AMC Update Thursday 10/21/04

All My Children Update Thursday 10/21/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca comes to Tad's house to talk to him about the DNA test on Bess. She says when she took Bess from the hospital everyone but him thought she was psycho. Tad says he thought she was remarkably sane. She says she never thought she was taking someone else's child. Every voice screamed inside her that she was Miranda. She says maybe if she had accepted Miranda's death immediately she might have gone crazy. Tad says he was the same when Dixie died. He refused to accept her death for a long time. Bianca says the last seven months she let herself believe there was a horrible mistake and Babe had been given her daughter. She kept holding onto that fantasy, but now she knows beyond all hope that Miranda is gone. She says if anyone else had done the DNA test besides him and his father she would not have believed it. But she knows it's true and she has to accept it. Miranda is really gone. She says she needs to go unpack. She's been living out of boxes since Miranda died.

Brooke, holding a gun on Adam in his bedroom, tells him she figured this would get his attention. Adam tells her there are so many other ways to get his attention and force is hardly necessary and invites her to get under the covers with him. Adam says he knows she's not going to shoot him. Brooke reminds him she's killed before. And acquitted, Adam notes. Because she was protecting her child from a horrible man, like she is now. She tells him she wants the video he had doctored showing Jamie. He says he has a library of DVDs they could watch. Brooke's phone rings and it's Tad. She tells him it's a bad time. She admits she is in Adam's bedroom holding a gun on him. She says she'll call him back. Mary walks in wearing a sexy nightgown and asks Adam not to rip it off right away. She is then startled to see Brooke with the gun. She walks out.

Kendall tells JR she knows what it's like to feel alone. She says Bess belongs with him. JR tells her she's brilliant and beautiful. Kendall says whenever he needs a friend, call her. JR asks what if he needs more than a friend. She tenderly places her finger over his lips and tells him no. He kisses her finger. JR reminds her that a couple years ago he had a big crush on her. He bought her some roses and took them to her, but threw them away after he found her kissing Aidan. He says he bets Aidan has nothing on him now. JR draws close to her and tells her she smells nice. She says it's Enchantment and tells him about the new perfume. He tells her she talks too much. They kiss but are interrupted by Mary, who informs JR that Brooke is holding a gun on his father.

JR, Tad and Mary go back into Adam's bedroom and Tad tries to take the gun. Brooke won't give it to him. Tad tells JR to take Mary out of here and Adam tells him to do it. Adam admits he has no choice but to hand over the disc. He gives it to Brooke and she appears ready to break it. Tad tells her he's sure Adam has more than one copy. Adam says she could shoot up the house and never find all the copies. He says he's going to tell the police he feared for his life, unless Tad gives him the truth. He says sooner or later he'll get his daughter back. He gets back into bed.

Babe goes to the chapel, where she is praying and shedding tears. Jamie finds her. He asks her what happened. She says she's afraid she's gotten him into more trouble. Jamie asks if she's referring to JR's DVD. He says he knows JR used it to blackmail her. Babe says she could not live with herself if he went back to prison because of her. She's afraid some sins are unforgivable. What she's done is beyond forgiving. He asks her what she has done. She says she kept Bess from her momma. That little girl isn't her's. It's Miranda. Jamie tells her he knows. He knows her baby didn't die. Babe says he's alive. Jamie asks her how she found him. She says it was because of this chapel. One night while leaving here she took a wrong turn and ended up in Llanview. That's where she saw Ace and held him. She knew it was her baby boy. He asks why she said nothing. She says she can't say anything until she figures out how to keep her son safe from JR. He asks her how this all happened and she tells him the story about calling Paul from David's house then stumbling back to the cabin where Paul delivered her baby. She doesn't remember anything else. The next thing she knew she was in the hospital. Everyone was saying that she had a girl but the baby she was holding looked nothing like her child. She saw JR beaming over the child and believed him when he told her that her recollection of having a boy was a dream. She wanted it to be true. He asks her how she realized Bess wasn't her's. She says she started to have dreams about being a boy. She then mentioned the DNA test to her mom and she freaked out. She followed her to the crash sight and all the memories came rushing back. She knew she had a boy and that he was gone. She couldn't tell Bianca and she deserves God's punishment, she says. She says she had to make a decision between her husband and her best friend and chose her husband. Jamie asks who messed with the DNA test. Was it her mother? She tells him not to blame anyone but herself. This mess is her fault. She had so many chances to tell Bianca but didn't. She's afraid God will punish her and never let her have her son back. She thinks JR will say she plotted this whole thing to stay married to him. Everyone will think she's unfit and JR will get custody. She tells Jamie he must hate her. She asks him to wait to tell Bianca for a few more days until their plan is in place to get Ace back. She says once she knows her son is safe they can tell the world about Miranda. Jamie tells her he doesn't hate her, although he does hate what she's done. But he knows she had her reasons. He calls her courageous for planning to give Bess back. They hug.

Ethan is outside Zach's condo, knocking and demanding he open the door. He says he wants some answers. Zach is outside and finds Ethan knocking. He leaves without being detected. Kendall arrives and notices Ethan sitting on the ground. She sees that he has been drinking and brings him into her place to make him some coffee. She asks why he has been drinking. He says he went to the casino to have it out with Zach and went to the bar to have an iced tea. They made it the Long Island version. He says he has a theory that Zach is Alexander Cambias Jr. but doesn't want to reveal his identity because he's afraid of being a pariah. Kendall says without any facts he has a big fat zero. Ethan asks her what he should do. She tells him to stay the night and sleep on her couch. She gives him some aspirin and says he can't drive. She says she wants to help him make things right. Ethan asks how he can believe that when it feels so wrong.

Zach goes to Bianca's place and she asks him if he's Alexander Cambias Jr. She says if that's true than Ethan is his son. She can't imagine him turning his back on his son so she guesses he is not Cambias. She asks him again if he is or if he isn't. Zach says it's not that easy. Bianca says today she figured out that facing the truth is the only way to live. If he is Alexander Cambias Jr. he needs to claim it. He says he'll tell Ethan and everyone the truth tomorrow.

Brooke and Tad are back at his house and she puts the disc in the computer. She says Adam had no idea that all she wanted was a picture of the man shown on the disc. Tad is deep in thought as if he has a revelation. He tells Brooke about his visit with Bianca and says she has him scratching at something he can't seem to get to. Brooke looks at the computer and says they have themselves a hit man.

Bianca is now home alone and suddenly hears a baby cry. She calls out for Miranda then asks herself why she can't let it go. JR is shown holding the baby, who is crying. He says daddy is here and will always be here for her.

Jamie tells Babe that she'll give back Miranda and will get Ace and keep him away from JR. Babe says it sounds too good to be true. He says they can kidnap Ace and run away.

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