AMC Update Thursday 9/23/04

All My Children Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR goes to Derek's residence and demands that he arrest David Hayward for kidnapping his father. JR says David is holding his father in a packing crate. Derek asks when was the last time JR saw his father. JR says it was the night Ryan was shot. Derek, making light of JR's concerns, surmises that Adam could be a suspect in the shooting. Realistically, it's possible Adam went on a vacation and didn't tell him, Derek says. It's Derek's day off and he is dressed casually in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, but he says he'll go talk to David. JR decides to stay at his house with Reggie and Danielle and wait for his return.

David is in his office with Krystal and tells her they need to face the facts. They can't determine Ace is Babe's baby based on feelings. It has to be based on science and law. They can't do anything without proving that Kelly didn't have the baby the old-fashioned way, he says. Krystal faints, and David catches her in his arms. David checks her out and tells her that her pulse is racing. Krystal says she caused this mess. A man walks in and David introduces him as Det. McMann. He tells Krystal he may be their savior.

Babe goes to Tad's house upon his request. He is begging her to reveal the secret that is keeping Krystal from agreeing to marry him. Babe, clearly uncomfortable, doesn't know what to say. He needs to know why she keeps putting him off. Babe asks him to give her more time. Tad says there is nothing in the world that would change his feelings for her. He notices a look on Babe's face that seems to say she knows something he doesn't know. Tad says that's just the kind of look he gets from her mom. What is keeping her from saying yes? He wants a hint. Babe asks him to please not ask her. Tad says the only other explanation is that Krystal doesn't love him. Babe says she's head-over-heels in love with him. So what's the roadblock, he asks. Is it David Hayward? He knows that Hayward knows the secret. Babe says she has to go.

At the hospital, Anita shows Aidan some brochures of houses that Bobby has given her. She says buying a house is a huge decision and she doesn't know where to start. She asks for his opinion. Aidan goes through the brochures and points out problems with all the houses shown then walks away.

Greenlee walks to the door of Ryan's hospital room and asks him to walk over and undress her. If he's successful he can be signed out of the hospital. Ryan tells her to prepare herself. The scene cuts away and when it returns, Ryan is on the ground, apparently after fainting. Greenlee is kissing him when Anita walks in and helps Ryan get up. Greenlee starts massaging Ryan's chest and they kiss. Aidan walks in on them and wants to talk to Ryan about the shooting investigation. Ryan tells Aidan when they find out who shot him, he wants an hour alone with him. Aidan says he's checked out Zach with other casino workers and none of them have anything bad to say about him.

Anita returns to Aidan and they resume their conversation about houses. Aidan asks her if a house is a "should" or a "want." Is it what Bobby wants? It seems that she's not sure of the reason. Anita says it's what she wants. Aidan tells her then to go for it. He looks again at the brochures and talks about the houses. She looks at him and smiles.

David asks Det. McMann to investigate all the babies born around here in a certain time frame who were given the name Ace or Asa. Krystal decides to call home to talk to Babe and is told that Babe went over to Tad's. She is distressed to hear the news. She decides to go over to Tad's. As she leaves, Derek walks into David's office and says he needs to talk to him. He tells him what JR is accusing him of and David says "I'm guilty as hell, chief." David says he's guilty of bragging. He found out that Adam was missing and he took the credit. It's worked. Ever since he told JR that he kidnapped his father he's left his daughter alone.

At Derek's house, JR and Reggie clash. JR tells Reggie to stay out of his way if he can't help find his father. Derek returns and tells JR that David played him. When JR objects, Derek tells him to take his attitude and his orders and look for his daddy somewhere else. If he gets a ransom note, he can call. JR tells him not to be comfortable with his badge because it's on the line. He's going to the FBI. JR walks out and Derek and Reggie burst out laughing and give each other high-fives. Danielle is pleased to see her father and boyfriend are bonding. When Derek notices Danielle's reaction, he instantly pulls away from Reggie. Danielle accuses her father of liking Reggie. Derek insists that no bonding has taken place. Reggie says only that he appreciates the way Derek through JR out. Derek says he's going to enjoy the remaining few hours of his day off. He walks out onto the patio.

Krystal goes to Tad's house and tells him not to pump her daughter for information. This has nothing to do with him. Tad says if it keeps him from waking up next to her every day then it does. Krystal says he's poking his nose into someplace where it doesn't belong. David arrives and notes that he's seeing the Martin charm in action. Tad tells David to get out. David says he'll leave, but he's not going alone. He, Krystal and Babe each pass looks toward each other and Tad demands to know what that look is about. Babe simply tells Tad she's sorry. Krystal kisses him and leaves.

David, Krystal and Babe return to his office and they have just found out that there is no record in any database of an Ace or Asa being born. Babe gleefully says that means Kelly didn't give birth to her baby. David says it could mean that they used a phony name. Anita walks in with some test results and sees a photo of Kelly. She identifies the woman in the photo as Mrs. Heinz. She asks how she is doing. David realizes Anita knows this woman and asks her to tell him everything she knows about her. Anita says she was on her floor in the maternity ward in March, right before the flood. She hesitates saying more because of patient confidentiality, but David tells her it's OK because there may be criminal fraud involved. David asks if Kelly had a baby. Anita says her baby was stillborn and she took it very hard. Anita walks out and Babe says it's true. Ace is her baby. A miracle has come true.

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