AMC Update Tuesday 9/21/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

In Ryan’s hospital room, Greenlee is surprised to hear Ryan telling her that he wants to have a baby with her. He says maybe they should have a little girl, just like her. She cries happily and says she wants that too. He tells her he loves her and asks how lucky can he get? She makes a joke, telling him that the next time she asks him not to stand around and get shot, he’d better listen. He jokingly tells her that he’s a slow learning but he will listen next time. He suggests the name, Günter if it’s a boy. She says not a chance

Bobbie confronts Aidan, informing him that he tried to end his marriage with Anita, then he snuck off the Vegas to spy upon him and cause Anita to distrust him. Aidan informs Bobbie that he believes Anita has formed her own opinions without his help. But Bobbie tells Aidan that he believes Aidan’s main goal is that he wants Bobbie’s wife. Aidan admits that Bobbie is correct in assuming that. Aidan tells Bobbie that Anita is very gorgeous. He also tells him he’s a very lucky man to have a wife like her. Bobbie tells Aidan that he needs to realize that Anita loves him and chooses to be married to him. Aidan goes on to tell Bobbie that every time he “trusts” Zach Slater, he is putting Aidan’s friend in danger and Aidan will not sit by and watch that happen to Anita. Bobbie tells Aidan to shove it and leave him alone.

Right when David is on the phone, urging somebody to give him information about a baby, Krystal and Babe appear and all three of them seem startled to suddenly see Bianca. Bianca announces that there are too many secrets and asks them what they are refusing to tell her. They all three make up some stories without much credibility. David helps cover for his daughter and her mothering his lame explanation to Bianca about the phone-call she’s just overheard him in. She tells them that she’s there to see Kendall. When David is alone with Krystal and Babe, he tells them it’s good he’s a cardiologist. They are both about as subtle as a heart attack.

Right when Kendall has snuck into Ethan’s room and discovered a very sophisticated gun, he returns to notice what she has discovered. She asks if this is, in fact, the gun that he used to shoot Ryan. He asks her what if it is? Does she plan to turn him in? He reminds her that for a while it was fun to believe the two of them were a team. She tells him she does not find that funny. She also inquires how he could leave that rifle right out in the open, reminding him that if she could find it so easily, anybody could. He tells her that enough people have confronted him for shooting Ryan so far, and now her. He also sarcastically reminds her that he is a Cambias, who somebody could stereotype as having evil Cambias blood, just like his sicko uncle. She tells him she’s not judging him, she’s warning him. He will get into a lot of trouble of he gets found out, and she sounds as though she will not help him get away with shooting Ryan. She changes her tone and sounds a little kinder when she tells him that she admits that he “gets” her. She tells him that it all adds up, that they are so alike, given their parentage, childhood and insecurity about where they belong or whether their families love them. She tells him she remembers it all too well, the night when Ryan was shot. She says she understands him very well.

Jonathan Lavery goes to talk to Slater, apparently having no clue that Ethan is actually his son. He tells Zach that he will be very grateful to him if he can help him bring “Ramsay” to justice. Hearing their conversation, Bianca suddenly appears and tells them there’s no way they’re going to pin the rap on Ethan. She tells Jonathan that she did not appreciate his false accusation of her sister. She also tells him that she does not trust or believe what he is trying to pin on Ethan. He protests that he only cares about his brother, Ryan. She reminds him that his brother is one of her closest friends also. When Jonathan leaves Bianca alone with Zach, she asks why he’s involved in this conversation about going after Ethan. She asks if it’s Zach’s way of covering up his own guilt.

Ryan changes the “happy” subject of having a baby with Greenlee, by inquiring if Kendall did not shoot him, then who did? Greenlee tells him that it would make good sense to assume that Ramsay would do it. She tells him that he would have motive to shoot him and frame somebody else for it. But Ryan says he believes it would more likely be Zach Slater. He tells her of the plan which Zach could have had to get someone else to shoot him. But she reminds him that it’s clear to see that Ethan hates him. He reminds her that Ethan hates everybody and he doesn’t believe Ethan did it and even if he did, he thinks Zach was somehow behind it. He tells her that the reality is that they cannot prevent that from happening again. She says yes they can; she won’t let it happen. Jonathan enters and tells them he’s right there also to prevent it from happening. He makes a joke about how he and Greenlee will “imprison” him and not let him put himself in danger ever again. He jokingly tells them that he’d better not mess with two “prison wardens” like them.

Krystal informs David that she had a very interesting conversation with Kelly Buchanan. She says there’s something “not right” about Kelly’s telling her that she is a better mother than “some homeless woman” and that Kelly sounded like she could not have given birth to the baby, since she wouldn’t even talk about it. David tells her that very possibly Kelly gave birth but just didn’t want to discuss it with a stranger. Babe protests to David that she knows her baby when she held him after giving birth, and then seeing him in Llanview. She also confirms that Paul Kramer indirectly revealed to her that his sister kidnapped her baby. But David inquires just how they plan to prove that? Babe says she is determined to find a way.

Bianca tells Zach that she will not let him or anybody use Ethan as a scapegoat to take the rap for shooting Ryan, just because he’s a Cambias. She still apparently has no clue that she is also talking to another Cambias.

Kendall lectures Ethan on how she can so easily see and identify with his hate and anger. She says she lived with it throughout her life and he must have sensed the very same thing in her that night before Ryan was shot. She tells him he saved her by being with her that night and she wants him to let her do the same for him. He tells her that she must look around and see that there are no more oceans around them. She says that she does not care about the water. She just wants to know if he is ok. He tells her that considering that Pine Valley is the most hostile town of people he’s ever seen, he’s just great. He says he wants to get out of there and live in peace. She suggests he could always run. He inquires just where he can run to, his birthright will come and haunt him wherever he lives. He tells her he will not allow the Pine Valley residents to run him out of town and cheat him out of what is rightfully his. She tells him he could leave. But he must be careful, cover his tracks, not let anybody else be able to break into his room nor know his story. She tells him that she understands him. She says she, like him, is an outsider, a murder suspect, and isolated. She sounds like she wants to help him.

David privately tells Babe and Krystal that he can do some medical investigation on the baby known as Ace Buchanan but it may not be conclusive in proving who his real parents are or are not. Krystal protests that he’s not making all the efforts he could to find out whether that baby is Babe’s. But he tells them that as much as he’d like to get to the bottom of this just like they do, he’s not going to be able to test DNA, he can only do a blood test which leaves ambiguity as to who the parents could be. But Babe emotionally tells David that she knew her son when she held him in her arms and she does not need some medical paper to prove that he is her son. David puts his arms around his daughter and holds her. He tells her that she must not believe for one second that he does not want what she wants. But he tells her he’s very concerned about what will happen if she gets her hopes up, only to lose her baby one more time. She tells them that hope cannot hurt them; they must just have faith. At that moment, Anita enters and gives them the results of the blood test. Bianca is also outside the room in the hallway, looking suspicious, wondering what the private conversation among the three of them, behind closed doors, is about.

Bobbie goes to find Anita and tells her that he’s planning a surprise for her. He departs, promising her she will not be disappointed. When she’s done with her shift, she finds him again and reminds him of the surprise, which it sounds as though he’s forgotten. He says something about a dream come true. They rush into the elevator happily while Aidan looks at them coldly.

Kendall confides in Ethan about how she and Ryan were so amazing together. She says he should have seen them together. But now, she no longer sees the love in Ryan’s eyes for her. She admits that she used to falsely accuse him of having feelings for Greenlee and distrusted him with no good reason. But now she’s lost him through her own distrust and it’s so wrong to now see them together. She also confides in him that she is amazed at how well Bianca can cope and bounce back from suffering a tragedy. She admits she does not know how her sister can do that. She says all she can feel, within herself is the “pay-back” gene, where it’s dark and cold and hopeless. She tells him that if she can help to save him, then maybe she can save herself. She tells him that her anger has only left her powerless throughout her life. But she admits that if she lets go of this, which is all she’s ever known, she’s afraid she will be nothing. She cries and he holds her.

David reveals to Babe and Krystal that Ace Buchanan’s birth date is the exact same day Babe gave birth to her baby. She cries happily exclaiming that she knows that’s her son. But right at that moment, Bianca opens the door to hear and see the three of them and she does not look happy.


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