AMC Update Thursday 10/7/04

All My Children Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Erica appears at Jack’s apartment. He tells her how good she looks. She notices he has planned a candlelight dinner.

Maggie tells Jonathan that he may think that she has “feelings” for Bianca but she does not, in the way she believes he is suspecting. It looks like she is uncomfortable with this subject. He tells her they can talk about something else or maybe get up on the dance floor. But she admits to Jonathan that she believes she has loved Bianca.

Adam and JR have a private conversation where Adam tells his son he is very confident that he can get full custody of Bess. He also informs JR that he about to go after Liza and make her pay for taking Colby from him. He tells his son that he knows he will have Bess and there will be nothing left of Babe except the bleach blond strands of her bubble-head. And he says that the unfortunate grandfather of Bess, David Hayward will go to prison and never be able to see his granddaughter again. JR responds positively to the thought of that.

After Babe has heard the results of the paternity test, Krystal leaves Babe alone to talk to Jamie. He asks who the father of her baby is; JR or himself? She does not answer but looks very upset. She tells him that she wanted more than anything for him to be the father. He asks her to confirm that they did not make a child together. She says no, they did not.

Krystal goes to talk to David, and they reveal their mutual joy that they have a grandson they just discovered who is alive and well. He tells her that she has given him a great gift when he thought he’d never have a family. She says she cannot wait to have the baby in her arms, kiss him and hold him tight. He pulls out a photo and tells her that until she has a chance to do that, she will at least have this. She asks how he could have gotten a photo of Ace Buchanan. He tells her he was able to digitally master that. She reflects however, the dismay and disappointment of knowing that JR is the father of their grandchild, which he agrees with.

Erica tells Jack that only a fool would take him for granted and Mona didn’t raise no fool. She asks if they are alone. He says in this room, yes. But not in the loft. She realizes that means that Lily is in the other room. He says that they should stay in and not go anywhere tonight because he’s somewhat concerned about his daughter. At that moment, Reggie, Danielle and Bianca enter. Bianca announces that they are about to bring Lily upstairs to her place so that Jack and Erica can be alone. Erica says she appreciates the offer but if Lily is in trouble, she’d like to help. Jack informs them that Lily has been “mainstreamed” in school, which he thought was a good thing. But he’s concerned about how when she comes home, she goes to her room and stays there for hours. Erica tells him that is not uncommon behavior for a teenage girl. He says he’s hearing from her tutors that she’s developing social skills and doing ok. But he’s a little puzzled in that he goes over her homework and realizes she is spending a lot of time with something, but it cannot be primarily the homework because she doesn’t have that much so that it would keep her that preoccupied. At that moment, she enters and announces that she “belongs” now because she is “hot”. She informs them that she is hanging with the “hot girls”. Jack asks her the specifics of her relationships with these girls. She tells them that they appear to want to be her friends. Reggie and Danielle inform her that they know all too well how popular, shallow teenagers deceive people like her by enticing them with the thrill of being in their social circles but do not really care for them. She says that they think it’s cool that she rides in a little yellow bus. Bianca tells her that she can see that they are simply exploiting her for being a “special needs” student.

Maggie tells Jonathan that she believes he assumes that a girl who was in love with a girl would be gay or lying about being interested in him. She says she really cannot answer the question for herself. But she also tells him that she knows she is attracted to guys. And she says she believes he must feel he does not “need this drama” right now and if he wants to leave, she would understand perfectly. But right then, he interrupts her and kisses her. He tells her that falling for someone is falling for someone and he is not about to judge her. He tells her that they are in the same boat since they are both “love idiots”, or, he says, he guesses the “politically correct” term would be “romantically challenged”.

JR tells Adam that although he has no hesitation about wanting to hurt Babe, he doesn’t want to hurt Jamie. Adam asks JR if he has been manipulated by Stuart’s “tender” heart and unrealistic outlook again. He reminds his son that Jamie slept with Babe and has tried to get him in trouble enough times and might pull the same stunts on JR that Tad has pulled on him. And he tells JR that he has to make a choice, even if Jamie is Bess’s father. He asks JR what’s more important: having his daughter, or having this misguided relationship and loyalty with Jamie.

Jamie tries to assure Babe that he will be there for her and for Bess even if he’s not Bess’s biological father. But she tells him he cannot. She tells him she’s trusted bad people and betrayed good people. And she feels really bad and very guilty about how she’s dragged him into her mess. He tells her he made his own decision to help her and she cannot blame herself. She tells him she believes that God brought her to Pine Valley so she could have a husband and a baby and wonderful friends like him, even if it was just for a short time. He tells her she does not need to do this. She tells him that she needs to let him go, because he’s the bravest most wonderful man she’s ever known. She says he needs to find a good woman who will never let him down. She tells him that she’s going to fix what’s broken in her life although she is scared. She says she needs to go and do what she needs to do. And she says she swears she will do right by Bess or die doing her best trying.

David informs Krystal that he will do everything he needs to do in order to help Babe put both of those babies back where they belong without letting her take the fall. He tells her he will take the rap for it, because he did know the true identities of both babies, could have revealed it when he found out and did not. But she tells him that there’s really no way that he can completely take the fall for it without taking both her and Babe down with him. And she also informs him that nobody is asking or expecting him to do that. Adam enters and joins their conversation, still having no clue exactly what they are talking about.

Erica asks Lily just what, specifically, her new “friends” have asked her to do. She reveals that she does their homework for them. Jack asks why she’d do that. She tells him the exact number of hours she devotes to doing their homework for them, but asks if she is still “hot” or “cool” now that she’s revealed to them that she does their homework for them. Erica assures her that she will always be “hot” and “cool”, right after she scans those girls’ barcodes and rips them off their chests. Danielle promises to do her part to make them sorry also.

Jamie leaves Babe alone, saying good-bye to her and telling her he will always be there for her if she needs him. David and Krystal enter. She admits to them that she could not tell Jamie that Ace is her baby instead of Bess, but she let him know that he was not the true father. She tells them that she knows that Jamie wants to help her and she was so tempted to tell him the truth. She admits how heart-broken she was watching him go. She cries telling her parents how much she will miss Jamie.

Jamie goes to talk to JR. He asks if JR will call the cops and get him arrested for trespassing. JR says he does not want to fight with him and sounds like he might want to call a truce with Jamie. They agree how thing have gotten all messed up. But Jamie reveals his anger and inability to forgive JR. He tells him it’s his entire fault. He hurt everybody and only wanted everything for himself. JR asks if he wants to talk man-to-man. Jamie tells him JR can see he’s Adam’s clone, and so JR could not qualify for having a man-to-man conversation with him. And he also tells JR that he does not know how JR could qualify as his brother if he means nothing to him.

Jack informs Erica that all the young people are in the other room trying to “de-program” Lily. She suggests they go and get a burger and take the kids with them. He asks what happened to their romance. She says right now the family is more important to her.

Jamie goes and finds Maggie and tells her, very disappointed, that he is out of Babe’s life because that’s what she told him she wanted. Maggie tells Jamie he should be primarily concerned about what he wants, instead.

David assures Babe that she did the right thing by letting Jamie go. She tells him she did not believe she had a choice. She tells both her parents that she is very worried about what JR and Adam can do to her. Krystal assures her that she need not worry about JR and Adam, she and David will handle them. David affirms what Krystal just said, and adds that they will do that with great satisfaction and enjoyment.

JR tells his father that he has agreed to have no more loyalty toward Jamie and that he will take him down along with Babe.


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