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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/22/04

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Jamie is in Llanview at Carlotta Vega’s diner, looking at the mysterious map he found at Babe’s which reveals her ‘Secret business” where she met Kevin Buchanan and the baby who is really hers. At that moment, Maggie, Reggie, Danielle and Lily enter. He tells them that he is close to where the helicopter went down the night that Babe and Bianca gave birth to their babies, when, supposedly, Bianca’s baby died while Babe’s Bess survived. He tells them that he wants to know the truth about this whole situation.

JR Chandler goes to confront Zach Slater about a mysterious crate that was located being shipped somewhere and that he must find his father who is missing in action. Zach tells JR he does not know what is important about this crate. JR informs him that he believes his father is in the crate. Zach tells JR that he is not in the habit of shipping human cargo. JR asks if Zach might be working as an accomplice to David Hayward. Zach says he would never help David Hayward do anything but shipping Adam Chandler off somewhere doesn’t seem like a bad idea to him. JR tells Zach that he knows all about his surveillance cameras and he wants all evidence of everything that happened the night his father disappeared. Zach Slater informs JR of the long history of dastardly deeds Adam Chandler has done to people, not the least of which was hurting JR’s own mother. But JR tells Zach that he’s a little too obsessed about his father’s business. Zach inquires to JR what type of manipulation his father has exercised upon him growing up. But he tells JR that regardless of his troubled childhood, he at least has wealth and his own child. Zach also informs JR that some men do not know how to love their child, all they know how to do is control and manipulate. And he believes that Adam Chandler is one of those men and he questions whether JR wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. JR, again, questions why Zach is so interested in his father.

Bianca catches David, Krystal and Babe in their private meeting, where they are investigating whether Llanview’s baby Ace Buchanan is really Babe’s. Bianca admits that she has heard Babe talking about her son. She asks why Babe would say that, when everybody supposedly knows that she has Bess, a baby girl, but no baby boy.

Liza asks Tad if he knows anything or has had any involvement in the disappearance of Adam Chandler. He tells her as much as he’d like to accept full credit for what has happened to Adam Chandler, he believes David Hayward deserves full credit for that. He asks why she’d care anyway what has happened to JR, with his attempt to take their mutual daughter and hurt her. She tells him that she’s concerned for what this situation would do to their daughter. But he reminds her that she started this whole thing when she rubbed JR’s and Adam’s nose in the fact that Babe lied about her annulment to Paul Kramer. Liza admits that her main goal for wanting Babe to get out of Llanview was for her adoring mother to follow her. She admits that she may have been wrong to have “spilled the beans” in a way that hurt Babe and turned JR into a malicious person and she did not know that it would ever end up hurting an innocent baby. She humbly tells Tad that Babe and Krystal are very lucky to have him there for them. He tells her he has something to admit to her. He announces to her that he proposed marriage to Krystal.

In Llanview, Reggie, Maggie, Danielle and Lily join Jamie at his restaurant table and order some food. Reggie announces that they have a mystery to solve. Jamie informs them all that Babe told him that she took a wrong turn and accidentally wound up in Llanview on the night in question. He says he found out that she talked to some guy named Kevin Buchanan. And it seemed as though Babe was on some type of “mission”. Maggie reminds him that if that very limited information is all they have to go on, it’s not much. They all come up with speculations of where Babe went and why. Maggie and Danielle suggest that maybe she went to the mall. But Jamie says it’s highly unlikely given her mood and what had happened that she’d be going to the mall in Llanview. Jamie admits that Babe asked him to stay out of her business and he told her she can do whatever she wants with her life. Reggie inquires, why then, is Jamie still obsessing about all of this? Jamie admits that he lied when he said he’d stay out of it.$$

Bianca tells Babe that it’s very odd that she would go back to JR after the terrible thing he did to her. She tells David that it’s very odd that he’s making phone calls and identifying false names. So she concludes that this can only mean that they are covering for something. She admits, however, that maybe she needs to mind her own business and they need not tell her their “secret”. But Babe tells Bianca that if there is anybody she owes the truth to, it is her. She tells the others that she and Bianca need to talk alone. Bianca asks her what is the story. Babe says she has not gone insane or anything. She admits that she does not love JR or even like him. Bianca says that’s great and in that case, she must just divorce him. Babe says that she’s buying time. Bianca asks why and for what. Babe says it’s because she needs for JR to think he’s in control. She says that everything she is doing is for her child. Bianca asks if Babe means for Bess, or for her “son”. She reveals to Bianca that she still has a secret about how and why she needs to “play a game” so that JR will not hurt her. Yet Bianca is still a little puzzled and realizes Babe has not told her specifically what is going on. Babe says she needs to go on her own mission and do something for herself alone. Bianca tells her she must take care of herself and not trust JR. When Babe leaves, Bianca gets on the phone and tells somebody that she needs to obtain some information about Babe.

At the Llanview diner, while the others are talking, Lily sits by herself engrossing in a map. A strange young man asks if she is lost. She replies now and asks if he is. He asks to talk to her. She replies no, she cannot talk to strangers. But he tells her he knows all about Llanview and can help her with directions and asks her to join him in his car so they can get to know each other. When Jamie and Reggie discover the guy’s “friendliness” to Lily they tell him he’d better leave her alone and go away. She asks if she’s done anything wrong. Maggie assures her she did not. She just shouldn’t talk to strangers.

Babe privately talks to Krystal and David. Krystal warns her daughter that she must be careful and beware of JR. David tells Babe that even if, by some remote possibility, Ace Buchanan is her baby, she’s going to have a difficult struggle getting the Buchanans to give him up. He also is able to sense that Babe is not only keeping a secret from Bianca, she’s keeping a secret from him. She tells him that she has already seen a miracle and she believes that once she has her baby boy back in her arms, more miracles can happen. She reveals to both of her parents that she strongly suspects that Jamie is the father of her baby. They ask if she really believes that Jamie is the biological father. She admits that’s unlikely. But she also reveals to them that the no-good Paul Kramer was going to find out the real father but she was able to threaten him if he spilled the beans to JR about the likelihood of Bess not being his. At that time, she believed that Bess was her baby and had no clue that the baby boy existed. So nobody would know who his real father would be. But it could only be JR or Jamie. David reflects on what a life this poor baby boy would have if he’s either a Chandler or a Martin.

Right when Jamie’s companions leave, Bianca goes to talk to him. She reveals to him that it’s very odd that she heard Babe say something about having a son. She tells Jamie that Babe has some secret about “buying time”. He asks what she knows about it. She says she has no clue. Jamie reveals to Bianca, for the first time that he knows that on that day when Babe took off on all of them without Bess, she went to Llanview and talked to Kevin Buchanan. Bianca informs Jamie that she overheard David on the phone, giving false names of himself and an “imaginary” baby. They are both intrigued to hear the other’s revelations.

Liza tells Tad that she has always encouraged him to find love after he lost Dixie. But she never thought it would be with Krystal. She sounds gracious. And she reflects on their long-term relationship and history of being lovers, then friends, then enemies, then lovers, then friends, then enemies. She tells Tad that she needs to do something, at the very least, to make sure her daughter is not affected by Adam or JR. She reminds Tad of how JR’s trip overseas made him a changed person for the better. But look at what living with Adam Chandler for less than a year thereafter has done to him? She speaks about what she could do with her life if she would just make some changes. He concludes that he’s on her side and will be there for her if she needs anything.

Zach tells JR that maybe he needs not be concerned about his father after all he has done. But JR tells Zach if he does ot tell him where his father is, he will get a court order. At that point, Zach gets tough and says he must never threaten him. JR reminds him that he helped Babe and Bianca go after him and he’s onto Zach. Zach tells JR if he ever does anything to hurt Babe or Bianca he will be sorry. JR inquires just what Zach plans to do. Does he plan to ship him off in a crate also? JR says he bets Zach shows the DVD of Babe and Bianca at all his parties. Zach says he has a witness who knows that nothing has happened between the two young women and he will put the person on the witness stand if he has to. JR privately makes a call and asks someone to put a tail on Zach Slater, to find out who he is and what he’s after. Right at that moment, Zach watches David Hayward with the crate that has Adam Chandler in it, from his surveillance camera.

David tells Babe that although he doesn’t like the idea of his grandchild being the child of either JR or Jamie, if he was forced to decide, he would choose Jamie. Babe reminds her father that it’s amazing that Ace Buchanan’s birth date is the very same date as the day her baby was born. And what are the odds that it was Paul Kramer who supposedly rescued her baby, then told her that he died in an incubator, and Paul’s sister just happens to have a baby boy who was born on the very same day?

Jamie finds out, and reveals to Bianca that he’s researched Kevin Buchanan as the son of Llanview University’s President Victoria Davidson and he has a son who’d have been born right about the same time Babe’s child would have been born. But Bianca reminds him that Babe has a daughter, not a son and probably many babies were born at that time. And she asks what the connection is.


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