AMC Update Monday 10/4/04

All My Children Update Monday 10/4/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is ready to leave the hospital, and tells Greenlee that they have a million things they need to start, like their honeymoon. He says they have a private jet at his disposal they can use to take off. Greenlee says there will be no honeymoon until he tells her. Ryan, looking perplexed, tells her he loves her. Greenlee says he had an epiphany about Zach Slater and no one is leaving this hospital room until he tells her what it was. Ryan says the honeymoon must take priority, but she says they can't have a honeymoon with a secret between them. He agrees to tell her, and talks of the car accident many years ago that killed Michael's brother. There was no trace of his body. Greenlee realizes Ryan thinks that Zach could be Michael's brother. That means he would be Ethan's father. Ryan says it has to be their secret. Greenlee says it could be dangerous. Where do they go from here? He says they start with this, and kisses her. He says the stuff with Slater is just a distraction. The two of them are the main focus. He says he wants to go someplace where no one will find them. He'll explode if he has to go another 24 hours without making love to his wife.

In Zach's office, Ethan is wanting to know why Zach is so interested in helping him. Zach says it's about Michael's brother. Ethan realizes he's talking about his father. Zach admits that he knew him. Ethan asks him why he didn't tell him this before, noting that he's had plenty of opportunity. Ethan asks him if he reminds him of his father. Zach says yes and no. But one thing he wants to do is make sure he doesn't end up like his father. Zach says he thinks someone else was involved in the killing of Michael. And Michael wasn't the monster he was made out to be. He's sorry Ethan will never see that. He tells Ethan to let go of anything to do with Cambias. Ethan asks why he should listen to what he says. Zach asks him what other options he has.

JR asks Stuart where Bess is. Stuart says she's still on her outing with Babe. JR is aghast that Stuart let Babe take Bess out of the house. JR asks Stuart what was he thinking – was he out of his mind? Stuart says he trusts Babe. JR grabs Stuart by the arms and asks where the hell his baby is. JR apologizes and says he's just freaked out. Stuart asks him what's happening to him. JR says he is just worried about Bess's safety. Why would Stuart not let him take Bess but let Babe take her? Stuart says he trusted Babe to bring her back but didn't trust JR. He says JR keeps acting like his dad. One of these days Bess won't come home, just like Liza and Colby. JR asks him what he's talking about.

In the next room, Adam is on the phone telling someone that Liza and Colby have vanished. He demands they be found and his daughter be brought back home. JR walks in and Adam tells him Liza and Colby have disappeared. JR says Stuart told him they're gone. Stuart walks in and Adam asks him where they went. Stuart says Liza would not tell him. They're gone, with new names in a new town. Stuart tells Adam that he pushed them away. Everyone he loves he ends up pushing away. Now he's teaching JR to be the same way. Adam angrily says he's done everything he could for Colby. He tells Stuart that he's turned on him and betrayed his own brother. Stuart says he feels bad too that they're gone and Marian can't stop crying because she's lost them. But he's glad he didn't stop Liza. JR says he hopes Babe isn't planning the same thing. Stuart tells JR that he used to be so happy with Babe. If he doesn't stop he'll be just like Adam and he'll lose Bess the way Adam lost Colby. Adam snaps that he hasn't lost Colby. He tells Stuart to shut up and get out of here. Stuart leaves and JR tells his father that he didn't have to yell at him like that. He was just telling the truth. JR says maybe Bess needs her mom. Adam says what happened with Liza and Colby is a wake-up call. If JR gives an inch Babe could take Bess away from him. If he gives her custody she will poison that child's mind against him.

At the park, Jamie asks Babe if this is the son he was talking about. Babe says yes, this is him. She tells Jamie and Bianca to trust her because she knows what she's doing. She knows this baby is Ace Buchanan and his father is Kevin Buchanan. She says what she meant when she referred to a son is that if she had a son, she would want it to be this little boy. She says he is the reason she went back to JR. When she met Kevin and Ace, he told her about his messy divorce and how he was able to prove Kelly was an unfit mother so he has full custody. She saw her life before her eyes and knew she couldn't let JR take her baby. Seeing Ace told her what she needed to do. Jamie says more things are making sense since he visited the chapel. Babe nervously asks him what chapel he means. Jamie says it's the one she's helping to rebuild in memory of the baby that died. He says he's talked to the minister and he thought Babe was talking about her own baby. Bianca thinks Babe is rebuilding the chapel in Miranda's honor, and tells Babe that she's wonderful. Babe says she's not wonderful. She wishes she could find a way to bring Miranda back. Bianca says that's impossible. She says the day at the cabin when their babies were born was amazing. Babe says she ruined it by calling Paul Kramer. Bianca thanks her for creating a memorial for Miranda. She wants to see the chapel. Babe says she can't yet because it isn't finished, but will soon. She asks Jamie if the minister said anything else. She needs to know because she doesn't want JR to have any ammunition against her. Jamie is silent, and Karen the nanny returns to take Ace.

Bianca finds Ethan in Zach's office. She says she thought a lot about her baby today, then thought about him. If he was really Miranda's cousin, he should know that. She thinks she can give him what he needs to prove he was a Cambias.

Stuart cheerfully tells JR that Babe has returned Bess. He tells JR to think about what he said, and after JR leaves Stuart tells Adam that he's sorry for his pain. He used to think that Adam was this way to protect them. Now he thinks it's to protect himself because he's scared. He tells him to please leave JR alone and not to take him down to the dark place he lives in.

Babe is putting Bess down when JR walks into the room. He asks her where she was. She says she was at the park. He tells her not to ever take Bess without checking with him first. He leaves the room and Babe tells the baby "we'll see about that." JR returns to Adam and tells him he knows exactly what needs to be done. Babe tells the baby that she said a prayer today that Jamie is the father of her little boy. Then she can be back with her mother and Ace will have her and Jamie as parents.

Jamie is at the Buchanan headquarters and hears two campaign workers talking about Kevin's good looks. They're glad he dumped his wife. One of them mentions his wife's brother, Paul Kramer, and says he was a helicopter pilot. Kevin was smart to dump Kelly just to get rid of Paul Kramer as his brother-in-law.

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