AMC Update Monday 9/27/04

All My Children Update Monday 9/27/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR walks into a room at Chandler mansion and finds Stuart with Bess. JR wants to take Bess but Stuart says he's not leaving him alone with the baby. He reminds JR of when he told him he was becoming more like Adam. Stuart says he used to see Dixie in his eyes. Now he sees only Adam. JR says Babe changed him, and her father has done something to his dad. He has to make them pay. It's the only way to protect his family. Stuart says getting even and hurting back is not the way to go. He has to forgive and move on. He needs to forgive Babe. JR says he can't forgive Babe. She lied. Stuart says she was just trying to protect her baby. He says he'll always stand by Babe, even if it means testifying in court that Bess belongs with her mother. JR says their family is under attack. How can Stuart do nothing when Hayward has shipped his father off to who-knows where. Stuart tells JR he was wrong to ship Bess off to a psychiatric hospital to keep her from Babe. That's not love, that's Adam. He says Adam was asking for what he got.

Babe, Krystal and David are at a Llanview restaurant and Babe is thrilled to give David a sample of Ace's DNA. David says he hopes it proves that Ace is her son. Krystal says Ace is practically home. David says not so fast as Kevin Buchanan is not going to give up easily. Babe says he'll have no choice with proof that Ace is her son, and once she has her son back she'll definitely give Miranda back to Bianca. Krystal comments that Ace's eyes remind her of Jamie, and he definitely has Jamie's chin. Babe happily says that Ace could be Jamie's son. He would be the best dad ever.

Jamie shows the minister at the chapel a picture of Babe and the minister says that is the woman who is paying for renovations in the name of her lost son. Jamie asks if she's sure she said she lost a boy. The minister is sure because Babe wants a stained glass window of a boy angel as a memorial to her son. Jamie thanks the minister, who walks away, and Maggie walks in. She asks if Jamie had any luck getting any information. Jamie says there's no information here about a stained glass window. This was a waste of time.

Jamie, Maggie, Reggie and Danielle go to the Llanview restaurant and are surprised to find David, Krystal and Babe. A pensive Jamie asks to talk to Babe and they walk away from the others. He asks her how Bess is. Babe says she's fine – is something wrong? Jamie says he's not aware of anything being wrong. She asks if he's mad at her. Is he still upset about her going back to JR. He says he has a hard time understanding some of her choices. Babe says what she's doing is for her child. Bess, Jamie asks. Yeah, she says. He asks her about Bianca. She tells him to say whatever he wants to say. He asks if she came to Llanview to see Paul Kramer. Babe tells him David had a benefit and she and her mother went with him. She says she hates Paul and wants nothing to do with him. Because he's the reason Bianca lost her baby, Jamie asks. He says Bianca is her best friend and if she could take her pain away he's sure she would. But the only way to do that is to bring Miranda back. Babe says if she could bring Miranda back, she would make it happen. He tells her to do what's right to Bianca. Jamie returns to his friends and says he's found out a whole lot of nothing here. If Babe wants to go back to JR, it's her business. He's done trying to figure her out.

Simone and Greenlee are at Fusion celebrating the successful launch of their new perfume, Enchantment. Bianca walks in and Simone tells her the perfume is selling well. Greenlee says sales are through the roof. They ask where Kendall is. Bianca says she thinks she knows where Kendall is.

Kendall is with Ethan at the Pine Cone Motel, where police have just busted in to arrest Ethan. Ethan, who had been holding on to his rifle, puts the weapon on the floor and is handcuffed as Kendall sharply protests. Derek tells Kendall to excuse him for being impolite, but he doesn't like having a gun pointed at him. A loaded gun, another officer adds. Derek asks Ethan if this is the gun that he shot Lavery with. Kendall tells Derek that Ethan can't be arrested because he didn't do anything. Bianca arrives and asks what's going on. Ethan tells her he's been arrested and suggests there may be a conspiracy to get him. As he's hauled out, Kendall promises to help him. Kendall, wearing Ethan's shirt, prepares to go after him but Bianca stops her, saying she's not going anywhere. Bianca asks her what kind of a crazy game she's playing with Ethan after sleeping with him. Kendall says she didn't sleep with Ethan. She went there last night and all they did was talk. She took a shower and put on Ethan's shirt. Bianca asks why Ethan had his rifle. Kendall says he was cleaning his gun and the police arrived at the wrong time. Bianca tells Kendall that maybe Ethan is guilty. He had a motive and it's very suspicious. They need to face the facts. Kendall says Ethan will not turn into Michael. She won't let him. Bianca says she can't make Ethan into what she wants just like she can't make Ryan fall in love with her. Kendall says she accepts that she lost Ryan. Bianca has heard that before – then Kendall goes off and does something crazy. Kendall says she's over that. Bianca asks why this time is any different. Kendall tells her she was with Ryan when he woke up and was thrilled to hear him tell her to get lost. She tried to tell him how sorry he was but he didn't care. When Greenlee walked in and she saw how they looked at each other, she knows that was love and that she and Ryan are over. She was with Ethan the night Ryan was shot and saw his anger. If he did shoot Ryan, maybe she can prevent him from going after him again. Bianca says she was hoping there would be a good Cambias and Ethan would be it. Maybe the shirt she was wearing when Miranda was born could prove it. Kendall tells her she has to give that shirt to Ethan. Bianca says she won't give up her last trace of Miranda until it's proven Ethan didn't shoot Ryan. Kendall says she won't give up on Ethan. Bianca tells Kendall she'll cover for her at Fusion, where the new perfume is a sellout. Kendall says she forgot about that, but she can't leave Ethan.

Back at Fusion, Greenlee says this first joint Fusion-Enchantment product is a sell out. Simone sprays the perfume and asks if it's guaranteed to attract men. She's ready to be lucky in love. She hopes by wearing it Jonathan will be at her mercy. Simone notices Greenlee's mood. She is being nice for real. Why is she so happy? Greenlee tells Simone about Ryan and Simone is happy for her. She says that maybe if she and Jonathan are friends and get married, it would turn out the same way. Greenlee says she can't relax, though, because the shooter is still out there.

David, Krystal and Babe arrive back at Chandler mansion. Babe tells them she's worried about Jamie because he seems so suspicious. She suggests that they should tell him the truth. Maybe he could be a help. David and Krystal don't like that idea and say no one can know why they went to Llanview. JR is listening on the other side of the door. David suspects JR is listening and opens the door to find him standing on the other side. David asks if he can do anything for him. JR says not unless they're there to pack up Babe and leave.

Ethan is in jail and Kendall goes to see him. He knows she wants to know if he shot Ryan. Would she believe him if he says he didn't? She says she would help him. What if he did say he shot him? It doesn't matter, Ethan says, because the whole town has made up its mind about him.

Bianca goes to Fusion and tells Simone and Greenlee that something has come up with Kendall. Jamie walks in and tells Bianca he has talked to Babe. She asks him if she said why she claims to have a son.

JR tells David that he'll get him if one hair on his father's head is harmed. David tells JR to imagine Adam snug as a bug in his own roach motel. JR says he'll send him to hell. A scruffy-looking Adam, wearing a beard, walks in and says that will be his job.

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