AMC Update Wednesday 9/29/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/29/04

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David gets booked in the station and taken to jail. Krystal and Babe are very concerned, especially after realizing that Derek Fry has confiscated from David the cotton swab which Babe used to get DNA from the baby she knows is hers. Unfortunately, thereís nothing they can do. Ethan is taken into the office to talk to Derek. Kendall wonders why David is in handcuffs and seems to be the only person who wants to help him.

In his hospital room, Ryan wants to get out of bed, but Greenlee and Maria tell him he has to stay there and rest. He says he needs to find out who really shot him and tells Maria that he believes that Zach Slater would be in a perfect position to orchestrate the whole thing. He says that he knows that whoever shot him still wants him dead, and that he does not want to worry Greenlee. He reminds her that the night of the fundraiser Zach looked suspicious; he knows Zach is still in love with her and finds it very odd that Zach instigated that murder mystery game in which all of the "suspects" also just happened to have been suspects in the Michael Cambias murder investigation. Maria tells him that Zach did not shoot him, and she can vouch for that. He asks her why Zach would cover for Ethan if Ethan was the shooter, assuming it would have to be because heís working with him. She says that Zach does not want any innocent person to take the rap for something they did not do. He still wonders why she is defending Zach for everything and if she is allowing herself to be manipulated by Zach, although she tells him she is not. Nevertheless, Ryan is able to tell that Maria knows something about Zach that she is not telling anybody.

Alone in his jail cell, David has flashbacks about Babe urging him to believe that her baby is alive and of his reminding her that, even if thatís true, she must realize how powerful the Buchanans are; she must not mess with them, and she might have some difficulty proving Kevin and Kellyís baby is actually hers. He is very stressed to remember that Derek Fry confiscated the very cotton swab that Babe used to get DNA from the baby she believed was hers. He protests to the guard that he needs some personal belongings that patients lives may depend upon, but the guard tells him he will never see what he needs again.

Tad finds Krystal. She is concerned about David, but Tad seems not to care. She protests that the only reason David was messing with Adam Chandler was to help Babe, so she owes him one. He can tell that she has some secret with David, and he knows there's much more to it than simply feeling obligated to help him because he helped Babe. She will not tell him anything more, so he tells her that, because he is in love with her, he will do whatever she wants, even if it means going to help David Hayward. He makes a comment about how amusing it will be to go and visit Hayward in the zoo, throwing him peanuts and treating him like a caged animal.

Derek interrogates Ethan, inquiring if he has any criminal history. He seems frustrated that he knows very little about him. Ethan is quite sarcastic and uncooperative, but Derek says he knows that Ethan would have motives to shoot Ryan.

Krystal goes and flirts with the cop who has the sample of DNA that was confiscated from David, and she is successful in taking it out of the police station.

Tad goes to talk to David in jail. David tells Tad that he heard Tad begged Krystal to marry him. He also informs Tad that he will make certain that Krystal says no to Tadís proposal. Tad tells David that he has no decision-making power about anything. He says right now the state makes all decisions for David. He also reminds David that he has never had an honest relationship with any woman in his life. He asks just what type of secret he is holding over Krystal to prevent her from marrying him. David reminds Tad that Dixie loved him more than she loved Tad.

When Krystal returns home to Tad, he discovers the cotton swab that he knows was in Davidís possession, and he asks just what the significance of this thing is.

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