AMC Update Friday 9/24/04

All My Children Update Friday 9/24/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is lying in bed. She wakes up and is startled to see Ethan. She doesn't know where she's at or what's going on. Ethan tells her she's in his room. She was there last night, then laid down and that was about 12 hours ago. Kendall sits up and says she has to go home. Ethan tells her she can't leave until she saves him. Ethan gives her some breakfast and Kendall asks where he slept. He says he didn't sleep and does most of his thinking in the middle of the night. She sees his rifle assembled and leaning against the wall. She asks if he has plans to use it. He says he was just cleaning it. She asks him why he had to assemble it to clean it. He doesn't answer her questions and she goes to take a shower.

Bianca brings Erica into her new home, Greenlee's old apartment. The place is littered with clothes and other items strewn about. Erica reaches to pick up a black shirt and Bianca snaps at her, telling her not to touch that because it's Miranda's. She quickly apologizes for jumping down her throat. Erica looks at the black shirt and Bianca tells her obviously it is her's. She changes the subject and tells her mother that she talked to Kendall. Erica asks how Kendall is doing. Bianca says she's doing better, now that Ryan is recovering and she's been cleared of shooting him. Erica says the guilt points to Ethan Ramsey, but Bianca says they don't know that. She says she's gotten to know Ethan and she likes him. Even if he is who he says he is? Bianca says if Ethan is a Cambias it doesn't make him a criminal. Miranda was a Cambias too.

Erica tells Bianca that she's ready to start her new company and Bianca says that's great. Erica asks Bianca to work with her. Working at Fusion must be difficult with having to continually break up Greenlee and Kendall, she says. Bianca admits that launching the new perfume is challenging and she has been thinking of resigning. Erica says she feels strongly about her new company, which is designed to help women make over their lives. Bianca says she remembers her being interviewed about it on television. Erica remembers that was the night of the storm, the night Miranda died. She apologizes for bringing it up. She changes the subject and asks Bianca why she moved here. Bianca says she couldn't stay with Maggie and Jamie forever and Greenlee moved in with Ryan, so it seemed the best idea. She can tell her mother doesn't like the place and Erica admits "it's so Greenlee." Erica suggests that they do some house hunting together. Bianca says she already did house hunt. She found a house that was to be for her and Miranda. Erica tells her that she will move on in time. Bianca says that's what her therapist says. She tells her mother that Lena asked her to go to Poland but she couldn't go. Now Lena is angry and thinks she doesn't love her. But she does. She just can't commit to her or anyone else without Miranda in her life. She says she could hear Miranda crying for her when she was in the hospital. When she got out, she thought it would go away but still heard her cry. She moved from place to place but kept hearing Miranda. She woke up at 3 o'clock this morning and thought she heard her crying. She sounds so alive that it actually makes her believe it's her. Bianca says she had so many plans with Miranda and it was going to be so wonderful. Erica tells her she would have made a beautiful life for her. Bianca says she can't seem to move on or let go of who she's supposed to be. She's still Miranda's mother. Erica says she will heal in time. Bianca says the black shirt is the one she was wearing when Miranda was born. She holds it close when she hears Miranda cry and can still smell Miranda on it. She says she needs more than time.

Kendall returns from the shower wearing Ethan's shirt. Ethan asks why her mother gave her up. Kendall admits that her father raped her mother. Ethan tells her at least she has a family. He would like to be connected to one decent person. Miranda would have been the one. He asks Kendall how Miranda died. Kendall says it was horrible and not worth talking about. Ethan says he has a right to know since Miranda was his cousin. Kendall tells him he has no rights just because he shares a few strands of DNA. It hits her that's what Ethan wants – Cambias DNA. Ethan says he's just trying to make sense of why his only decent family member died. Kendall angrily tells Ethan about the helicopter crash and how Miranda's incubator was thrown into the river. Kendall admits that baby changed her life before she was even born. She planned to help Bianca raise Miranda and for the first time in her life she thought she had a chance to have something pure in her life. She says Miranda is her loss too, and if she grieves the way that Miranda deserves, it will kill her. She let all the anger and hatred she was feeling out on the man she loved, and now she's lost him for good.

Later, Kendall finds Ethan holding the rifle. There is a knock on the door. It's Derek, who sees Ethan holding the gun.

Maggie and Jamie are hiding in the tunnels adjoining Babe's room. They go into the room and start to look around. Jamie tells Maggie they're looking for anything that would explain Babe's detour to Llanview. He picks up a framed photo of Babe and Bianca and recalls Bianca telling him that she heard Babe claim to have a son. JR walks in and asks if he can help them find anything. He asks if they're packing a suitcase for Babe and moving her out. Maggie tells Jamie they should get out of there, but Jamie tells her to wait in the hallway. Jamie tells JR that Babe is not moving out. He just came there to get something for her. Now he needs to go. JR stops him from leaving and tells him that his father is missing. He says he's overwhelmed by his father's disappearance, his ruined marriage and raising the baby. He doesn't know how much more he can take and can't handle it himself. He asks for Jamie's help.

Krystal tells David and Babe it's a miracle. Babe's son is alive! She asks David if he believes it, and he says he does now believe it. Babe says she's going to Llanview to bring her baby back. David tells her she can't go there and expect Kevin Buchanan to cheerfully hand over the boy. The Buchanans are a powerful family, about as powerful as the Chandlers, he says. And now Kevin is running for lieutenant governor. Krystal says there's no indication that Kevin knows the baby isn't really his son. Babe says Kelly has to know he's not her son. Krystal says there's no telling what Paul Kramer told Kelly about the baby. Babe laments that her son is growing up without her and doesn't know her. David says they will get their own proof that Ace is Babe's son. He is invited to a gala for heart disease research and Kevin likely will be there. If they play it smart, they'll get their own way.

Jamie is holding Bess as he listens to JR say that maybe he and Babe can work out joint custody. JR says he needs to find his father and Babe needs to make David tell where he is. Jamie asks JR how stupid he thinks he is. He'll say whatever it takes to get what he wants and as soon as Adam is back he'll revert to his usual safe. Jamie says he's not on his side and he'll never get joint custody. JR warns him to back off unless he wants to go back to prison. Jamie tells him he doesn't deserve Babe or Bess. JR takes Bess and tells Jamie he can find his own way out and don't bother coming back. Jamie opens up a folded piece of paper he found in Bess's room as Maggie walks back in. It's a picture of an angelic baby. Jamie tells Maggie it looks like it's a drawing of a stained glass window.

David, Krystal and Babe arrive at the gala. Krystal sees Kelly and asks her how she's doing. Kelly says she's fine, no thanks to her. She was supposed to put her in contact with her son. It doesn't matter now, Kelly says. She's seeing her son today, in fact she's leaving now. Krystal asks her who's going with her. She needs someone to go with her. Krystal offers. Kelly agrees to let her come along and Krystal says she'll follow behind her. Krystal tells David and Babe that Kelly is on her way to see Ace.

Kelly arrives in a restaurant where a woman named Karen is holding Ace. Kelly is thrilled to see the baby. Krystal is right behind her and comments how beautiful he is. Kelly says it's not right that he can't be with his mother. Krystal says he should be with his mother. Babe walks in. Krystal tells Kelly she should go outside to pull herself together. She can't be what she needs to be for Ace when she's feeling so emotional. Kelly reluctantly goes outside and Krystal goes with her. Babe approaches Karen and tells her she met Ace a week ago. She sits down and acts very happy to see Ace again. Babe spills something on Karen's clothes and she encourages her to go clean it up. She'll stay with Ace. Karen says she cannot leave the baby but Babe insists. Karen agrees and leaves Ace with Babe. "It's your momma," she tells the boy. Momma is going to make it all right, she says.

JR is holding Bess and tells her that too many people are causing too many problems.

Kelly looks inside and sees Babe holding Ace. She asks Krystal why that strange woman is holding her son. Babe pulls out a cotton swab to get Ace's DNA. Kelly goes inside and asks her why she's holding her son.

Jamie and Maggie arrive at a dilapidated chapel. Maggie goes outside to answer a phone call and Jamie sees the chapel minister. He asks him if a friend named Chandler stopped her. The minister says it doesn't sound familiar. Jamie shows him the drawing of the baby. The minister says he gave that to the young woman who is financing the renovation of this place. She's doing it in memory of the baby boy she lost. He tells Jamie the woman's name is Babe.

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