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Bianca goes to the Fusion office and informs Kendall that her friend Babe is in trouble. JR has done everything he can to keep her from her baby. And she urges Kendall to help her get Bess back for Babe. Kendall tells her sister that she refuses to help Babe. But Bianca protests to Kendall that JR is blackmailing Babe by falsifying a video. She urges Kendall to go and talk to JR because he’s been known to listen to her. Kendall says she needs to stay out of their business. But Bianca urges her sister to see that JR is becoming evil and heartless. Kendall reveals that she’s not very concerned about what happens to Babe and believes she deserves everything she gets.

David goes to meet JR and informs him that any high school junior can “alter” a video to falsify something that didn’t happen. So his allegation that Babe and Jamie made death threats to him won’t hold up in court. But JR expresses that he’s very confident that there will be no proof that he falsified anything. He tells David that both he and his slut of a daughter have lost again.

Tad informs Brooke that JR is blackmailing Babe and Jamie with the video, which has obviously been falsified. He informs her that Adam has threatened to turn the video over to the police and get Jamie thrown back in prison if Tad does not help him find Liza and Colby. Brooke asks Tad if he’s complied with Adam’s threats. Tad replies no. Brooke says she’s very proud of him to stand up to Adam and not allow Liza or Colby to be hurt. But she informs him that they cannot allow their son to go back to prison again. And she asks what they are going to do.

Jamie goes into the Chandler house and removes a painting from the wall, in order to attempt to find the video. But Adam sees him. Adam informs Jamie that there’s no way he nor his father can prove anything about their video except that he and Babe were on record threatening to kill his son. He tells Jamie that he shouldn’t be doing Daddy’s dirty work for him. Jamie listens silently and scared. Adam says neither Jamie nor his father nor anybody can bring charges against him. But Jamie’s act of breaking and entering is a real charge on top of a murder charge. So he tells Jamie he needs to get out of his house. Jamie leaves, afraid to defy Adam.

Babe goes to Llanview to find Kevin Buchanan at his campaign headquarters. She tells Kevin that she needs his help because her husband has taken her baby from her. Kevin says he wishes he could help but he has things to do. He rushes off with Ace.

JR tells David that his video can have Babe in prison until she is a very old woman. He tells David that he can save his daughter in exchange for letting JR have his daughter. And he tells David that he’d like nothing more than to see him squirm like a little pig.

Kendall tells Bianca that whether Bianca considers Babe her best friend or not, Babe is a liar and a slut, lied to JR, slept with Jamie and did many other things. Bianca reminds her sister that if behavior similar to Babe’s is a litmus test, than somebody could judge Kendall as well. She’s lied about enough, slept with Ryan’s brother and has done similar to what Babe has done. She points out to Kendall that if she can have empathy and compassion for Ethan, why then can’t she have it for Babe? Bianca keeps telling Kendall that she’s a little baffled for how or why she can hate Babe so much. She reminds Kendall that Babe saved her life and Miranda’s the night they were stuck in the cabin and has acted as a heroic friend to Bianca. But Kendall tells Bianca that she believes that Babe does not deserve to have that baby when Bianca’s baby is dead.

Brooke tells Tad that she’s very worried about what Adam can do. She says she wants to see the video and find out if the “witness” is really credible about what really happened. He tells her neither of them can have access to it right now. At that moment, Jamie enters and informs his parents that maybe he can enable them to get a hold of the video.

In Llanview, Babe meets Paul Kramer in a bar. He tells her he does not care about her problems with JR taking her baby. He tells her she must go back to Pine Valley and leave him alone.

JR tells David that he cannot wait to get revenge on him. He remembers David seducing his mother and making his childhood unhappy. And he cannot think of a better way to get back at David than to give him and his slut daughter what they deserve. David tells JR that he believes he can wipe that smug little grin off of his face.

Bianca tells Kendall that she cannot believe that Kendall can blame or hate Babe because Bianca’s baby died. She admits to Kendall that she may have been selfish and not seen how Kendall has been suffering. Kendall points out to her sister that she’s not just concerned about the loss of Miranda. She’s concerned that Bianca has become too protective and concerned about Bess. She remembers it went so far that Bianca kidnapped Bess and thought she was Miranda. She tells Bianca that it is not her responsibility to take care of Bess. She says she remembers the day of the christening of Bess. She reveals to her sister that on that day, she and others had real hope and actually believed that Bess was Miranda. Bianca inquires if that means that Kendall, Jack and Ryan all believed that Bess was Miranda. Kendall replies that yes, all of the named people as well as Greenlee all believed that. And she reveals to her sister that they did not tell her because they did not want her to get her hopes up. And Tad did a DNA test which reaffirmed that Bess was Bess and not Miranda. She reveals that she did not tell Bianca until now because she knew she could not have ever forgiven herself if she’d gotten Bianca’s hopes up again and realizes it would have been just like losing her all over again. And she inquires to her sister why she is so concerned and protective to Babe, why she’d want to fight her battles for her. Bianca protests that it’s not just Babe she’s protective toward, it’s also an innocent baby and she tells Kendall her protectiveness to them is not unlike Kendall’s protectiveness toward Ethan. Kendall says that’s totally different. Ethan is all alone, whereas Bess is in her loving father’s arms. Bianca protests that she does not trust JR to take care of Bess. Kendall, then, reveals to her sister that there is one way she can get some help in this matter; she can go and talk to Zach Slater and get him to confess that he is Alexander Cambias Jr.

Jamie reveals to his parents that he believes that JR is too dangerous, especially to Babe. Tad tells his son he notices he’s carrying a tape recorder. Jamie assures them that he will not go near JR and knows what he’s doing, has everything he needs and tells his parents that they must just trust him. He leaves.

Paul tells Babe that everywhere she goes she’s nothing but trouble. He says he remembers being with her in San Diego. She says he makes her sick. He reminds her that she asked him to “fix” the test results. He tells her he knows she just married JR to get his father’s money. She tells him that he is trouble. She reminds him that she was in trouble and asked for his help. And what did he do? He kidnapped her baby. She tells him that she knows that he kidnapped her baby and gave him to his sister Kelly. He lied to her and told her her baby accidentally drowned until Adam and JR threatened him. Then, in response to his fear of them, he lied to them and told them that the baby that is really Bianca’s is theirs. He caused Bianca to live a life of hell and heartbreak by taking her baby from her and believing she died as well as taking Ace form Babe. And he will rot in hell for what he’s done.

Kendall informs Bianca that whether or not it sounds crazy to believe that Zach is Alexander Cambias Jr., she got the information from Bianca’s good friend, Ryan. Bianca protests that it’s not credible that Zach is really Alexander because Alexander died in a car crash. But Kendall tells Bianca that if she went and talked to Zach, he might reveal the truth to her. She tells her sister that she still loves her more than anything. She admits that she does not care for Babe but says she would do anything she could in order to get Bianca’s baby back if she could. Bianca tells her sister that she wishes she knew how her mind worked. She puts her arms around Kendall and tells her she loves her, admitting that Kendall does not make it easy, but she does love her. But before Bianca goes out the door, she turns and asks how Kendall would have believed that Bess was Miranda. Kendall replies it was because she heard Babe calling her that once when she spied upon them.

Tad goes to find David and tells him that he is not competent to investigate what has happened; David fell for a fake tip. David protests that at least he is making efforts to help their children. Tad says if David really wants to help, he needs to either let Tad handle things or at least let him in on his secrets.

Kendall goes to talk to JR. She tells him that she is very sorry about how he’s been betrayed and believes he’s doing the right thing. She says she knows he’s only trying to protect his little girl and nobody could blame him for that. She sounds very supportive and sensitive toward him, remembering that he has been betrayed by Babe and has good reason to question whether he can trust anybody. He asks her if she really wants to help him in spite of the fact that Bianca is furious with him. She replies yes and tells him he needs a friend and can count on her always. JR says thank you. They hug and it almost sounds like Kendall has won him over.

Paul tells Babe that he could easily pass off a story that Babe stole Bianca’s kid and lied about her being her own. He reminds her that during the “rescue” Bianca was unconscious and unable to do anything. And Babe had to have a child in order to have the Chandler money. She tells him nobody would believe anything he says. But he tells her that his credibility looks no worse than hers. He also reminds her that she threatened him if he did not sign the annulment papers. He tells her that people might believe that he thought her baby died and so he felt pressured to help her by falsifying the DNA results that proved that Bess was her child. So it will be her that will be in trouble for the baby switch. He goes on taunting her about how he can sound like he did a good thing, feeling for her, after she lied to JR only to get his money. He goes on and on about how he can make it look like she could do something so terrible to her own flesh and blood. At that moment, she physically attacks him. He’s ready to hurt her. But right then, Jamie grabs him by the neck and restrains him.

Unknown to Tad, Brooke has snuck out of his home and gone to Adam’s while he is sleeping. Adam awakens in his bed to see Brooke standing over him pointing a gun at him.

Tad gets a knock on his door. It’s Bianca. She tells him she needs to talk to him about the information he has about her baby.

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