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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/6/04

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Ryan flies Greenlee to their honeymoon suite in the Caribbean. She tells him she’s worried about how he might not be up to it, since he’s just been shot and gotten out of the hospital. But when she sees it, she says it’s perfect.

Kendall tells Ethan that she knows he had the evidence to prove that he was a Cambias right in front of him. She tells him it’s incredible what he just did for Bianca. But he reveals to her that he kind of regrets ruining his only chance to have what he should rightfully have. He tells her that he wanted nothing more than to give Bianca’s garment to the DNA lab, have them cut it apart and uncover the evidence to enable him to inherit the Cambias fortune. But he realized that if he did that, he would be no better than his uncle. He reveals to Kendall that he remembers his mother abandoning him. But she encourages him to believe that it probably broke his mother’s heart to be separated from him. They go back to her home. And she surprises him by taking him to play basketball. He’s very surprised to discover that she’d choose this as an activity. She tells him he needs to do something to forget all the negative things in his life. And right when she’s showing him the techniques, they start kissing.

Reggie, Danielle and Bianca go to a bar and are surprised and somewhat disappointed to notice Maggie with Jonathan Lavery. Jonathan surprises them by inviting them to join him and Maggie. Bianca introduces Jonathan to Reggie and Danielle. Jonathan apologizes to Bianca for his behavior and false accusation of Kendall. She tells him everything is ok now and Ryan is getting better. But Jonathan reveals to her that he is still angry at the fact that Ethan has been released from jail after shooting his brother. Bianca protests to him that she does not believe that Ethan is guilty. Reggie and Danielle depart and Jonathan leaves to get some drinks for Maggie and Bianca, giving them a chance to talk alone. Maggie admits that she can tell that Bianca has some real feelings for her and may be disappointed to see her with Jonathan after Maggie revealed to her that she loved her. Maggie tells Bianca that she has always loved her and wants to go back to the way things always were, as best friends. Bianca sounds happy and tells Maggie they will always be best friends and gives Maggie a hug. Jonathan returns with a smoothie for Bianca and a cosmopolitan for Maggie. Jonathan reveals to Bianca that it’s kind of odd that Ethan would turn down the opportunity to test Bianca’s garment, although it would enable him to inherit his fortune. And possibly the only reason could be that he is, in fact, lying about being a Cambias. Bianca later leaves with Reggie and Danielle and Jonathan expresses that he can see that Maggie still has feelings for Bianca.

Jamie is guarding Babe and Bess from JR at the door, while JR demands Jamie gets out of his home. Jamie asks Babe just what the chances are that her baby is his. And he may very well know that he’s not asking that about Bess, but about the son Babe discovered in Llanview. JR tells Jamie that he knows Jamie would really like to be the father of her baby but he’d better get out of there. Babe hands the baby back to JR and he takes her back into the other room. Jamie gets Babe alone with him in the room and asks her again what the chances are that the baby is his. She distracts him by changing the subject talking about how JR almost busted the door down. But he asks her again the same question and tells her that he is on to many things. He reveals to her that he knows that Paul Kramer has illegally tampered with the test results to prove paternity of the baby. She admits that Paul did that, but it was because she asked him to. She tells him that it was a very long time ago and things were very different. He tells her he assumes that due to the fact that she loved JR at the time, she had Paul alter the test results because she wanted more than anything to believe that JR was the father. And he asks her if she really believes the answer that Paul discovered. He also inquires why she is now telling him this. Is it because she’s facing a custody battle and would rather he be the father instead of JR? She admits that she has done so many things in the last year that she’s not proud of and realizes he has good reason not to trust or care about her. He admits to her that he hopes that Paul lied and that he is, in fact, the father. She admits that she has prayed her hardest that he is the father and she is not just saying that in order to ruin JR’s chances in custody. She says she does not believe anybody in this world would be a better father to her baby than him.

Greenlee surprises Ryan with her sexy lingerie. He tells her that she is really a bride to him now and nothing has ever felt better. He tells her he loves her and cannot wait to start their life together as a real married couple. And they kiss and have a romantic encounter.

Jamie asks Babe if she knows what she just said. She inquires if what he’s referring to is about wanting him to be the father. He answers what he’s talking about is her not lying to him. Hearing this, she has a little difficulty. She tells him she realizes he’s already put up with so much. He tells her he can handle it, he can take it, and he urges her to tell him what is really going on. At that moment, they are interrupted by Krystal who asks to talk to her daughter alone. Jamie leaves and Babe asks her mother what her news is. She asks if she’s found the test results. Krystal informs her daughter that it was just what they hoped for. Babe cries happily and tells her mother that it’s a miracle. She also asks if they have found out who the father of the baby boy really is. Krystal says David is testing that right now and will inform them when he knows. Babe tells her mother that it has to be Jamie. That’s what she wants more than anything.

Jamie runs into JR who is with the baby. JR sarcastically tells Jamie that he should stay so they can compare notes. He says that when Jamie and Babe get married, he will spring for a wedding gift; something that will symbolize what trash they both are. But he warns Jamie that no matter what he or Babe do, nobody will ever take Bess away from him. Jamie tells JR that he should enjoy every moment he still has with Bess while he still has it. JR inquires just what he’s talking about and if he’s implying that he believes Bess will be taken from him. Jamie reminds JR about how Bianca planned on a life with having Miranda as her baby, and look what happened. And he warns JR that nobody can count on anything. JR asks if Jamie is threatening him. Jamie reminds JR that when Bianca needed a friend, JR shut her out. When Babe needed him, he betrayed her. And he tells JR that karma may come back to haunt him. JR still has no clue exactly what he’s talking about.

While with Ethan, Kendall pulls away from their kiss, warning him that she has a track record of ruining every romantic relationship she gets into. She says she does not want to ruin the compatible relationship they have now. He tells her he wants to keep getting along well with her, believes they should ban kissing, and continue their basketball game.

Babe tells her mother that she’s afraid that once the truth comes out that she kidnapped the baby who is really Bianca’s Miranda, and she has to go to jail, she just wants to know that her baby boy will be with Jamie and not with JR. Krystal tells her she should not worry about that and maybe she should see that this might be a life-changing situation for Jamie. But Babe is very worried that she will be taken away from her baby and cannot bear the thought that JR could take him from her just because he’s the baby boy’s biological father. At that moment, they are interrupted by a phone call. Krystal tells her daughter that it must be David who will have the results that will affect the rest of their lives.

While they are awaiting their fate, JR is alone with the baby he believes is his and Babe’s Bess, and tells her she must never fear any of the nasty angry grownups in the other room. He tells her he will always be there for her.

Babe gets off the phone with David. Krystal and Jamie ask her what he’s discovered. She looks at them speechless but does not look happy.


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