AMC Update Thursday 9/16/04

All My Children Update Thursday 9/16/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Aidan is talking to Anita. She says something to him about how one only knows their friends when they are flat on their back with tubes in a hospital. At that moment, Ethan Cambias appears and looks like he wants to go into Ryan Lavery’s room. Aidan attacks him and tells him he is not on Ryan’s guest list. But Kendall appears and demands that Aidan lets Ethan go and he is welcome to be there. Aidan asks Ethan just why he would sneak into Ryan’s room. Ethan answers that he just wanted to see how Ryan is doing. Aidan says, in that case, he could just ask. Aidan demands to know the real reason Ethan is there. Kendall protests that Aidan gives him a break. Even Anita tells Aidan that maybe he should not be so suspicious. Kendall protests to Aidan that either he believes she is guilty of willful intent to shoot Ryan or there are millions of Cambias wannabees out there. He needs to make up his mind. Ethan says he doesn’t want to sit there and answer this guy’s crazy questions.

Bianca talks to Babe, JR and Jamie about what has happened to Ryan. Babe tells Bianca that she believes that Kendall would not intend to hurt Ryan but wonders what is going on. JR makes some crude comments about Ryan and indicates that he wants the three of them to get out of his life. Babe keeps saying she wishes they could all get along and be one big happy family. While, unknown to them all, Paul Kramer is hiding, spying and eavesdropping upon their conversation. In Bess’s room, JR is having what he believes is a private phone conversation where he demands to know what Hayward has done to his father. But at that moment, Bianca appears and reveals that she is on to him. He tells her that he thought he made it clear that he wants to be alone. She says that she has lost something. He inquires whether that means a possession or a baby. She says that she has lost him as a friend and wants to know if they have all lost JR for good or if the friend she has always known in coming back.

Downstairs, Jamie tells Babe that he needs to know what her “plan” is for getting back with JR, he knows she does not love him. But she keeps evading his question. She keeps telling him that she is committed to her marriage, if nothing else for her child. But he reminds her that there would be nothing wrong with divorce. It can be civil and not a big deal, like with his parents. And he tells her that he knows something is going on with her and he’d like her to tell him what that is. She keeps telling him she does not want to talk about it. He reminds her that he noticed very strange behavior from her when she got Bess back. When anybody would assume she’d be very happy and protective of her baby after getting her back, she gave her to Bianca and went off on her own. Then when she comes back, she suddenly announces that she wants to get back with JR. He urges her to tell him what is going on. Where did she go? What caused her to make this decision? He wants her to be straight with him.

David Hayward catches Paul Kramer outside the Chandler house in the bushes spying and tells him he knows he has had some suspicious involvement in the crash where he “attempted” to save Babe and Bianca and deliver their babies. David grills Paul about how he is on to him. He also informs Paul that he has just recently discovered that he is Babe’s father. He tells Paul that God must work in mysterious ways in that he has suddenly gone from being a common, lone man to being a father and grandfather. He tells Paul that now that he has explained his reason for “being there” uninvited, he would now like for Paul to explain why he is there. Paul says he just wanted to see Bess for a minute. He says that he has a lot of guilt about Bianca Montgomery’s kid and maybe he just wanted to see the one he did not lose. David tells Paul that he is amazing, the way he can twist truth to sound like something that sounds like English. He sarcastically assures Paul he need not worry. He will not “rat him out”. His granddaughter survived. It’s only Bianca Montgomery that has to suffer the loss of her child

Bianca reminds JR of a time when they were at a party and she drank some alcohol and they got to know each other. She reminds him that the two of them talked and found out they had a lot in common, similar “control freak” parents and many other things. He tells her that they were both kids at the time and knew nothing about real life. But she asks him if he wants the same for his little girl that they both went through. She tells him he must remember what they all went through in their childhood and it doesn’t have to be the same for Bess if he does not want it to be.

Tad tells Krystal that he will elope with her or do whatever she wants and there is no secret she call reveal to him that would change the way he feels about her. He tells her that whatever David told her makes no difference to him. She listens silently and tells him that she realizes she’s asking a lot of him. But he tells her it does not matter. He will do whatever it takes. He will get a preacher down there right now to marry them if necessary. He keeps telling her that whatever she did, she can trust him. She says she has to wait until Babe settles her own life. Then she will give Tad the answer. She tells him she promises.

Bianca urges JR to see that for so long, he was so adamant on not following the footsteps of Adam and now he’s behaving just like his father. He confides to her that she has no clue what he’s gone through in his marriage to Babe. The Babe that everybody believes they know is different than the woman he married. She tells him she believes she is a good judge of character. He tells her that everybody mistakenly sees him as this “big monster” and Babe as the poor little victim. But he tells Bianca that Babe is really the monster. Bianca tells him if he could only listen to himself. He is talking complete garbage. She tells him that although adults can lie, a baby cannot. She tells him he must look at Bess. She is all about the truth. And maybe he can come clean.

While unsuccessfully attempting to get the truth from Babe, as soon as she steps out and cannot see Jamie, he discovers a secret document and sticks it in his pocket.

When JR is making calls about finding his father, he gets a sudden visit from David, knowing that David is probably involved in Adam’s disappearance. David sarcastically tells JR that he might need to plan funeral arrangements for his father, unless he comes clean. JR says he realizes that Babe and Krystal might have the “legal right” to live on the premises, for the time being. But there is no contract that says the “sperm donor” has the right to be there. David taunts JR about how wherever his father is, there might be “captors” who will use him as a hostage if JR ever plans on hurting Babe again. JR demands David gets out of his house. David tells JR that if he ever hurts his daughter again, he or his father will pay ten times worse.

Bianca urges Babe to tell her why she would even consider getting back with the man who tried to kill her and who kidnapped her baby. Babe tells Bianca that she loves her but will not answer Bianca’s question. She tells her she just needs a little more time. But she promises she will answer all of her questions in time. Bianca points out some very suspicious thing Babe has done. Babe says something about how she wishes she could come back reincarnated as somebody else and still be Bianca’s friend. Bianca tells her that no matter who she could come back reincarnated as, she would not love Babe more.

Jamie navigates his way to the very place where Babe met the baby whom she believes was hers, in Llanview. He looks at a Llanview map, which is what he snuck out of the study after talking to her. He notices written directions on it and asks the waiter if he saw a young blond woman who matches Babe’s description, who might have been there a week or so ago. The waiter reveals to Jamie that he saw Babe and noticed her talking to Kevin Buchanan.

Babe tells David that it’s very odd that he’d have caught Paul Kramer spying. David assures her that Paul may be a shady character but he would not kidnap her baby and lie, telling her he died. But she also informs David that it’s so coincidental that Paul suddenly shows up out of nowhere, right after he discovered her talking to Kevin Buchanan and meeting the baby in question. David tells his daughter that he will do whatever he needs to do to help her.

Ethan reveals to Kendall that he likes her, he cares about her and does not want to see her go to jail because of one stupid moment of bad judgment. She inquires whether he does not care if Ryan dies. At that moment, Aidan enters and tells them he’s just gotten some news from the Pine Valley Police Department Aidan reveals to Kendall that she did not shoot Ryan. The gun she used did, in fact, have blanks in it, contrary to what everybody thought. Knowing that, he confronts Ethan who is standing right there by Kendall. He inquires to either, if she did not shoot Ryan, who could have?


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