AMC Update Tuesday 9/28/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

While Ethan is in the jail cell doing push-ups, Derek enters and reminds him he has not yet used his free phone call. Derek asks him if there’s anybody he wants to “reach out and touch”. Ethan is not amused and makes it clear he realizes nobody cares about him nor would want to help him. He angrily tells Derek that he does not know how to do his job of law enforcement and he will no longer take the rap for Derek’s screw-ups.

Liza enters Tad’s home. He informs her that he has found a place for her to go to have a complete life makeover where Adam will never find her. He informs her that she has a different name with driver’s license and Social Security card, and will own her own radio station. He also informs her that her “alias” has a history of being very popular in high school and having a very exciting social life. She tells him she does not know what to say and thanks him. He tells her as hard as it is to say, maybe now is when she needs to get going. He kisses her goodbye, gives her the map and she turns and tells him that she is very grateful to him. But before she leaves she asks him if she is really doing the right thing by Colby, in taking her away from her father. He asks her if she saw Colby running out into traffic, would she hesitate or ask anybody if she was doing the right thing before pulling her out of harm’s way? She replies no. He reminds her of how Adam has had a history of ruining the lives of his wives and children. He also informs her that if she chooses to stay, he and Marion will do everything they can to look out for Colby. But it’s when nobody is looking when she needs to be concerned. And he reminds her that this plan to leave and start a new life is entirely her call. She admits that she really doesn’t have a choice about taking Colby out of her father’s life. At that moment, Marion and Stuart enter to see Liza off. Right behind them Jamie enters and tells his father he needs to talk about something. Tad tells his son that he’s in the middle of something important. They go outside to talk while Liza talks to Stuart and Marion. She convinces them that she will miss them and wishes there was another way to stay in town or at least stay in touch with them while raising Colby. But right at that moment, she suddenly gets a call from Adam. She sounds surprised that he’s back. She asks what he wants. He says he wants to see Colby the following day. He demands that she lets him have quality time with his daughter and he won’t accept any excuses. He says she needs to just do it. Right then, she has a flashback of how he lied to her and used her to have a baby. Then she recalls another conversation where, during their divorce proceedings, she reminds him that he has completely neglected their daughter, yet he demands that she never takes Colby away from him. Noticing Liza lost in thought, Stuart and Marion ask her what is going on.

Bianca corners Jamie on what he’s found out about Babe going to Llanview and how she’s said something about having a son. He informs her that he went to the chapel and noticed a drawing of a child who died through a stain glassed window and that the priest there told him it was Babe’s deceased baby boy. She asks how Babe could have a secret like that. Jamie tells her he cannot even “go there.” Bianca is astounded that Babe did not breath a word about losing her son and expresses that she believes that Babe is incredible and unselfish to care about Bianca’s deceased baby but not about her own, remembering how she created the memorial for Miranda. But Jamie, awkwardly and sadly tells Bianca that maybe she is not getting the accurate interpretation of what Babe has done and wants to tell her that Babe has done nothing heroic in keeping the secret about her son. He asks her how she can do it. She inquires what he’s talking about. He replies what he means is how can she always see the good in all people, meaning specifically her belief and confidence that Babe is her friend and loves her. She inquires how he could even ask such a question. She informs him she believes the reason he would question the integrity of Babe is because Babe and her mom have had a rough life and may have done some desperate things. But she informs Jamie that she has seen the good, heroic honorable person Babe is. She reminds him that Babe delivered Miranda for her, risked her own life to save Bianca and Miranda, and has set up a memorial for Miranda. She asks if he may have doubts about her because he still wants her. She tells him that although Babe may have made some questionable decisions, they must believe that what she’s done, she’s done for the right reason. But she can tell, from Jamie’s expression, that he has his doubts.

After Adam unexpectedly enters after escaping the kidnapping, he confronts David and punches him in the face. But instantly, Krystal, Babe and David work together to make sure he will not hurt anybody and they tackle him onto the couch. JR enters and asks his father for the details of what has happened to him. Adam informs his son that that crazy nut, Hayward knocked him out with a stun gun and put him in a crate and almost sent him to Asia. Krystal and David make jokes about Adam going to visit the Dalai Lama stinking and looking so non-presentable. Krystal reminds David that she would not put it past Adam to ship himself off so that he would not be questioned in the shooting of Ryan Lavery. The three of them keep making jokes about Adam being sent off and laugh. Then, suddenly, Derek and a uniform cop enter and ask David what has happened. For a while, they seem like they don’t really care what happened to Adam. But then suddenly, Derek announces that he is arresting Dr. Hayward for aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping. Babe protests and tries to protect her father. But Derek instructs her to step away and for Hayward to put his hands behind his back. He reads him his rights, handcuffs him and takes him away.

Zach informs Maria that he keeps having visions of his brother, where he is a good, innocent young person and not a rapist. And he asks just whom he can trust to divulge his secrets to. She suggests that maybe he can trust the woman who once loved him. He tells her he cannot understand how his brother could have turned into an evil person and he suggests that maybe it’s due to the sins of the people of Pine Valley. He tells her greed, pride, lust and selfishness are all here; right in this town and it may have been what turned Michael Cambias into what he turned into. She tells him that the reason she came by was to inform him that Ethan has been arrested. He asks her why and when. She says just tonight for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery. At that moment, Zach immediately rushes out the door. But when he gets out the door, Bianca enters and urges him to wait before going out the door. Maria urges Bianca to try to talk some sense into Zach. Zach protests to both of them that this town needs to know that they’ve accused the wrong man of shooting Ryan. But Bianca protests that he may not be the wrong man. Zach leaves. When Maria is alone with Bianca she tells her she must ask for a favor that may be difficult. Bianca says she will do Maria any favor she asks for. Maria tells Bianca that she needs to let Zach know how completely evil and diabolical Michael Cambias was. Bianca tells Maria she needs to know why Zach refuses to believe what Michael Cambias was. Maria hesitates to tell Bianca what she knows about Zach. But Bianca tells Maria that she is not stupid and knows that there must be some connection between those two. Maria says that yes, they knew each other a long time ago and were very close. But Bianca keeps talking about how odd it is for Zach to refuse to believe that she shot Michael when she knows that she did and why he would keep believing that somebody else manipulated her to kill him. She reminds Maria that they have both been the sole defenders of both Zach and Ethan. And she tells her that now, with all that has happened, especially with both of them as suspects for shooting Ryan, maybe she and Maria should stay away from both of them until they know who they really are.

Zach goes to visit Ethan in jail, and finds him standing on his head doing yoga. And he informs him that he does not know him although he may be his son. But right when they are in the middle of their “reunion” they are interrupted by Derek booking David right outside the cell. David tells Derek that this arrest is totally bogus. He says he has patients who depend upon him. Derek says in that case, they will all be fascinated to get his autograph after finding out what he’s done. And he asks Zach if he can enlighten him with any information he has about David kidnapping Adam Chandler.

Privately, Adam and JR propose a toast to how they will inflict revenge upon all the people who have hurt them.

Tad privately tells Jamie about the crusade he’s had to prevent JR and Adam from having rights to Bess. And he asks his son just what his “moral dilemma” is. Jamie does not reply. Liza steps outside and tells Tad it’s time for her to leave. He tells her that he will always remember her alias name. They relive their long history together. Then she departs.


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