AMC Update Tuesday 10/12/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/12/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

When they wake up in their honeymoon suite, Ryan tells Greenlee that he is in love with her. It looks like they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. He expresses his dilemma about whether to keep the Cambias estate or give it to whom it rightfully belongs. She reminds him that she knows that Alexander Cambias willed it to him and he must not believe that Alexander expected anything from him that he did not tell him he expected. She also inquires to him why, if Slater is actually a Cambias, has he not come forward and admitted it sooner. And she tells him that in another year it will be proven that Ethan and Zach are either fake or real, but whatever happens, the love she has with Ryan will never change. But suddenly, right at that moment, they hear what sounds like a bomb or gunshot going off. Ryan looks out the window and notices a bus that has Braveheart written on it. And he informs Greenlee that they need to get back to Pine Valley and find out who shot him. And once they unravel that mystery, they need no longer live in fear and they can get back to their lives. And he surprises her by informing her that they now own a jet and can come and go wherever they want on their own time schedules.

Zach tells Bianca that she made a very generous offer to give the clothing she wore when she gave birth to Miranda, to Ethan. She tells him that Ethan was very gracious to give it back to her, and give up what he could have, in order not to take away her memory of Miranda. She also informs Zach, that she’s not certain whether Ethan really wants to be acknowledged as Alexander Cambias Jr.’s son or not. Zach tells Bianca that she cannot take on everybody else’s problems and it’s not her responsibility to help Ethan figure out what he wants. She reminds him that the horrible thing that Michael did to her was real. It wasn’t just a dream. She says she remembers everything and knows he took away her soul and her personhood by raping her that night, and again the night she shot him, because he gave her no choice. Hearing that, he expresses that he is amazed that after Michael did all that to her, she could still love his child with all her heart. She tells him he would understand if he had a child of his own.

Kendall enters what used to be Michael Cambias’ condo. She believes that somebody is hiding and she tells the unseen person that she knows they are there so they need to show their face. Ethan enters. She informs him that his “heroic” act of refusing to take Bianca’s clothing make her aware that he has now met his match. She says that now, in order to prove that he’s a Cambias, they must collect any sort of evidence, be it a cotton swab or a baggie or whatever is needed. She informs him that she is a girl who knows how to “dig”. She observes that she can see that he is really “into” this. He admits that he is ready to stop at nothing in order to get the people of this town to stop believing he’s a liar. Suddenly, Jonathan Lavery enters and expresses that he believes that Ethan is a con artist and a highly skilled one for being able to effectively scam a liar and con artist like Kendall.

David and Krystal are in the baby’s room. JR enters and arrogantly tells them that he’s ready to celebrate his “victory” and soon they will both be only a distant memory. Babe enters, looking very unhappy. JR tells his soon-to-be ex-wife that she needs to come in and tell her parents what has happened and let them know that it’s all over thanks to her. She tells them that she has decided to give up Bess. Krystal tells her she cannot do that. JR tells Krystal she already did. He also informs them that the “driver” is right outside the door and ready to take Krystal and Babe away. David looks at the agreement JR got Babe to sign and demands to know how he would have gotten her to sign that. David asks if JR drugged her or threatened her and protests that Babe would never willfully sign away her rights to her daughter. JR tells them that Babe has signed it and that’s all he cares about. He grabs a bottle of champagne, encourages them to keep a lock of Bess’s hair for remembrance and tells them it’s great to have them all there for their final celebration. When he leaves, Krystal and David express to Babe their shock and horror that she would do something like that. David reads the contract and notices that by signing she is irrevocable giving up all parental rights. She informs them that JR blackmailed her by threatening to have both her and Jamie thrown in prison for asking a homeless man to kill JR. David protests that there are ways to prove that she and Jamie did not ask some stranger to kill JR and nothing would happen to them if they go and explain what happened, to the police. Krystal warns Babe that she shouldn’t count on having Ace, although it’s been proven that he’s her child, with what JR has just successfully done, much less will she have Bess. But she informs them that the agreement she signed allows JR to have full custody of Bess Chandler, but that baby in question is Miranda Montgomery and there’s no mention that JR will have any rights to Miranda. David argues that whatever name somebody gives to the baby, she is still known to the world as Bess Chandler. Krystal informs Babe that she tried and failed to get Kelly Buchanan to give up Ace. Hearing that, Babe panics and tells her parents that she must give Bess back to her mommy, she must go and find Bianca and tell her the truth, and she doesn’t even care anymore what happens to her.

Bianca tells Zach that she understands if he is not ready to move on and accept Michael’s death and if he wants to give back his donation to the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. But she tells him she is ready to move on and get the foundation underway with or without his help.

Jonathan tells Ethan, sarcastically, that he is a very clever and brilliant con artist in how he manipulated Kendall and others, with his “martyr” act. Jonathan tells him he doesn’t know which is more sick and twisted: Ethan’s wanting to be the nephew of a sicko-rapist, or his becoming best buddies with the sicko-rapist’s girlfriend. Jonathan asks Ethan how long after he came into town, did Kendall offer to help him with his plans? And he informs Ethan that if Kendall was really his friend, she’d help him by urging him to skip town.

Finding out that Kelly Buchanan will not give Ace back to her, Babe becomes horrified and afraid that Ace is still with the Buchanans and not with her, and Bess/Miranda is still with JR and she’s afraid that their plan has been ruined. But David assures her that he will be able to give Bess/Miranda to Bianca very soon so she need not worry about that. But he tells her the plan to get Ace must not be rushed. He reminds her that if she goes and demands that Kelly gives Ace to her, word could get out that she lied about the babies and she could get into trouble, go to jail, and she will not be able to have her son while behind bars. He vows to her that Paul Kramer is going to do the one and only decent thing he’s ever done in his life. Babe asks if that means Paul will drop dead. He tells her that Paul will do the next best thing; he will confess to everything he’s done. Babe argues that Paul is a dishonorable little weasel with no conscience whom nobody should count on to do such a thing. But David tells her he will find a way for Paul to admit to the truth. Babe cries, telling Bess how much she will miss her, and how, soon, she will be with her real momma who will call her Miranda. Krystal adds, looking at Bess/Miranda, that she is a real treasure. JR enters and says for that very reason, they will never see the baby again. David tells JR that if he ever threatens David’s daughter again, he will be sorry. JR demands that they give him the baby or he will hand over the DVD of Babe threatening to kill him to the DA. Babe and Krystal tearfully pull themselves away from the baby. David tells JR he will burn in hell for what he’s done. JR takes the baby and carries her away from them.

Bianca tells Zach that it is very hard for someone to let go and say goodbye. But she believes that they can both do that. She informs him that she no longer needs her clothing to remember Miranda because she wants to move on. She gets on the phone and calls Ethan, informing him that she has something for him; she wants to give him her top again. Ethan again, tells her he cannot take from her, her only memory of her daughter. But she urges him to accept her offer because she is ready to move on. She and Zach go to meet with Kendall and Ethan. She informs them that the top she had was the only thing holding her back and preventing her from moving on and it is the only thing that will enable her to let go and move on. Kendall urges her sister not to do this until she’s really certain that’s what she wants to do. Bianca replies she is very certain. But when she goes to find it, she discovers it’s gone.

Meanwhile, Jonathan is holding Bianca’s top and ready to throw it in the fire in order to destroy all evidence of Ethan being a Cambias.


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