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All My Children Update Monday 10/18/04


By Lori
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Ryan has intentionally gotten into the elevator with Kendall. She tells him he should hear Ethan out. If he sticks around he may hear something interesting. What if he says he'll walk away from the Cambias fortune? She says Ethan is tired of fighting. Ryan asks about her. Is she ready to take the gloves off. Kendall says helping Ethan isn't about payback. She's over paying him back. He says she's starting to scare him. She says when he was shot she was terrified he wouldn't pull through. If he had died it would be her punishment. She says when she saw him fighting for his life, all the anger she felt for him disappeared. She just wanted him to be all right. She finally realized he didn't hurt her. She hurt herself. Every single one of her wounds was self-inflicted. She realizes she can't trust anyone and that ruins her chance of happiness. She realizes her only chance is to let it all go. He asks her if she has. She says not quite. She says she wants one day without tears and a meltdown. She starts to cry, and Ryan asks if she still hates him. She says no and don't think she ever did. She was hateful and angry, but one gunshot changed everything. It's gone for good. One thing she can't get over, however, is that day he asked her to marry him. She wrecked everything by trying to push Greenlee out of Fusion. She says Ryan was true when he told her she was holding onto her rage over dealing with the death of Bianca's baby. She says helping Ethan is helping her, and she asks that he give him a chance. Ryan says Ethan may be the guy who shot him.

Ethan asks Greenlee if what she just said is true. She asks what did she say. Ethan repeats her words, that Zach Slater is Alexander Cambias Jr. "Shut up," says Simone in disbelief. Jonathan also joins the conversation, telling Ethan that Greenlee is messing with him. Ethan asks Greenlee if that's what she's doing or is what she said true. Greenlee says she's still on her honeymoon. Anything she says is the result of too little sleep and too much fun. Her brain is fried. Ethan asks her about her offer for a cash settlement, which angers Jonathan. He says he's going to get away with shooting his brother so he won't get a dime. Greenlee asks Ethan how many zeros it would take to get him to disappear. She tells him to pick a number between $5 million and $10 million. Ethan questions her again about her comment and she says she misspoke. She had to tell him something to get rid of him, even if Ryan told her not to. He asks her what she meant by that and she says she doesn't even know what she's saying. Ethan walks to the elevator and pushes a button. Ryan and Kendall walk back into Fusion. Ethan asks him if what Greenlee said is true. Is Zach Slater Alex Cambias Jr.? Ryan stares at Greenlee and walks over to her. She tells him softly she's sorry. Ryan admits that at this point it's only a theory. Jonathan angrily asks his brother why he sat on something that huge. Ryan says he's running a background check on Slater and his advise to Ethan is to sit tight. Ethan says his advice is to go to hell. Ethan and Kendall leave. Greenlee tells Ryan that she hates herself for what she did. Jonathan erupts at her, telling her that she sold Ryan out. Ryan tells Jonathan never to talk to his wife that way again. Jonathan walks away and Greenlee says Jonathan is right. She did sell him out and for the life of her she doesn't know why she did it. She betrayed him and handed his future to Ethan. She doesn't know what got into her. Ryan says it's not the end of the world. She gave him a tip, nothing concrete. And if he does lose the money he doesn't care, as long as he has her. They kiss. She tells him she'll have her jaws wired together. Ryan says maybe things are working out the way they're supposed to.

Zach goes to Erica's home to talk. She comments about his "graveside groping" with Maria. Zach tells her if she wants to blow Maria's marriage out of the water go ahead. He'll scoop up Maria for himself. Erica asks him if he would be happy with Maria in Las Vegas. He says they would settle in Pine Valley and he would be in her face all the time. Erica asks then, if she keeps her mouth shut and Maria's marriage stays intact what he would do. He says he would move on. She realizes whether he stays or goes is up to him. She tells him his try to protect their marriage is a wasted performance. She has already promised Maria she would keep his secret if she can get him and Ethan out of town. She won't let another Cambias trash her daughters' lives. Zach tells her that her daughters are the ones who are keeping Ethan here. They've done everything but roll out a red carpet for him. Erica says they are too close to Ethan to recognize the danger. It's up to her to protect them. Zach asks if she thinks they didn't protect her. He brings up Erica's father and she accuses him of taking her pain and twisting it. Zach's phone rings. It is Ethan demanding to talk. Zach says he's at Erica's but he'll meet him at his office. Ethan tells him to stay put. He's on his way over.

At Wildwind, Edmund asks Maria what the emergency was. She only says that the emergency has been handled and she's glad to be back home. Edmund tells her he meant what he said earlier. He'll have no more doubts or suspicions about her. Maria sits on his lap and tells him she wants the whole world to go away. She remembers the kids are away tonight and suggests a quite evening alone. Their tender moment is interrupted by quarreling in the next room. Bobby and Anita are there listening as Opal is bickering with Palmer again, this time over his friendship with a woman named Lila. Opal calls her a fortune hunter who is out for Palmer's money and their son's inheritance. Palmer says simply he enjoys Lila's company. Opal says she's nothing but a gold digger. He tells Opal that as an ex-gold digger, she should know. Palmer mentions Bobby's investment has gone belly up, which stuns Anita. She says that must be wrong. She doesn't care about the house. She just wants him to tell her the truth. Bobby admits that the investment did go south, but he pulled out before it did. He put the money into something less risky and they don't have to give up their house. After Anita takes Opal in another room to look at some swatches, Edmund asks Bobby if he was telling Anita the truth or just trying to save his butt. With Maria listening, Edmund tells Bobby not to lie to his wife. She deserves to know the truth. Burying the truth will come back and haunt him. Bobby assures Edmund that he learned his lesson and is telling the truth.

Anita and Opal are looking through books and Opal is still angry about the woman Palmer is seeing. Anita tells her just to admit it – that she is still in love with Palmer. Opal says that's hogwash. Opal tells Anita she got the feeling that if they lost that house she wouldn't have cared. Anita says of course she cares. She's looking forward to living there with Bobby and having babies. Opal suggests they look at what the tarot cards show. Anita says she doesn't believe in that, but Opal tells her to humor her. Opal gets a large set of cards from her purse and they sit down. Opal turns a card over and tells Anita she is destined for a raise or a promotion. She takes the love card and turns it over. Her face sinks. Anita wants to know what it means. Bobby walks in and Opal gathers the cards and puts them away. Anita asks again what the card meant. Opal hugs her and tells her she sees nothing but roses and rainbows. Opal leaves. Anita tells Bobby she has a confession for him. When Palmer told her about the investment, she jumped to the worst conclusions. She says she will believe in him and their future no matter what.

Maria asks Edmund if he thinks Bobby lied. He says he doesn't believe their marriage could take another hit in the form of a lie. Maria says there's something more important for them to talk about. She doesn't want to be like Palmer and Opal. They won't break up. Edmund tells her she's his one and only.

Kendall asks Ethan that if it's true about Zach, why wouldn't Zach have told him to help him get the Cambias fortune. Ethan says he doesn't know, but he's been trying to get him to leave town.

Zach tells Erica he'll do his best to get Ethan out of town. Erica tells him he reminds her of someone. She has a flash and tells him he reminds her of Michael Cambias. Zach says he's not Michael Cambias so she doesn't need to be afraid. Ethan and Kendall arrive. Zach asks Ethan what he wants.

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