AMC Update Monday 9/20/04

All My Children Update Monday 9/20/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jonathan is going through drawers in Ethan's room at the Pine Cone Motel. Aidan walks in and asks him what he's doing. Jonathan says he's trying to find proof that Ethan shot his brother. Aidan tells Jonathan that by searching Ethan's room, he's only going to give him a get-out-of-jail free card. He may even be accused of planting evidence. Aidan says Ethan is going to be questioned by police. They leave.

In Maria's office, Maria realizes that Zach has known all along that Ethan is his son. Zach says yes, DNA tests have proven Ethan to be his son. He says Ethan's mother was a 17-year-old servant from England who was working at the Cambias estate. She was homesick and he tried to comfort her. He went back to school and when he returned she was gone. But he knew that she was pregnant. His father was outraged that a servant girl was carrying the Cambias heir. Marriage was out of the question because his father had his whole life planned, including marriage to a jet-setting wife. Ethan's mother gave him up to live with someone else and she disappeared. She gave up her child to save him. Maria urges him to tell him he's his father, but Zach says not acknowledging him is best for him. Maria wonders how that could be. He says it would be an act of mercy. Maria says Ethan is looking for his identity. Zach says he won't find it with him. Maria, obviously upset with Zach for not acknowledging his son, tells him to stop thinking about himself. She tells him he has changed and she doesn't think she even knows him. Zach says he doesn't think she does and maybe never will. He says he had to eat, breathe and sleep Cambias, which is why he wanted to stage his death. He should have taken Michael with him. If what everyone says is true about him, that was not the little boy he grew up with. He says maybe he can help his son, if it's not too late. Maria asks if he thinks Ethan shot Ryan. Zach says it's possible and he needs to protect him. Maria asks how he can do that if he won't tell him he's his father. Zach says he'll make it work, for Ethan's sake. He asks her to accept his decision. She tells him he's asking her to keep one more secret. She says she's afraid for him and his son. "Ethan is not my son," he says, walking out.

Inside Ryan's room, Kendall pleads with Ryan to say something, anything. Ryan looks at her and tells her to get out. Kendall tells him that he thinks she shot him but she didn't. The shot came from another gun and it wasn't her. He tells her to go away. She admits she was crazed, jealous and spinning out of control the night of the shooting. She said a lot of hateful things to him and Greenlee. Ryan mentions Greenlee's name and Kendall tells him she's fine. She says she just snuck in to tell him how sorry she is. She doesn't expect him to forgive her, but she needs him to know that she is so grateful that he's alive. She doesn't want to hurt him. She would die first. She asks him to tell her he believes her. She says she prayed to save him. Ane even if they're not together, she needs to know he exists. She asks him to talk to her. "I want Greenlee," he replies.

Outside the hospital, Greenlee is confronting Ethan about Ryan's shooting. She tells him not to deny that he shot him. Ethan confesses, "I tried to kill your husband." Greenlee gets on her phone to call the police. She says she wants to report his confession. Ethan grabs the phone from her and says he gave her credit for having more intelligence than this. He says it would be stupid to consider murder to get what's legally his. He turns the tables, suggesting that she may be behind this because she'd be a wealthy widow. It's about the money, he says. She tells him he's right. It is about the money. She offers to give him $5 million to leave town and get out of their lives. She says she would pay whatever it takes to keep Ryan safe, then breaks down. Ethan says he's not going anywhere. She tells him to stay away from Ryan and goes back into the hospital.

Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee went out to get some air. Greenlee then enters the room and barks at Kendall for being there. She turns to smiles when she sees Ryan is awake. "Oh my God, Ryan," she says. Ryan smiles at her and she approaches him. Kendall watches them from behind, tears welling in her eyes. Greenlee says she missed him. He asks how long he had been gone. She says it was long enough to scare the life out of her. They each pledge their love to the other. She asks if he remembers how he got here, and when he says he doesn't she reminds him about the murder game. He was the victim and Kendall was the murderer. Kendall says she didn't shoot him, and Greenlee has to accept that. Greenlee tells Ryan that she thought it was Kendall, but she didn't shoot him. Kendall, crying, leaves the room. Ryan tells Greenlee he saw Michael Cambias welcoming him to the other side. Greenlee tells him he was dreaming. Ryan asks who was trying to kill him. Greenlee evades all questions about the shooter, and says they can save this conversation until later. Ryan says he remembers he owes her a honeymoon and that he loves her. They kiss. He tells her he wants them to have a baby.

Bobby and Anita sit down to share a pizza at the hospital. Anita tells Bobby that more people are growing suspicious of Zach and she's not thrilled that he's still working for someone who's such a complete mystery. He hosted a murder game and Ryan got shot. Bobby says the bullet came from another weapon. Anita says Edmund thinks Zach is up to no good and other people are suspicious as well. He asks if she's referring to Aidan Devane.

Aidan and Jonathan arrive at the hospital with Derek and they run into Ethan. Derek tells Ethan they need to talk. "I hear you know how to shoot a rifle," he says. Derek asks Ethan to go to the station to answer questions. Kendall intervenes and says he doesn't have to answer any questions. She asks Ethan if he'll go talk to her, but he says he doesn't need any company right now and walks away. Aidan asks Derek if they can get a warrant to check Ethan's room. Derek says he needs some kind of proof before he can get a warrant. Kendall tries to leave but Jonathan steps in front of her and accuses her of being in on this with Ethan. They were a two-person assassin squad, he says. She tells him to go to hell. Derek tells Jonathan they'll have to wait on a warrant.

Anita returns to Bobby after having left without answering his question. He asks her again if Aidan is the one who has her all worked up about Zach. She says she just wants him to know that other people are suspicious of Zach. Bobby says Zach has always been good to him. He kisses Anita and tells her he'll take a week off to do whatever she wants. He leaves and Aidan approaches Anita. Anita tells him that Bobby believes in Zach and she's scared. Bobby starts to walk back into the room but sees Aidan with Anita. He hides around the corner and listens. Aidan tells her he's sorry he got her involved in this. She says she wanted him confide in her. Aidan says he and Edmund will keep an eye on Zach. She asks how did they get to this place and leaves. Bobby approaches Aidan and asks him what games he's playing with his wife.

Kendall goes to Ethan's room and starts searching it. She finds a black suitcase and opens it. She appears startled, and the case is revealed to contain a high-powered rifle. Ethan walks into the room. "Looks like you got me," he says.

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