AMC Update Friday 10/8/04

All My Children Update Friday 10/8/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Anita and Bobby arrive at Wildwind, where Edmund and Maria are preparing for a small gathering. Bobby announces he has some good news but they are interrupted by Zach. Edmund tells Zach to pull up a chair. Opal and Palmer arrive, bickering as usual. Bobby and Anita tell them they have a surprise. Opal immediately jumps to the conclusions that Anita is pregnant. They tell her that is not true, but they are buying a house. They closed on it yesterday. Bobby says one of his investment ventures came through and gave him the money they needed. Zach tells Bobby they need to talk now. They walk toward the mausoleum. Edmund watches them as they walk away. Zach tells Bobby that the San Diego deal fell through. There is nothing left. Bobby says he was counting on this deal. He will be foreclosed on before they even move in. He'll have to go back to the group and tell them that to disregard the previous message. He has messed up again. Zach tells Bobby he'll cover his loan. They can work out the terms later. Bobby seems dumbfounded and goes back to his family. Palmer asks him to let him in on his investment deal.

Edmund approaches Zach, who notes that this is an amazing place to bury loved ones. The dead are enshrined in this mausoleum, he says. As opposed to rotting in a landfill like Michael Cambias, Edmund comments. He asks Zach to tell him who he was before he became Zach Slater. The real Zach Slater was a friend of Michael Cambias and was killed in a rock climbing accident, Edmund says. Maria approaches and listens to the conversation. Zach says he faked his own death. He never really died. Zach walks away and Edmund asks Maria what she knows about what Zach just said. She turned six shades of pale when Zach said he faked his own death.

Tad and Jamie are shooting baskets and Tad is prying to find out what's wrong with Jamie. Tad mentions that David and Krystal were thrilled with results of a DNA test and he can't understand why they would be so excited over recycled news regarding David's parentage. Jamie looks suspicious and Tad tells him to throw him a bone so he knows what's going on. Jamie says he knows what the DNA test is all about. Tad promises whatever Jamie tells him will stay between them. Jamie says that Babe had a DNA test done to see if he is the father of her baby. He had a second chance to be a father, but it didn't work out. Jamie pretends to be relieved, saying that it's the best thing that's happened to him. Tad doesn't believe what Jamie is saying and asks him to tell him the truth. There is a major hole in his story. Why would David and Krystal be thrilled that the DNA test showed Jamie to not be the father? Jamie says he's backing off and keeping his mouth shut. Tad relents, telling him to keep his secrets. He loves him anyway.

Babe, Krystal and David are on the patio at Chandler mansion talking about their plan. David tells them he needs them to go along with this, although Babe is worried. The plan is for Krystal to get Kelly Buchanan to admit that Paul Cramer gave her a baby. They'll make Paul take all the fault. Babe wonders aloud why Paul is still alive. David says he'd like to kill him. He tells Babe that since Kelly hates Kevin, she would like to get back at him by taking the baby from him. Babe asks what would prevent JR from taking Ace. David says it will be the element of surprise. Everything will be over before he even knows what's going on. Then the three of them will act surprised and let on like they didn't know a thing. A DNA test on Miranda will show that Bianca is the mother, and Babe and Bianca will cry and rejoice together with their babies in their arms, David says. All the blame will be laid on Paul and he'll spend years in prison. Krystal says if it works, maybe she'll still have a chance with Tad. And it's all thanks to David. David says maybe he should have rethought his plan. Babe, however, says if her mother wants Tad, she deserves to be happy. David says Martin and women to not make happy endings. He says his idea would have been brilliant without the Tad factor. Krystal leaves to go talk to Kelly.

Adam is inside the house when JR approaches him with a document. He tells his father this document is foolproof with no loopholes. He proudly says that tomorrow he'll be free of that slut and have Bess to himself. Adam tells him it could even happen by today. He praises JR for not caving and going along with their plan.

Adam and JR go to the patio and find David and Babe. JR asks to talk to Babe in private. They go inside the house and JR presents her with the document and asks her to sign it. It gives JR sole custody of Bess. Babe asks him why she would agree to give him full custody. JR says it's a chance for her to walk away from him and be with Jamie. He asks her if she's still interested in Jamie. Babe says Jamie is everything JR is not. JR says she can do this the hard way or the easy way but this document will be signed by the end of the day. Since she admits to still being his brother's biggest fan, she wouldn't want to be the one to send him to prison. Babe says there's no way Jamie would go to prison. JR says Jamie wouldn't be the only one. She'd be wearing a matching jail suit. She conspired to kill him and paid someone to do the deed. She tells him he's a liar. He turns on a DVD.

Meanwhile, on the basketball court, Jamie daydreams seeing Babe approach him. He dreams of kissing her.

Adam tells David that he cannot leave until his guest arrives. Zach walks in and Adam asks him about the missing recording showing David knocking him out and putting him in a crate. What does he have to do to get that? He's willing to reward him. David suggests they bid for it, and Zach asks David to come to his office. David and Zach walk away, leaving an angry Adam behind.

Krystal goes to Llanview to talk to Kelly. Kelly wonders what Krystal wants. Krystal says it's a shame that Kevin will only let her have her son for two hours a week. She knows she loves that baby and asks her why she would let Kevin have him. She tells her to give the baby back to his real mother. Kelly tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about. Krystal tells Kelly she has been a victim but she needs to do the right thing and make Kevin out to be an election day liar. Tad approaches and asks Krystal to tell him the truth.

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