AMC Update Friday 9/17/04

All My Children Update Friday 9/17/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe is in Bess's room deep in thought, thinking about seeing her baby with Kevin Buchanan. She is interrupted by Jamie, who says he's there to check on her. Babe tells him he can't change her mind. Her plans are set. He asks if her plans include another visit to Llanview. Babe admits that she got lost while driving and ended up in Llanview. Jamie says he knows she was at the hotel and ran into Kevin Buchanan. She asks how he knows that and he admits he found directions written on a map in her purse. She is upset that he went through her purse, but he says he had to find out what was going on. She says she needed to clear her head and when she got back she knew she needed to stay married to JR for the sake of the baby. Jamie says this has stink written all over it. He urges her to trust him and confide in him. Babe tells Jamie she doesn't trust him anymore and wants him out of her life. She's not going to dump JR for him or anyone else. Jamie asks her what about the hate that she felt for him. She says that JR hurt her because he was scared of losing Bess. She has to show him that won't happen. It may take awhile to get the trust back again but they'll get it. She tells him to accept it and leave her alone. Jamie tells her he won't fight her. She's old enough to know what she wants. Babe thanks him for being understanding. Jamie walks out of the room, but has a sly smile on his face.

In Llanview, Krystal seeks out Kelly and tells her she's there to talk about her baby. Kelly asks who she is and what is she doing there. Krystal says she's there to help her. Kelly asks if there's something wrong with her son. Krystal says he's healthy and safe. Kelly says he's not safe as long as he's with his father. Kevin won't let her anywhere near her son. Kelly looks at Krystal and says she's seen her someplace before. Is she from around here? Krystal seems nervous and says she's not from around here. Krystal says she was sent by a friend, someone who knows what it's like to have a baby ripped from her arms. Kelly says the only way she could help her is to get her to see her son. If she can't do that, she's calling the police. Kelly reaches for the phone but Krystal stops her. She says she's there to take her to her baby, but she just needs to wait for a phone call. Kelly says she's tired of waiting. Krystal tells her to make the time pass by talking about her baby. Kelly smiles as she talks about how special and amazing Ace is. Krystal asks Kelly about her giving birth to Ace. Kelly starts to cry and Krystal asks if something happened the day Ace was born. Was it a difficult delivery? Kelly remembers her own baby was stillborn. She tells Krystal that what happened should not have happened. She's a good mother. She's better than some homeless woman. Krystal asks her what homeless woman she's talking about and what does she have to do with the baby. Kelly demands to know why she's asking her all these questions. She accuses of her being on Kevin's side and trying to set her up to prove she's unfit. Krystal says she's on the side of Ace's mother. Kelly says she thought they were going to go see him. Krystal says that might not happen now, but she won't give up until that baby is in his mother's arms. She urges Kelly to trust her and not tell anyone about her. Kelly says she guesses she'll have to trust her if she wants to see her son. Krystal says she's sorry for the heartache she's been through. She'll be in touch. Kelly walks away and Krystal tells herself that Kelly has a secret about that baby. Her baby doll may be onto something.

Maria goes to her office and finds Zach waiting for her in the dark. He tells her he wants to apologize for being rude to her. She tells him he had his reasons. She says she wants to help him, but he says she can't help. She doesn't understand how he feels, he says. Being a Cambias was a curse and she has no idea, he says. She says maybe she doesn't, but she knows someone who does.

At the hospital, Kendall asks Aidan to repeat what he said about Ryan's shooting. He tells her she didn't shoot Ryan. She can't understand. She had the gun and pulled the trigger. He tells her she shot a blank. Ryan was shot with a high-powered rifle. She was not the shooter. He turns to Ethan who is standing nearby and asks him how close he was when Ryan was shot.

Greenlee is in Ryan's hospital room begging him to wake up and look in his eyes. Simone and Jonathan come into the room and urge Greenlee to go get some rest. She says she has to stay with Ryan. What will happen if he wakes up and she's not there? Jonathan says they can brainstorm ways to get him to wake up. He tells her to leave with him and she does. But first she leans toward Ryan and tells him that when she gets back she wants to see a big smile on his face.

Kendall sits in stunned disbelief, repeating over and over "I didn't shoot Ryan." Greenlee walks in with Jonathan and tells her an insanity defense won't work. Aidan tells Greenlee that Ryan was shot with a rifle by a trained marksman. He turns to Ethan and tells him he knows he was in a gun club. Jonathan charges at Ethan, saying he knew he was the one who shot his brother. Aidan stops Jonathan and tries to calm him down. Ethan tells Jonathan to go wrestle someone else to pin this on and walks away. Jonathan tells Aidan that Ethan won't get away with this. Aidan says he'll ask Derek how he plans to proceed with this, but Jonathan needs to keep his cool.

Jonathan tells Simone he'll visit Ethan and force him to confess. He can't stand to see Ryan hit again. Simone asks him if Ryan was shot once before. Jonathan says no, but their old man used to hit him. Ryan tried to fight back but couldn't stop him, especially after a few six-packs. Simone tells Jonathan not to go back there and rather stay with her. Jonathan tells her he needs to get out of here.

Zach says Ethan Cambias has no proof he is his son. Maria tells Zach to imagine what it would be like to have a son. He could start over with a family. All it takes is a simple blood test. Zach says Ethan is not a Cambias.

Kendall stares at Greenlee. Kendall tells her that she understands that she needed her to be the bad guy in this situation. It's OK and she doesn't blame her. Kendall says she's over trying to hurt her and Ryan. She wants to see him to tell him that she didn't shoot him and she's sorry. Greenlee won't let Kendall see Ryan. She says she's not good for him. She doesn't care what Kendall wants. All she cares about is Ryan. Kendall says she wants to go to Ryan and tell him she's calling a truce. Greenlee, with tears welling in her eyes, says Ryan is not waking up and he may never wake up.

A man's legs are seen walking into Ryan's room. It is shown to be Ethan, who stares at Ryan. Zach goes into Ryan's room and asks Ethan what he's doing there. Ethan says he's there to finish the job. Zach asks him what he means. Ethan says they're accusing him of shooting Ryan with a high-powered rifle. Zach says if he needs a defense lawyer, he knows the best. Ethan says if he wants to help, he'll take responsibility for setting up Kendall and making her believe she shot Ryan. Ethan walks out, followed by Zach, who runs into Maria. Zach tells Maria that they're not going to destroy him too. Zach says Michael was made to be a scapegoat and now they're doing the same thing with Ethan. He won't let Ethan end up like him. Maria asks him why he denied it. She tells him he wants to save Ethan because he's his son.

Greenlee returns to Ryan's room and finds Jonathan there. She says she knows she's not the only one who loves him. Jonathan says they'll get justice and Ethan will go down for this. He wonders why Ethan isn't locked up. Greenlee says she needs to take care of something and leaves.

Ethan is walking out of the hospital when Greenlee stops him and says he's not going anywhere until she's done with him.

Kendall goes into Ryan's room. She approaches him and tells him she's not there to hurt him. She starts to cry and tells him she didn't shoot him, but she knows she still did some major damage to his heart. He tried to give it to her and she wasn't ready for it. He tried hard to get her to trust and love him, but she couldn't bring herself to take the chance. She says she was afraid and knew her love would never measure up to his. So she killed what they had. She regrets it and asks him to forgive her. She accepts that it's too late for them and that he loves Greenlee the way he wanted to love her. But she can't accept him dying. She needs him to live, even just to sit up and tell her to go to hell. She leans her head on his chest. She sits back up and continues begging him to open his eyes and come back to her. She touches his hand. Ryan opens his eyes and looks at her.


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