OK. She says yes. Zach says the last time they were gathered they were there for a murder game. He was trying to smoke out something that was hidden but he was wrong. Ryan got shot and he still doesn't know who did it. Other people were hurt as well and he wants to make it up by offering the truth. He starts by saying that the Michael he knew was smart and loving. Erica tells him not to insult them by talking about Michael that way. He was a cruel, vicious rapist. Zach says he knows that now and accepts it. He knows Michael changed into a person who liked to hurt other people. He's sorry it took him so long to believe that. He tells them Michael was his brother when he was Alexander Cambias Jr. Ethan tells him to tell everyone the rest of the story -- that's he's his son.

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