AMC Update Tuesday 10/5/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/5/04

By Jenn
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Ethan informs Bianca that there is only one way to prove that he is Alexander Cambias Jr’s son. Kendall also appears to be a witness to what she’s doing. He tells them that he and Zach have decided that he is going to give up his quest for the Cambias fame and fortune.

David tells a DNA technician that they’d better hurry up and give him the answer about the DNA sample. Tad barges in on their conversation, ready to prevent David from what he believes he is up to. Back at the Chandler house, Krystal tells Babe that she does not want her to get her hopes up about the belief she has about Ace being her baby. Right when they hear JR calling out to Babe, Krystal departs. He tells Babe that he remembers her saying she wanted their marriage to get back on track, with no arguments. He informs her that he wants to do that also. She is surprised to hear him say that but not in a positive way. He proposes a toast and says: “here’s to new beginnings”. He asks why she will not drink to their future. He assures her there’s nothing but champagne in the glass he gives her. She reminds him that he told her not long ago, that their marriage is dead. He tells her he just said that in anger after her mother blew up his car. She tells him that she wants Bess to have the happiest life any little girl could ever have. He sounds like what she’s talking about is getting back with him. She tells him that she will make sure that Bess has everything she needs but does not tell him what she believes that really means.

Anita catches Jamie Martin attempting to get the information on the DNA sample. She tells him it’s confidential and he cannot go barging into a doctor’s office and snoop in the computer. He asks her if she can just give him some information about how DNA is tested. She explains somewhat and asks if he is concerned about the DNA because he wonders if he’s the father of Babe’s baby. He tells her that he is concerned, partly about that, but also because Paul Kramer broke into the hospital records illegally. He tells her that if she has the passwords to the computers to find out the information, he can find out what Paul may have done and bring him to justice.

Tad inquires why David is so interested in having what Tad believes, is a second paternity test to prove whether he is really Babe’s father. David tells Tad he needs to ask Krystal. Tad inquires again, why they are there when the test has already been done and asks why anybody would want a second opinion. He tells David that he suspects David is not really Babe’s father. David inquires whether Tad has some pathetic “step-father wannabee” instinct toward Babe. And he tells Tad that he absolutely knows that he is Babe’s father and he’s done more for her than Tad ever has or ever will. Krystal enters and plays along with hers and David’s “story” about the DNA testing being done to prove whether he’s Babe’s father.

Bianca shows Ethan and Zach the clothing she wore when she gave birth to Miranda, which has never been washed. She tells him she hesitated to give it to him before because she suspected he might have shot Ryan and didn’t want to help him. But now she wants to give him all the proof he needs that he really is a Cambias and an heir to the estate. But at that moment, Erica enters and tells them that the offer is off the table and Bianca must not give Ethan any chance to have any rights to the Cambias fortune. Bianca informs her mother that she wants to do this. But Erica asks the two gentlemen if they can give her a few moments alone with her two daughters. She tells them that they both cancelled dinner on her to come to the rescue of a convicted murderer. Bianca says nobody knows that Ethan shot Ryan. She says regardless of any opinion she has of the guilt or innocence of that man, Bianca cannot give that piece of clothing to a total stranger, because it is her personal privacy. She also reminds bianca that she has been so strong and brave and heroic to work through what she’s been through and she asks Bianca if she really wants to bring another Cambias into their lives.

Ehtan informs Zach that his mother got screwed over by Alexander Cambias Sr. Zach listens calmly, still not ready to reveal to Ethan that he’s probably his father. He inquiresd why Ethan has this attitude of wanting to smash everybody. Ethan says he just wants to get his hands on the Cambias money. Zach tells him he does not need the money and he will offer Ethan a job with all the money he needs. But Ethan is still wondering why Zach would want to help him, why it would be Zach’s responsibility, and why Zach wants to rpevent him from what is actually his birthright. But Zach tells him that he cannot win this, in an battle over money, he will only end up being bitter and all alone, just like the old man.

Erica inquires to both of their daughters just why they would do anything to enable Ethan to take everything from Ryan. They both remind her that Ryan has willfully signed everything over to Bianca, and he does not want to keep it all of it belongs to somebody else. Erica reminds them that Ryan is a good an honorable man. And they must think about what it would mean to them if he was left with nothing, to gie the fortune to this Ethan person whom they do not know and cannot assume they can trust. Ehtan enters and Bianca tells him he deserves to have what is rightfully his if he still wants it. He tells her he certainly has not given up. He sys he will take the garment to the lab to get the test results and says it’s fine with him if Bianca and Kendall accompany him. When Erica is alone with Zach, she angrily asks him if he thought she’s just stand by and take from her family what is rightfully theirs.

Krystal “acts” for Tad, as though she ‘s going to prove that David is not Babe’s father and she’s going to get this big nuisance out of their lives once and for all. He leaves Krystal alone with Tad. Tad tells her it’s very puzzling that she does not sound relieved to be ready to get rid of David. He inquires what is going on and suspects that she is keeping a secret from him and acting like she wants to get rid of him more than she wants to get rid of David.

Anita helps Jamie access what he needs on the computer. He notices something shocking. He asks if she can keep the secret for him that he was there. She agrees but also reminds him that they still have no conclusive evidence over whether he’s Bess’s father.

JR opens a big dinner entrée for Babe and is ready to celebrate their marriage getting back on track. He tells her he misses San Diego, on the docks, where they first met and asks her if she does not also. She looks at him very unhappily and uncomfortable. He reminds her that he remembers how they once could not keep their hands off each other. He caresses her and she looks very uncomfortable hearing his remembering their previous intimacy. When she can no longer force herself to endure what is making her ill, she pulls away from JR and tells him he must get his hands away from her and calls him a dirty son of a bitch.

Krystal reveals to Tad that she is a wreck, mainly because she believes that David really is Babe’s father and she wishes so much that he was not. But he tells her that it’s very odd to notice that she’s revealed recently that she cares for David, has helped him and been nice to him, and is now behaving like she has some real problems with him. And he asks her which is it? He asks her what is really going on and what is really behind this DNA test. Suddenly, to Krystal’s shock Bianca enters with Kendall and David. Krystal asks Bianca what she’s doing here. She says she’s there to get some DNA results.

In response to Babe’s revelation that she is not ready to get back with JR, he tells her that he knew it was all a lie. He asks her why she’s still there. Does she want Bess? If so, he will pay her all the money she needs to go away and forget about their baby. She says she does not want his money, she only wants Bess and he will never take Bess away from her again. He tells her that if she messes with him he will get her into big trouble and in prison for all that she’s done. She reminds him that he told her that he loved her, took his marriage vows before God and everybody and she wonders if it was all a lie. He reminds her that she promised that she loved him and he wonders if she really loved him, or did she really love Paul Kramer?

Bianca asks Tad and Krystal what they are doing at the same office where she is to get DNA. Tad informs her that they are there to find out whether David s really Babe’s father. She doesn’t question that because she has more important matters on her mind.

David informs Bianca that it might be difficult to examine her clothing for DNA, unless they cut up the fabric. But she says that she has more evidence of Miranda than just what she was wearing the night she gave birth. She touched her, she held her, and she looked deep into her eyes. And as long as she has that, she will never lose Miranda. She hands over the garment to David, with Kendall and Ethan watching.

Erica angrily tells Zach that she will not let him hurt her daughters. And now he cannot accuse her of being paranoid, irrational nor drunk because she’s been stone cold sober for a long time. She inquires why he and that “Cambias-wannabee” are so buddy-buddy and why both of her daughters trust and want to help the two of them. She inquires if he can comprehend what that little camisole means to Bianca. She urges him to know that it’s the only memory she has of her baby. She tells him that he and Ethan have no right to involve her daughters in their business. She reminds him that the last Cambias who hurt her wound up dead. He asks if she is threatening him and if she plans to murder Ethan like she did Michael. She admits to him that she wishes she had pulled that trigger. After what Michael Cambias did to Bianca, she’d wished she’d killed him. And he may tell Ethan that anybody that hurts her daughters will pay and she will risk whatever consequences there are for her. He tells her she sounds like a very dedicated mother, in a sarcastic manner. He inquires whether it’s because her daughter seduced Ethan’s brother and accused him of rape, or just what her problem or need for publicity is. She raises her hand to slap him. But he grabs her hand. He tells her that she must not be able to take the truth. She smiles at him and tells him she loves the truth and when it is revealed he will regret it. And she walks out, appearing content.

Ethan suddenly says he will not let Bianca’s clothing be tested because he doesn’t want to take away her only physical evidence of Miranda.. Kendall remarks that she can see that he is the real thing. Remembering David’s previous business with Krystal, Bianca tells him she hopes the tests turn out in his favor to prove that Babe is his daughter.

Babe rushes upstairs and locks the door to prevent JR from entering, afraid he will take Bess. He runs up and attempts to bust the door down, until Jamie grabs him around the throat. Babe goes out the door with Bess and Jamie guards her from JR.

Right at that moment, David announces to Krystal that the tests have come back conclusive that the Llanview baby boy, named Ace Buchanan is Babe’s child. She looks at him, emotional with joy and they both exclaim that they have a grandson and hug each other.


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