AMC Update Thursday 9/30/04

All My Children Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca goes to the police station to hear Jonathan Lavery very angry with the cops for letting Ethan Cambias/Ramsay out of jail after being charged with shooting Ryan. She asks why he’s so angry and certain that Ethan shot Ryan and she urges him to just let the police do their jobs. But he doesn’t listen and goes to confront Derek about why he’s released the man whom he believes shot his brother. Derek does not help him. At that moment, Maggie enters and is ready to leave with him. But Bianca calls out to Maggie and asks if they can talk for a second alone. She asks Maggie just how “with” Jonathan she is. Maggie says she does not know how to answer that and tells Bianca if she has something to say, she must say it now. Bianca tells Maggie that she might be making bad judgment to be seeing Jonathan. Maggie protests that Jonathan has good reason to be suspicious of people who he believes might have shot his brother. Bianca reminds Maggie that he falsely accused Kendall and almost got her in big trouble for something she did not do and is now acting just as irrationally toward Ethan. But Maggie says she has no reason to have ill thoughts about Jonathan.

Jamie is holding Bess and talking to Stuart. Stuart says she is beautiful and will be just like her momma. He says has the right disposition, with sugar and spice. Jamie says he hopes she never turns out like her father. Stuart agrees that JR did an inexcusable thing and expresses the same hope. Jamie asks Stuart how Babe appears to him recently. Stuart replies that he notices she has been through a tough time but he doesn’t notice anything different about her. Jamie tells Stuart that he cannot figure Babe out right now. Stuart says that he knows Babe has made some mistakes, like marrying JR after her first marriage was not annulled but he knows that she is good and would never do anything to hurt anybody. Hearing that, Jamie is happy to know that somebody else believes that the mistakes that Babe makes, she makes out of love.

Derek informs David that the DA will not drop the charges against him and he should consider getting himself a lawyer. Babe protests to Derek that he cannot hold her father in jail, since he only did what he did in order to help her. Derek says he cannot argue with what the camera shows, revealing that he’s seen David putting Adam in the crate from Zach’s surveillance camera. David protests that he did not do it and asks Derek if he’s charging him or not. Derek does not answer. David says, and Babe agrees with her father, that in that case, Derek has to let him go. Derek leaves and David inquires to Babe if she really wants to protect him. She says she cares about him and wants to make sure he’s ok. She asks if they can have a private conversation without being overheard by the wrong parties. He tells her most likely they can. She informs him that Krystal has recovered the cotton swab. Babe also tells her father that she is concerned about whether Ace is getting all the love and attention he needs with Kevin Buchanan raising him alone when he’s so busy with work. She suggests that maybe she goes and sees Ace for herself. But David tells his daughter that she must not consider doing that. She could get into trouble if she doesn’t stay out of Llanview and she must be patient. He tells her that they need to proof in their hands before she declares to anybody that Ace is really her son

Tad notices the very important cotton swab with the evidence of whether Ace Buchanan is Babe’s baby. He asks Krystal whose cheek she had to swipe in order to get a hold of this thing. He says he wants her to tell him what it’s all about. He tells her that this is not a good way to start a marriage. She reminds him that they are not yet married nor even engaged. He tells her that by keeping this secret from her, she could be putting herself at risk. He tells her that he knows she has a secret and seems to assume she cannot trust him and that could also be her reason for refusing to become Mrs. Tad Martin. And he tells her he wishes she’d just trust him and tell him the secret. She finally breaks down and tells him that the cotton swab is not for her to apply her make up nor to clean out Bess’s ears. It’s DNA. He asks whose. She says Babe’s. She says it’s proof of whether David is really Babe’s father because she realizes that David is not to be trusted, and so he might have lied about it. He asks what David would have to gain from lying about being Babe’s father. Krystal knows just how to answer that. She says perhaps David is trying to fill his empty void of loneliness and loss of his baby girl, Leora, by replacing her with Babe.

David urges Babe not to go to Llanview and see Ace again because JR could use that against her and cause her to lose him again. He also asks whether Kevin Buchanan would not be suspicious if she keeps hanging around his baby. She says she noticed that Kevin was really nice to her and may not mind if she visits Ace. But he reminds her that she cannot trust Paul Kramer who will also be there and could do something very spiteful to her. He tells her that she must wait to find out beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ace is her child before she does anything.

Right when Babe departs from talking to David, she is surprised to run into Bianca. She tells her friend that the fact that she’s just run into her at that time means that she needs for Bianca to go to Llanview with her. Bianca inquires what is in Llanview. Babe tells Bianca that she got lost and accidentally drove into Llanview a few weeks ago and met Kevin Buchanan and his baby. Bianca says she’s heard of Kevin Buchanan of Llanview because he is running for Lieutenant Governor. Babe says she wants to take Bess and her godmother to meet Kevin and Ace and maybe the two babies can become playmates. Bianca replies that she believes that sounds like a plan and agrees to go to Llanview with Babe and Bess.

Krystal tells Tad, untruthfully, that she does not trust David. She says he’s caused her and Babe nothing but grief. And she’s hoping that the cotton swab will prove he is not Babe’s father so that she can kick that little rat out of their lives for good. But Tad tells her that he’s surprised to hear her talking negatively about David since he’s observed that it seems Krystal has been getting along pretty well with her daughter’s father. Right at that moment, David enters. Tad angrily tells him there’s a crate outside with his name on it and he wants David to put himself in it and ship out of Krystal and Babe’s lives. David is surprised to hear this hostility. Krystal tells Tad maybe he should back off of David. Tad protests that she need not “suck up” to this man again. But Krystal “clues” David that they must have Tad believing that the DNA sample was in regard to his “fatherhood” of Babe. He plays into the “argument” with her about that issue, knowing that Tad cannot know the real purpose of the DNA sample.

When Babe and Bianca go to the Chandler house to pick up Bess, everybody can see how they bond. Babe tells Jamie that it’s very obvious that Bess adores Bianca. Jamie reveals to Babe that he might be on to her and says it’s not very surprising why that would be, knowing who Bianca really is to Bess. Hearing that, she becomes a little suspicious and asks Jamie what he means by that. Jamie does not divulge what he may be already figuring out. He tells Babe that Bess is Bianca’s goddaughter and that’s the bond between them. She asks him what he’s doing there. He says he’s just there to see Bess who is also his goddaughter and asks if that’s ok. At that moment, he’s ready to leave but Bianca tells him he shouldn’t go rushing off. He says he has things to do and leaves. Babe asks Stuart if he could let her and Bianca take Bess on a car trip alone. Stuart at first is a little hesitant knowing that he is being entrusted not to let JR take Bess away from Babe, but he also cannot let her take Bess from him. But Babe says they just plan to take her out for a little while and will bring her back to Stuart a little later. And he says ok.

Tad informs Krystal that he can take the DNA sample to the lab and make sure his father tests it and prevents David from tampering with it. But, knowing that Tad cannot know what it’s really for, she tells him that she must take care of it herself, although she appreciates his help. She departs and Brooke enters asking her ex-husband just what’s going on. Krystal goes outside and meets with David. He asks how she was able to find the cotton swab. She says she found a way to get it. She gives it to him, informing him that Tad loves her and doesn’t need to know their secret and he needs to get out of there before Tad sees them together.

Brooke tells Tad she’s very surprised to come back from her trip and suddenly discover he’s engaged to Krystal. She also expresses that having Krystal, Babe and David all in his life must make for some real excitement.

Babe and Bianca arrive in Llanview with Bess and meet Kevin and Ace.

David and Krystal go to the Chandler house looking for Babe. Stuart informs them that she went on an outing with Bianca and Bess. David seems to be suspicious and knowing exactly what his daughter is up to.


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