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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/13/04

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Reggie and Danielle go into the record shop in an attempt to find Lily’s “friends” who are exploiting her. Reggie angrily tells his girlfriend that if these girls think they can mess with his sister, they will answer to him. Danielle tells him maybe he should calm down but it looks like she wants to help.

Jack returns home and notices Lily sitting and looking upset. He asks his daughter what is wrong.

Bianca cannot find her top to give to Ethan. She wants to know who took it. Ethan says he believes it could be Zach. But Zach denies it and everybody seems to know he did not take it. Right at that moment, Erica enters and tells Ethan that it’s time for him to leave town because nobody wants him to stay. Bianca asks Erica if she might have been the one to take her top, maybe for “safe keeping” or to accomplish the very goals she just spoke of; getting Ethan out of town. But Erica is also able to convince everybody she would not interfere with her daughter’s decision to do what she wants with her top. Bianca suspects Zach and informs him that she gave the garment to Ethan and he had no right to take it from her. Zach honestly tells them that he did not take the top. He suggests that it might have been Ryan Lavery. Bianca says it could not be Ryan since he doesn’t even know that her shirt existed. Kendall agrees that it’s highly unlikely that Ryan would have snuck in and taken Bianca’s top.

Right when Jonathan is in his home, by the fireplace burning Bianca’s top, Maggie is outside the door, trying to get in and seduce him. She tells him she wants to do a “blind taste test” by kissing him. He covers up what he was doing. But when she enters she can smell the burning garment and immediately goes to the fireplace to see what he was burning. It doesn’t take long for Maggie to discover that Jonathan has burned Bianca’s top. He protests that Ethan had no right to take it, manipulate Bianca and take from Ryan what is rightfully his. He protests that he needs to protect his brother from Zach and Ethan, these two nuts who are related to Michael Cambias and who are trying to hurt Ryan. She protests that although he may have good intentions to help his brother, he just hurt somebody she loves.

When Kendall, Bianca and Zach leave Ethan and Erica alone, she asks him just what his agenda is.

Lily tells her father that she is very upset with him; he has wrecked her life and prevented her from being in with the “hot” girls. He tells her that the girls were just using her to get her to do their homework for her. He protests that he wants her to have friends, friends who like her for her and don’t want to use her. She talks in an irrational manner about the girls liking her. But her father firmly tells her that those girls never liked her and she needs to face that.

Danielle talks to one of the “hot” girls. And she instantly wins the popularity of the girl and her group when she informs them that she can get them into a Fusion party. And right away they reveal to Danielle that they’ve conned this “spaz” into believing that they want to be her friends and are getting her to do their homework. Unknown to them, however, Danielle is tape-recording them. She “entraps” them into sounding like they told her they had an STD. Noticing how embarrassed they are to be “on the record” saying they have STD and her telling them that they will be pretty disgusting and sexually undesirable when word gets out about that, she tells them she notices it’s not quite so much “fun” when they are on the receiving end of being hurt and made fun of. Reggie comes out from hiding and informs the girls that Lily is not a loser whom nobody cares about. She’s his sister and he and Danielle will not let them hurt her any more.

Jack urges his daughter to understand that we live in a cruel world where people will pretend to be the friend of somebody like her only to hurt them. He informs her that right now, Reggie and Danielle are out to find the girls and confront them. She protests hysterically that they cannot do that. She will not have any more friends. But he tells her she does have friends. Erica, Bianca, Reggie and Danielle are her friends and care about her. But she keeps saying that she wants to be hot and cool and that those girls were going to give her that chance.

Kendall stands outside her home looking inside the window of what used to be Michael Cambias’ condo. Zach tells her that he understands what she is going through, feeling abandoned by Ryan. But he tells her attaching herself to Ethan is no answer for her.

Erica tells Ethan that she can see that he’s developed a “relationship” with both of her daughters. He tells her that they are both amazing women. She says she believes it’s kind of “noteworthy” that he is attaching himself to both of them during some very vulnerable times in both of their lives. She tells him that he’s filling an empty void for Bianca losing her baby and he’s appealing to the “lost child” in Kendall. And she says the way he’s doing this is by pretending to be a family member of the animal who raped Bianca and who almost raped her and almost raped Kendall. And she concludes that that might have proven the point and answered the question for her. He might actually be evil enough to be a Cambias. Hearing that, he tells her that he’s heard all about how evil his uncle was and is not defending him. He tells her that he’s come here to prove that he is a Cambias in order to claim what is rightfully his. He protests to Erica that Bianca has offered him the evidence in her shirt many times and he’s turned it down many times because he has no intent to take anything from her. And he tells Erica that he’s a little upset that the shirt has been destroyed. This will end Bianca’s memory of Miranda and leave him without a way to prove his birth right. And he asks Erica if she knows of any way to help him with this.

Maggie is very upset with Jonathan for destroying Bianca’s top. But he tells her about his history with his brother, and his many memories of their father getting drunk and beating them and how Ryan protected him as the bigger brother, and how he now feels a need to protect Ryan. And he remembers Ryan’s history of running away from home, leaving town and abandoning him. And all he could think about, again when he took Bianca’s top, was of his brother going away. But right at that moment, he freaks realizing he did a terrible thing to Bianca and he needs to go and apologize to her. And right when he goes outside the door, Bianca is there. She enters and asks Jonathan if he took her top, the one that could enable Ethan to prove that he was a Cambias. He does not answer her question. She says she intended to give it away, but did not intend to do that for nothing. She asks him again if he took it. He tells her he did not. Maggie does not contradict him. She goes out the door. Maggie is upset at what has happened to her best friend. But she reveals that she understands Jonathan’s reason for doing what he did.

Zach tells Kendall that he knows all about her unsuccessful attempts to get her mother to love her. She informs him that she now knows that Erica loves her and she’s gotten past her previous problems with her mother. He tells her that even if that’s true, her “attachment” to Ethan is really sick. He tells her she needs help and is very much her mother’s daughter. She is ready to slap him but he grabs her hand. She tells him that he’s a fine one to be judging her for her mental health issues. She tells him that she and everybody can see that he has some secrets and skeletons from his past in regard to Michael Cambias. She tells him she’s heard that he was a school buddy of the Cambias brothers. She inquires what type of conversations and interactions he may have had with Michael. She asks if Michael might have “taunted” Zach about his conquests with the ladies, and possibly participated in locker-room egotism and such. She asks if Michael bragged to him in those days the same way he bragged when he raped her sister. She tells him that he has enough therapy issues of his own for whatever twisted relationship he had with that sicko.

Ethan tells Erica that he knows her daughters pretty well. He sees Bianca as very together. But he knows about how Kendall has some issues. She wonders why he’s felt he’s had an obligation to save Kendall or save either of them. He tells her that after what his uncle has done to her daughters and to her, he feels he is indebted to all three of them. She tells him that he has just about sold her on that. But she inquires just where shooting Ryan fits into his “good deeds”.

Right when Jack is making unsuccessful attempts to talk to Lily and she’s refusing to come out of her room, Livia Frey enters and comes to talk business with Jack. Hearing about what’s going on with Jack and his daughter, she admits to Jack that raising a child is not her “expertise”.

The shallow girls talk about how Danielle Frey is so full of herself just because she’s the police chief’s daughter. And they congregate about how maybe they can put her in her place. But at that moment, they are distracted by something more interesting when they see Lily walk in. She covers her ears when she hears the loud music.

Bianca returns to the room where her mother and Ethan are talking. She informs them that she could not find her top and she apologizes to Ethan for not being able to help him prove that he’s a Cambias.

When Danielle and Reggie return to Jack’s, Livia commends her niece for the heroic deed she did. They all laugh and feel good to know that Reggie and Danielle know how to put those hateful girls in their place. Reggie tells Danielle he’s very proud of her. Livia tells Jack that she believes her niece is full of surprises, in that she can actually stand up to peer pressure and confront the popular girls in order to help Lily. But unknown to all of them, Lily is not in her room, as she’s just told her father. She has snuck off to the record store to find the “hot” girls and informs them that Reggie and Danielle were wrong with what they did and she wants to be their friend. Without a thought, they “welcome” her right back in.


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