AMC Update Thursday 10/14/04

All My Children Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Fusion, Kendall and Jonathan are not speaking; they try to use Simone as go-between, but she can't really do it, so she gives up.  They argue with each other.  Ethan arrives to see Kendall, so Jonathan gets in his face and gives him a hard time.  Ryan and Greenlee arrive right after that.  Ryan wants to speak with Ethan and says he may be able to provide him with proof about who he is.  Jonathan greets Ryan and gives Greenlee a kiss.  Ethan asks Kendall how she's doing because she hasn't returned his phone calls.  She assures him that she's okay but says maybe they should get together later.  Ryan asks Ethan if he can have a chat with him on the roof.  Ethan wonders if that's safe, but Ryan assures him that he is still recovering from his injuries, so he will not be able to throw him off the roof.  Jonathan pats Ethan down to make sure he's not armed.  Greenlee worries about Ryan, but he assures her that he'll be fine.  After they leave, there is an awkward silence between Greenlee and Kendall.  Kendall welcomes her back.  Greenlee points to a poster on the wall from the Fusion launch party and asks Kendall if she remembers it.  She wants to put their problems aside.  They don't know if they can be friends, but Greenlee asks if they can at least not be enemies.  Kendall tells Greenlee how much she regrets hurting her and Ryan.  Greenlee knows how sorry Kendall is from when she was at the hospital.  Greenlee warns Kendall away from Ethan, but Kendall tells her that she knows what she's doing, that he didn't shoot Ryan, and that she's not crazy for supporting him.  Later, Jonathan offers Greenlee some orange juice and treats her with kid gloves because she and Ryan have told him about how they want to have a baby.  He thinks they will get pregnant right away.  Greenlee pats her stomach and smiles.

Up on the roof, Ryan tells Ethan that he wants answers.  He wonders what Ethan's relationship is with Zach.  Ethan tells him that he barely knows him.  They talk about the evidence that Ethan needs.  He gets angry at Ryan's questions and accuses him of being the one who keeps hiding all of the evidence.  He lists it, but Ryan doesn't even know about Bianca's shirt.  Ethan threatens Ryan, who wonders what he means.  Ryan keeps accusing Ethan of being the one who shot him.  Ethan denies it.  He tells Ryan that several of the board members will support him.  Ryan warns him that they only want a puppet they can control.  Ryan figures there are two people who are suspects in his shooting, Zach and Ethan.  They dance around and argue but don't get anywhere, so Ryan leaves.  Kendall comes up to see Zach.  They talk about Ryan.  He thinks she should get out of the way of what's going to happen next.  She is alarmed and asks if he is planning to hurt Ryan.

Reggie and Jack work on the kitchen sink at home, which is clogged.  Reggie goes to wake Lily but finds that her bed is empty.  Jack panics and phones Derek.  Danielle phones to tell Reggie that Lily is there at school but that he and Jack had better get there right away.  Lily is with those "hot" girls again, but she is dressed up in a very trampy way, thanks to them.  They joke around with her and tell her that she needs a "mac daddy", then explain that means "boyfriend".  They laugh at her a lot, especially when she doesn't understand stuff.  Jack arrives and is not happy to see how she's dressed.  He tells her that she needs to go home and change before she can go to class.  She doesn't understand why.  Reggie and Danielle argue with the girls and threaten them again.  Then Jack chews out the girls for having Lily do their homework.  They look a little worried at first but then laugh him off.  This boy hits on Lily, so Reggie comes up and throws him against the lockers and threatens him.  He calls Lily a "freak".  Lily is very resistant to leaving and wants to go to her chemistry class.  Jack gives in and tells her she can stay, but he insists that she wear Danielle's jacket over her skimpy clothes.  She agrees to that.  Danielle asks Jack if he's explained to Lily about the birds and the bees.  He knows that she's had a sex ed. class at school, but Danielle says that won't help her deal with boys in the real world.  Jack agrees and thanks her for her suggestion.  He walks Lily to class, asking her to zip up her jacket.  Danielle wants to tell everyone at school that the three "hot" girls have an STD, just like she threatened yesterday, but Reggie doesn't think that's enough.  He wants to do some "serious damage".

At home, Edmund is very quiet as Maria serves him breakfast.  He tells her that they have to talk.  He says that there is always a third person sitting at their table, meaning Zach.  She starts to protest, but he explains that it is his fault.  He confesses that he has been jealous and envious, partly because of the wheelchair.  He needs to forget about Zach and trust his wife.  Maria is overjoyed to hear it and they kiss.  They agree to make vacation plans.  Edmund jokes about skiing.  Zach phones Maria, so she lies to Edmund (sort of) that there is an emergency so they will talk about it more at dinner.  After she leaves, Aidan shows up.  He tells Edmund that he couldn't find anything to blame Zach for his friend's death years ago.  Edmund tells Aidan that he is just going to drop the investigation and let the police handle it.  Aidan is shocked to hear that.  Edmund explains that he has to do it for Maria.  Ryan arrives and tells them that he thinks Zach is Alexander Cambias, Jr.  Aidan and Edmund are surprised.

Zach goes to Michael's grave but is surprised to find Myrtle Fargate there.  She gives him a hard time because she knows who he is from Bianca's fund-raiser.  He doesn't know her but finds out quickly.   She warns him about hurting Bianca again.  He tells her that he doesn't want to hurt Bianca, either.  He asks her to tell him about what Michael is like.  She is reluctant, but he asks her again, so she does.  She compares him to a man she used to know in the carny that used to beat a dancing bear all of the time.  She says that Michael enjoyed that power of hurting people and it made him feel like a big man.  She says evil is there for all of us, but the strong people stand up to it and the weak people give in to it and enjoy it.  Michael was a weak man, she concludes.  Zach, looking defeated, thanks her for her honesty.  Later, Maria shows up and is a little put out because she had to lie to Edmund again.  Zach, upset, tells her that he is starting to believe what she said about Michael.  He doesn't want to believe and begs for her help.  He blames himself for everything that Michael did and for his death.  Maria tries to tell him that it's not his fault, but he doesn't hear her.

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