AMC Update Monday 10/11/04

All My Children Update Monday 10/11/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Wildwind, Edmund asks Maria if she is protecting Zach. Maria begs Edmund to get past his obsession about Zach and turn his attention to their marriage. Edmund says he wants to know what's happening, as she continues to sidestep his questions and make denials. Maria says she has given Zach up and wants him out of their lives. Edmund says Zach just dropped a bomb that he faked his death and he can't give that up. He's going to find out what he's up to.

David and Zach are at his office sharing a drink. David notes that he knows Zach would like to burn him alive, so why would the incriminating footage disappear? Zach says he doesn't know if he hates David or Adam more. David says he knows he hates him more for what he did to Maria, and tells him to go ahead and nail him. But he asks that first he be given a few weeks to protect his daughter, then he can do whatever he wants to him. Zach orders him out of his office.

Maria goes to Zach's office and tells him he is putting her in an impossible position. She has to lie to Edmund and it's ruining her marriage. Zach says he'll get Ethan to abandon going after the Cambias fortune and advise him to leave town. And he'll do the same. He says her loyalty means a lot to him. Meanwhile, Edmund has flashbacks to happy moments with Maria.

Krystal, surprised by Tad in Llanview, asks him what he's doing there. Tad turns to Kelly and tells her she can spill the beans in front of him as well as Krystal. Kelly leaves, insisting she's Ace's mother. Tad asks Krystal what he walked into and Krystal says she's ready to rip his head off. Tad says he's the one who deserves to be angry because she lied to him about the DNA test. He knows it has nothing to do with David being Babe's father. He knows it's about the parents of Babe's baby. Krystal, worried that Tad has learned her secret, tells him she didn't have a choice. She had to do it for Babe. She asks to explain, but Tad jumps on her for dragging Jamie into this again. He asks her why she and David would be so overjoyed to find out that JR is indeed the baby's father. Krystal appears relieved as she realizes Tad doesn't know the truth. She tells him she'll be honest with him, starting with his proposal. She can see he doesn't trust her. She doesn't want to have to worry about having a jealous husband and she knows he's always going to believe the worst about her. So she can't accept his proposal. Tad tells her she's bringing this up as a distraction, but Krystal reiterates that he keeps challenging her and saying awful things. Tad says they are not done with the other thing, and she says there is no other thing. She tells him to stop butting into her life. He leaves, running into David on the way out. Krystal tells David she ended it with Tad. David tells her it's for the best, but she orders him to not say it's good because it's not. David asks her if she convinced Kelly. Krystal says no, Kelly is holding onto Ace. David says he thinks she would have gotten through to her if Tad hasn't of shown up. Krystal says she had her heals dug in before Tad got there. Kelly loves that baby and thinks of him as her son. Krystal frets that Babe is going to be blamed for keeping Miranda and Ace will end up with JR. David says they still have a way to get back at JR. David says he'll handle Paul Cramer on his own. He daydreams about being with Paul, who is signing a document confessing to stealing Babe's baby. David presents him with another document – his death certificate.

Jamie and Paul Cramer meet at a bar, and share a bottle of liquor. Jamie, in an effort to get information from Paul, talks down about Babe and tells him he's written her off. Paul makes a toast to their freedom. Jamie says he should celebrate. Her throwing him out has saved him. Jamie tells Paul that Babe keeps going on and on about how she got him to deliver the right paternity results. Paul tells him he should be thankful he's not the baby's daddy. As Paul keeps getting drunker, Jamie tells him he's looking for something he can use against Babe. Paul tells him it will cost him. Jamie asks how much and Paul tells him $50,000. When he realizes that Jamie can't pay that, he gets up to leave. Jamie stops him, saying maybe they can help each other. Paul sits back down. Jamie gets Paul to admit that since Adam and JR were threatening him after the babies were born, he told them that Babe's baby had survived. Unfortunately Bianca is the victim and she didn't do anything wrong, he says. A drunken Paul leaves, taking the bottle with him, and Jamie mutters to himself that since he stole Babe's son, he will have to pay.

Babe watches a DVD that shows she and Jamie meeting a man and paying him to find Bess. Babe accuses JR of trying to set her up. He says it shows Jamie and Babe paying off a hit man to kill him. Showing this to a judge and jury, along with this man's testimony, will result in them being found guilty, he says. Babe says if anyone should be behind bars it's him. JR shows her a document showing a money transfer and tells Babe she is going down. She and Jamie don't have a prayer if they don't go along with him. All she has to do is sign over Bess and she doesn't have to worry. Babe says she would rather die. JR tells her it's a big mistake. Now she'll lose her baby and her freedom. With his father and his connections, she might even get life in prison. She breaks the DVD in half. JR informs her that isn't his only copy. She tells him maybe she should kill him herself. He says if she was serious about killing him she wouldn't tell him. She asks why she would not bump him off. He tells her she would not get Bess, but she says he wouldn't either. He says his father would get custody, but she tells him not to underestimate her mother. She tells JR that she wishes Jamie was her baby's daddy. She knows JR hates him because he's everything JR's not. She talks glowingly about Jamie, prompting JR to tell her maybe she can write greeting cards instead of making license plates in prison. She tells him he can't win and he can't change the kind of man Jamie is. He'll always focus on the wrong thing, calling him insecure, greedy and weak. JR says he'll give her one last chance to sign the custody paper, or she and Jamie will go to prison. Babe takes the document along with the pen.

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