AMC Update Friday 10/1/04

All My Children Update Friday 10/1/04

By Nikky
Pictures by Juanita

Babe is with Bianca and Bess in Llanview to visit Ace. Unbeknownst to them, Jamie is there.

Jonathan serves Maggie a romantic ice cream, hot fudge, and whip cream sundae post sex. Maggie asks Jonathan where his is and he says there is no more so Maggie shares. They end up kissing.

Ethan and Kendall go to talk to Zach about Zach helping out Ethan so he is not accused of shooting Ryan.

Greenlee goes into Ryan's hospital room but he's not there, he comes up from behind and scares her. She tells him she was worried. She asks why he's dressed, Ryan tells her he's free to go and wants to go on their honeymoon. Greenlee questions if he is well enough, saying she's been waiting a long time for their honeymoon and wants to be sure he is in 'working order' Ryan promises to get creative if he's not, saying she's not the only one who's been waiting. They kiss.

Ethan thinks Zach is out to get him and he blames Zach for Ryan's shooting. Ethan questions who Zach is. Zach offers to be on his side and that he is not being forced to help him, he is choosing to do so. Ethan again asks who he is to Zach.

Maggie and Jonathan lay together post sex. He asks her if she is over the person she said she was in love with. She smiles and says she thinks it is.

Babe introduces Kevin and Bianca. Bianca quizzes Kevin on his stance on gay marriage, he gives Bianca a round about answer so she tells him he's lost her vote. Babe interrupts to start the play date but Kevin says today isn't a good day. Jamie continues to watch from afar.

Zach's secretary comes in to tell him Paul Cramer is there to see him. Kendall has a look of shock.

Greenlee wants Ryan to stay in the hospital, he doesn't want to stay. Greenlee is worried about losing him, he tries to reassure her.

Zach wonders how he knows Paul's name, Kendall reminds him (he "killed" Bianca's baby) Zach wonders what he wants, his secretary says credit for all he's been threw. Kendall flips out, Ethan holds her back and calms her down. Kendall expresses her hatred toward Paul. Zach tells his secretary to let him in. Paul tries to be friendly, Zach has a look of a secret plan.

Jonathan still quizzes Maggie about her love. He gets up to leave. Maggie wonders why, Jonathan claims he needs to think. Maggie tells him it's OK to bail, to just let her know if it was just sex. He says no, he asks what it's like to fall in love.

Babe tries to get Kevin to change his mind, he agrees to let Ace go with the nanny. They leave for their play date, Babe and Kevin stare a little too long. Jamie introduces himself to Kevin as a recruit. He talks about Babe and gets into asking if Ace is adopted. Kevin says no and tells Jamie there is work to be done, Jamie can tell Kevin was offended.

In the park Ace's nanny gets an important page so Bianca takes Ace. Bianca questions why Kevin knows her as Bella and if there is anything between the two of them. Babe says no.

An orderly interrupts Ryan & Greenlee kissing with a special delivery from Zach - another option for a honeymoon, a week in the honeymoon suite of his hotel.

Paul tries to get credit from Zach to gamble. Zach asks Paul if he had any helicopter accidents, than if he killed anyone - particularly a baby. Paul states that he was cleared. Kendall interrupts, flips out on Paul and tells him to tell her everything. Zach gets angry Paul and tells him he should die the way he lived and if he doesn't leave in ten seconds, Zach will be the one to do it. Paul leaves.

Ryan reads Zach's message to Greenlee, she is upset that he offered something like that. Ryan says Zach's taunting him.

Zach apologizes if he upset Kendall, he tugs at her heartstrings saying Miranda should still be here and Paul needed a reminder of that.

Maggie tries to tell Jonathan what it feels like (in her mind) to love someone - both the good and bad. She says you have to do it or you'll never have it in return. Jonathan says it helped. Maggie asks him what is going on, he says he had those feelings - for her.

Babe explains to Bianca how she ended up in Llandview and met Kevin and Ace. She says Ace gave her a scene of peace and that him and Bess would be best friends for life. Bianca says that's what Babe said about their babies. Bianca sees the connection between Bess and Ace, Babe hands Bess to Bianca to take a picture of the four of them. Babe takes Ace and Bianca holds Bess for the photo.

Jonathan thinks Maggie didn't want to hear what he had to say. Maggie says she had a great one day. Jonathan says he knows it was just one day and he should have listened to Ryan when Ryan said feelings complicate things. Jonathan says it's Maggie's fault because she's so great. He explains his feelings including how his feet just want to run to the door. Maggie says maybe he should follow his instincts so he gets up to leave. Before he does Maggie tells him it's because she's starting to feel the same way.

Ethan says he's ready to listen to Zach, he asks Kendall for privacy - she leaves. Ethan once again drills Zach to find out what he's after.

Greenlee and Ryan discuss Zach, trying to figure out why he's doing all the things he's doing and who the real Zach Slater was. Ryan wonders if Zach is out to get him because Ryan is the Cambias air. Greenlee wonders why Zach would care, Ryan realizes something. Greenlee asks Ryan if he thinks he knows who Zach Slater really is. He blames his reactions to his medications and says he needs to get away. Ryan suggests another motorcycle road trip, Greenlee suggests they just stay where they are together. While they hug it is very clear something is going through Ryan's mind.

Zach tells Ethan there is more that Ethan doesn't know.

Maggie tells Jonathan he should leave. He goes back and passionately kisses her.

Babe tries to tell Bianca something but Jamie interrupts. Babe asks why he's there, he says this must be the son she was talking about.

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