AMC Update Friday 10/15/04

All My Children Update Friday 10/15/04

By Lori
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Bianca is able to find out that Jonathan took and burned her shirt and that Maggie lied for him. Maggie protests that Jonathan only did that to protect his brother from Ethan, who probably shot Ryan. But Bianca does not accept that as a justifiable excuse. Zach goes to talk to Bianca, suddenly discovering what an evil person Michael Cambias was. Maria comforts him and is confronted by Erica who tells them it's very sick for what they are doing to Edmund. Maria tells Erica she cannot judge them because she's abandoned her daughters and Maria's marriage and friendships are none of Erica's business.

Ryan and Aidan are determined to unravel the mystery of who Zach Slater really is. But Edmund is devastated to learn a secret which he will not tell them.

Bianca is home talking to Maggie about her missing shirt. She says she knows it was just a shirt but it was important to her. And it could have proven the truth about Ethan. She says it’s gone from her home and she knows it’s not an accident. Maggie says maybe she just lost it. Bianca points out scratches near her door lock and says the lock was picked. Bianca picks up the phone to call the police but Maggie tells her she can’t do that. Bianca says someone broke in. Maggie says police will think she’s crazy if she tells police someone stole her shirt. Bianca says whoever took that shirt knew that it was Ethan’s only way to prove he’s a Cambias. Maggie says Ethan is the obvious choice as the thief. He took the shirt to so his claims can’t be proven false, she says. Bianca doesn’t believe that, and asks Maggie what would have happened if she had arrived home while the thief was in her home. Maggie tells her he would have never hurt her.

Greenlee, Jonathan and Simone are at Fusion talking business. Jonathan is more interested in talking about the possibility of Greenlee becoming pregnant. Simone says she can’t get over how Greenlee was an outcast and now she has a hot career, a hotter husband and chances of a baby. “Kill me now,” Simone says. Greenlee takes off her wedding ring and tells Simone if she wants the key to happiness to take it. Greenlee proudly announces to them that Enchantment is flying off the shelves. Jonathan points out to Greenlee that she just gave her wedding ring to Simone. Unfazed, Greenlee takes it back and says she didn’t mean that Simone could keep it. Jonathan and Simone glare at Greenlee.

Kendall tells Ethan that there should be some way she can help him. Ethan laments about his life and his family history, saying his whole family is dead and he had a heinous uncle. He says maybe this is a sign for him to get out of town. Kendall asks him not to leave. Ethan says he thought she wanted him to give up the fight. Kendall says he can do that but stay in town. She would miss him if she leaves. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and can’t afford to lose pals. Ethan calls himself an obsessive maniac and the Cambias name is a curse. He asks why he can’t be what he’s supposed to be, then notes he’s beginning to sound like his grandfather. He tells Kendall he could give up his claim to the Cambias fortune as he has two offers on the table. Zach has offered him an out-of-town position and Greenlee is offering to pay him for giving up his claim. Kendall says that’s not so bad. She puts her hand on his.

At Wildwind, Edmund is stunned that Ryan is claiming that Zach is Alexander Cambias Jr. He tells Ryan he’s lost it and he won’t let him consider it. It’s crazy, he says, telling Ryan to drop it. Ryan says he can’t drop it and asks Edmund what’s wrong with him. Aidan says Zach has already confessed to faking his own death, so what Ryan is saying could be true. Edmund angrily rolls his wheelchair into the house. Ryan tells Aidan he doesn’t understand Edmund’s reaction. They’re onto something, he says, and Aidan promises not to give up on it.

At the cemetery, Maria hugs Zach and tells him not to blame himself for Michael’s downfall. Erica interrupts them and tells them to get a room at the Pine Cone Motel. She tells them their display is disgusting, but Maria tells her not to jump to conclusions. Erica tells them that meeting in the graveyard for a quickie tryst is a new low for both of them. Maria tells her to mind her own business. Erica says she was trying to do that – she’s there to visit her mother’s grave. Maria asks Zach if she can talk to Erica alone.

Maria tells Erica she behaves like two separate people, one a woman of style and grace and the other someone who is nasty. Erica says she obviously hit a nerve with her and Zach. Maria tells her she’s overstepping her bounds. Erica says she didn’t understand why Zach was sticking around until now. Maria tells her to shut up. “Or what?” Erica asks. Erica deducts that Maria wants her to keep quiet about seeing her here with Zach. She’ll make her a deal. She’ll keep her lips sealed if she gets Zach and Ethan away from her daughters. She wants Maria to get them to leave town. Maria says their relationship with her daughters have nothing to do with her, but Erica thinks she can have some influence. She says Bianca and Kendall mean everything to her. Maria asks since when. Since she was in Vegas and was nowhere to be found. Erica tells her she has gone too far. Maria says she knows what Kendall and Bianca went through when she was gone. Erica tells her mommies like her have affairs in graveyards. Maria tells her she leaves a trail of corpses wherever she goes. Everything is always about what she wants. She tells Erica that if she tries to ruin her marriage she will regret it with every useless fiber of her being. Erica tells her she’s making empty threats that bore her.

Bianca realizes that it was Jonathan who stole the shirt and Maggie is covering for him. Maggie says Jonathan only did it to protect his brother. He is convinced Ethan shot Ryan. Bianca tells him he is wrong. Maggie says Jonathan can’t let Ethan get away with taking everything his brother has. He felt like he had no choice. Bianca says she can understand Jonathan’s actions, but can’t understand hers. How could she lie to her? Mattie says it was the hardest thing she’s done, but she doesn’t’ want Bianca to hate Jonathan. Bianca asks if he means that much to her. Maggie tells her they’re falling in love. Bianca asks for her shirt back. Mattie says she’s sorry but it’s gone. Bianca says it has to be somewhere. Maggie tells her it’s been burned. An upset Bianca tells Maggie she wants to be alone and asks her to leave. Maggie leaves but there is a knock on the door. It’s Zach, who says he’s sorry and asks Bianca to forgive him. He says he should have believed her about Michael and knows now that he turned into a monster. He says the man she describes is not the man he remembers. Michael was caring and kind. Something happened to him and he lost touch with what’s right and wrong. Bianca says she appreciates what he’s saying. Zach wants to make it up to her. She tells him maybe he can do something. She says her shirt is gone but maybe he can help prove who Ethan is. Zach says he can’t do that. He says he’s glad her shirt is gone. Now Ethan can leave town. He doesn’t want Ethan to fall victim to the Cambias curse and turn out like his uncle. Bianca says she doesn’t believe in the curse. She says Ethan is only searching for who he is. Zach tells her she should talk to him before he turns into a Cambias. Bianca asks how he could turn into a Cambias unless he is one. She asks Zach what he knows. Zach says the Cambias legacy is toxic. If Alex were alive he would try to save Ethan and now it’s up to him. Bianca asks why saving Ethan is his personal crusade. Zach says it may seem odd but he has good intentions. He says Alex Cambias and he were closer than she knows. Zach says if Ryan doesn’t let go of the Cambias money he will fall victim to the curse as well.

Edmund asks Aidan what’s with Ryan. Aidan says this isn’t about Ryan, rather it’s about Maria. He wants to know what’s going on. Edmund is wondering how much Maria knew about Zach. He says there is no way she would know who Zach is and keep it secret for him. “My wife is not a disloyal liar,” he says. Aidan leaves, saying he’ll keep in touch. Edmund daydreams that he sees Zach approach him. Edmund gets up out of his wheelchair and walks toward him. Edmund tells him he’s lower than the landfill where Michael Cambias is rotting. He says he’ll come after him with everything he’s got. He wakes up from his daydream and tells himself “with everything I’ve got.”

Jonathan is talking to a Fusion rep named Roberta about the Enchantment fragrance. Ryan arrives and Roberta tells him America loves Enchantment. Ryan smells the fragrance on her neck. He asks where Greenlee is. Simone asks Ryan if anything got to Greenlee when she was gone. Greenlee walks into the room carrying a huge fern. Simone comments that it’s strange because Greenlee doesn’t like plants and throws them away when they need water. Jonathan asks Greenlee about some papers and she says she must have laid them in the other room when she heard this plant calling out for help. Ryan whispers to Greenlee that Aidan is checking into Zach’s connection to Alex Cambias Jr. Aidan and Edmund know but no one else can, he says. Kendall and Ethan walk in and Ethan suggests it’s time to end the war. Ryan says he has calls to make and reports to read, but he’ll talk to him at a staff meeting. Ryan walks out, and Kendall tells Ethan maybe they should come back tomorrow. Ethan asks for a moment alone with Greenlee. Kendall gets in the elevator and is given an eerie, wide-eyed stare by Ryan. Ethan asks Greenlee to tell him about her husband. Greenlee says Ryan is devoted to the company and suggests Ethan leave them alone. Ethan says he just wants some answers. Greenlee tells him that he should go to Zach Slater, then, since he’s Alex Cambias Jr. Ethan glares at her with wide eyes.

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