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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/19/04


By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan and Kendall walk into Erica’s home where Ethan announces to Zach that he can make good on his offer to leave town. But Kendall tells him she won’t let him do that without giving her some say in the matter. They shut the door and talk privately, while Erica and Zach are on the other end of the door. Erica tells Zach that she wholeheartedly supports Ethan’s plans to leave town and wants Zach to leave with him. Ethan tells Kendall that she can stay or she can leave but he is determined to talk to Zach and hear him confirm that he is his father. They re-enter Erica’s home and Zach reveals to Erica, for the first time, that he was a “friend” of Michael Cambias. She tells Ethan that although it’s not his fault that he’s a Cambias, he sure must not be comfortable living in this town where everybody will hate him. She asks him how much cash he needs to leave. He doesn’t answer. She inquires if he wants money from Ryan instead. Kendall speaks up and asks Zach why, if he wants Ethan to leave so bad, doesn’t he write Ethan a big check to buy him off.

Bianca goes to the Chandler house to find Babe and Bess but only sees JR. He tells her Babe is not there and Bianca is “fired” from her “job” as godmother to the baby. But Bianca demands that JR lets her see them and says she will not leave until he does. He tells her again that Babe is not there. She says she does not believe that because Babe would not leave without Bess. JR informs Bianca that Babe signed over full custody of Bess to him. Bianca says she does not believe that. JR tells Bianca that he can show her the papers to prove it or she could go to Hayward’s home and hear it directly from Babe. He sounds very smug, telling Bianca that she is the “ex-godmother” and she needs to take a hike. She tells him she loves Bess as much as if she were her own child and although she may never be able to have her own child, she will not be separated from Bess. He tells her Bess is not a “consolation” prize for her loss. She tells him that Bess is also not a stock holding or a material possession for him. She’s a little girl. Right at that moment, JR gets a phone call and sounds very smug and confident that nobody will take Bess from him.

At David’s Krystal tries to urge David to work with Tad to help Babe get her baby back. Babe tells David the same that he must work with Tad this time. Krystal urges David to see that he cannot do the search all by himself without any help. David tells them he already has his own partner to help him with this. Babe protests that Tad knows how to get through to all the secrets of Adam, JR and the whole clan better than anybody else can. But David protests that he believes that Tad would be too personally involved in the situation and ineffective to help them. Krystal tells him that Tad is the man for the job. When David’s “lead” calls him and he’s on the phone, Krystal privately tells her daughter that she must not worry; they will win in the end. But Babe reminds her mother of a nightmare she had where she was trying to get to the baby known as Ace, and people all around her were taunting her and preventing her from having him. But Krystal tells her she knows she will get Ace back and be able to return Miranda to Bianca. David gets off the phone and informs them that his informant has some good leads. Krystal privately tells Babe that she is determined to get Tad to help them, even if she has to swallow humble pie and crows in order to do it. She leaves and David finds Babe and assures his daughter that very soon this will all be over.

Adam goes to Tad’s and tells him that he will stop at nothing in order to find his daughter. He makes a deal to Tad that if he finds Liza and Colby, Adam will help prevent Jamie from going to prison again, after the video is played where Jamie and Babe threaten to kill that homeless man. At first Tad wants no part of this. But Adam reminds Tad that without his help Jamie could go to prison again for a long time and get stabbed again. At that point, Tad angrily tells Adam that he is very sick to do what he’s doing. But Adam protests that he will stop at nothing to find his daughter, Colby.

Bianca tells JR that she remembers having a really close friendship with him throughout their lives and saw that they were very much alike, but now they are completely different. She inquires how he has become so evil and believing he’s so cool when he hurts people. He makes some comment about Bianca having “hetero-phobia” in her relationship with Babe. And he tells her that he is Adam Chandler’s son and nobody messes with him or his family. But she reminds him that she is Erica Kane’s daughter and her family’s motto is that nobody scares them off.

Bianca goes to David’s to find Babe. Babe informs Bianca for the first time that JR blackmailed her with a video which looked like she and Jamie threatened to kill a homeless man who sounded like he knew where to find Bess the first time JR kidnapped her. Babe urges Bianca not to hate her and tries to convince her that Bess (actually Bianca’s own Miranda) will not be with JR for long. Having no clue what exactly Babe is apologizing for, Bianca tells her she must not apologize nor believe she’s done anything wrong.

Adam reveals to Tad for the first time, about his “leverage” to get Babe and Jamie charged with murder of the homeless man. And he urges Tad to let him know where Colby is. Adam promises Tad if he does that, then he will destroy the evidence and make sure nothing happens to Jamie.

At Erica’s, Ethan slips and calls Zach “dad” which makes Erica inquire where that came from. At that point, Ethan reveals to her for the first time that Zach is really Alexander Cambias Jr. Erica tells Zach that she remembers just telling him that he reminded her of Michael Cambias, but now he’s revealing that he’s Michael’s brother. She also tells them that everybody believed that Alexander Jr. died in a car crash.

Tad tells Adam that he would not let Liza tell him where she was even if she wanted to. He also informs Adam that he is not “low” enough to use any person or any child in a blackmail scheme. Krystal enters and is ready to help Tad rip Adam apart. But Adam concludes that Tad either makes efforts to get Colby back or else they both lose a child. When he leaves, Krystal and Tad both reflect upon how both of their children could get charged with murder if they don’t do what Adam wants.

Babe reveals to Bianca that she blames herself for trusting that worthless Paul Kramer to help them on that fateful night when they both gave birth. Bianca tells her she must not blame herself because it’s not her fault that Bianca lost her baby. Babe tells Bianca that that is not true.

Adam returns home and tells his son that Tad Martin has the brains of a chicken and it was very frustrating when Krystal showed up and Tad had to play the hero for her and refuse to cooperate with Adam’s plan. But JR tells his father that he’s certain that he will get Colby back. Stuart enters and gives Adam the silent treatment that reveals that he’s very angry with his brother for what he’s done. Adam protests to Stuart that they did what they had to do because Babe and her tramp mother are unfit to raise his granddaughter. But Stuart does not accept that and he walks out the door.

Bianca keeps urging Babe to forget about the whole mess with Paul Kramer, and instead focus on Adam and JR taking Bess from her and work to prevent it from happening. But Babe is yet again, working up to telling Bianca that Bess is really her child.

Tad tells Krystal that he does not believe that David will be effective in helping them. But she tells Tad that David is tracking down the homeless man as they speak. She tells him that she realizes that she really disappointed him and let him down. He tells her that he was really committed to being with her. She says she knows but also there were “extenuating circumstances”. She asks if he can just get past what has already happened and help her now.

Erica demands that Zach tells her if he’s really Alexander Cambias Jr. She asks if that’s the big secret he’s been hiding from everybody ever since she first met him in Vegas? Was that the reason why he hosted that murder mystery game at the casino? Did he plot to get Ryan killed in order to get the Cambias fortune? And is that the reason why he’s been cozying up to Kendall and Bianca?

Tad tells Krystal that he still cares about her and wants to help both of their kids and that’s his main priority. But he sounds very distant and detached from her. He tells her that whatever is going on between her and Hayward is her own problem and none of his business. And he tells her he’s got to get going and start his investigation, and gives her a signal that he wants her to leave. She first tells him, somewhat emotionally that she wishes there was some way she could repay him. But when he gives her no response, she goes out the door. At that moment, he’s ready to turn and say something to her but notices she’s gone.


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