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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/15/04

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Maggie invites Jonathan into her apartment. She tells him that there is nothing worse than worrying in the hospital on an empty stomach. She offers him some cheese, a root beer float or whatever he wants. He admits he has not eaten for a long time. He asks her about the guy whom he remembers her talking about whom she told him she was in love with but did believe she had a chance with. She doesn’t seem to remember telling him that. But being reminded of the forgotten conversation, her happy tone fades and she sounds disappointed, remembering that.

Bianca is at Myrtles. Myrtle asks how Ryan is. Bianca says he’s still unconscious but hanging on. At that moment, Ethan Cambias enters. Bianca happily greets him and introduces him to Myrtle. But Myrtle coldly tells Ethan that if he is who he says he is, there will never be a room in her house for him, nor anybody else with the name Cambias.

After hearing Babe says that she believes her little boy is alive, Krystal wants to know what she’s talking about. David asks how that could be possible. She says that she’s discovered from talking to Paul Kramer and meeting his brother in law, Kevin Buchanan, and Kevin’s baby, that that is actually her baby. Krystal admits that Paul Kramer may be as slimy as a day is long, but not even he could stoop so low as to kidnap a baby. Babe doesn’t even seem to care whether Paul did that or not. She is elated with joy about meeting the baby whom she believes is hers. She tells Krystal and David that she went to the chapel and talked to her baby and asked God to find him for her. And He must have been listening because when she got back in the car and drove, she just happened to make a wrong turn, wound up in Llanview and met her baby. She says it’s a miracle. But Krystal reminds her daughter that sometimes what we believe are miracles, are not what they seem. She says she knows her baby knew his momma when she saw him and held him. The moment she held him, he stopped crying. She says she knows her baby beyond any shadow of a doubt. She also reflects her memory that that is the very same way Bianca felt and behaved when she saw and heard Miranda, not even consciously knowing it. But Krystal and David are both concerned about Babe’s “revelation” and don’t believe what she believes.

Bianca protests to Myrtle that she must see that Ethan is a good guy. Plus the fact that he is a family member and connection to Miranda. Myrtle reminds them that everybody mistakenly assumed that Michael was also a good guy. But Bianca urges Myrtle to not hold that against Ethan, because Ethan is not at fault for Michael’s behaviors. Bianca is also ready to reveal to Ethan that in this very house where they are, is where Michael raped her. Myrtle is still very suspicious of Ethan. When she leaves them alone, Ethan admits to Bianca that Mrs. Fargate may be right. Both she and Bianca know nothing about him, except that he claims to be Michael Cambias’ nephew. But Bianca says she knows, by instinct, that Ethan is nothing like his evil uncle. Ethan concludes, that regardless, he needs to find another place to stay and departs. Bianca admits to Myrtle that it was very sudden when she met Ethan. He just came into down and reminded her of Michael. She tells Myrtle that it’s not just that. It’s Miranda. She misses Miranda so much.

Maggie admits to Jonathan that she is completely single and ready to throw herself into the “dating scene” again. Right when she is distracted talking about food and “small talk”, Jonathan tells her he has a better idea and he kisses her passionately. At that moment, Bianca enters and looks very unhappy but instantly knows to hide her disappointment of seeing her best friend and would-be lover with Jonathan. She tells them she’s just there to collect some belongings she’s left behind. Maggie awkwardly introduces Bianca to Ryan’s brother. They reveal they’ve already met. Bianca asks how Ryan is. Jonathan instantly attacks Kendall and tells Bianca she is crazy and very wrong to defend her sister for shooting his brother. But Bianca is determined to set Jonathan straight that Kendall did not intentionally shoot Ryan, although Jonathan does not believe that for a minute.

Maria protest to Zach about what a despicable human being Michael Cambias was, regarding what happened to Bianca and so many others because of him, while Zach sees the vision of the real Michael defending himself to everything she says. The vision of Michael urges Zach not to listen to Maria or believe her, whether Zach is in love with Maria or not. Maria goes on to tell Zach that rape hits home for her. It happened to her own sister. She knows how it destroys lives. But Zach also sees Michael, refuting everything Maria is saying and urging his brother’s to trust and let him into his good graces, by telling him that he did not rape Bianca, and that she wanted to have sex with him and chose to have his baby.

Krystal urges Babe to realize that she has been through so much and might not be thinking rationally because of it. David tells her that he knows she’s traumatized about Bess and having to give her back to Bianca. He tells her everybody knows how Paul Kramer has manipulated them both and that they went through a traumatic experience together when they both gave birth and for that very reason he probably gave her false information about his sister’s baby. Babe asks them both to stop talking to her as though she is “bonkers”. She says that she knows that Paul’s sister Kelly and her husband Kevin Buchanan, in Llanview, are raising her little boy in Llanview. But David protests that not even he believes that Paul would kidnap her baby and give him to his sister.

Maria tells Zach that she knows it’s hard to accept the hard truth about somebody you love. But she believes that once he faces the reality and knows he is not to blame for Michael’s actions, he will be able to move on and be free of this guilt. He says nothing except to tell Maria she must go. When she leaves, he continues his conversation with “Michael”. He asks the vision of his brother, one more time, whether he did what everybody believes he did or not. Michael keeps protesting that he can prove that he would never do what he is accused of. And Michael reminds Zach that he may be “blinded” by his love for Maria. He tells Zach it’s ok for him to love them both, he will not ask Zach to “chose”, but Michael needs his brother to believe in him and love him, in spite of what he hears.

Edmund and Aidan confer about Slater and the alleged 5 friends who might know about his association with Michael Cambias. Maria secretly overhears their conversation to investigate everything they can about Zach and Ethan, and Edmund’s revelation that he does not trust either one of them and believes they probably intentionally caused Ryan to get shot. When Edmund leaves, Maria tells Aidan that she might not have the right to ask any favors of him, especially after acting like an idiot and yelling at him in front of Anita. But she needs him to urge Edmund to call off this investigation of Zach Slater. She tells Aidan that she is worried about what could be Edmund’s obsession to find out about Zach and hunt him down. Hearing that, Aidan can tell that Maria knows some secret about Zach which she is not telling and urges her to spill the secret. She does not but keeps trying to sell to Aidan that her husband might act irrationally to hurt Zach. Although Aidan only questions why she distrusts her husband and doesn’t believe he would act rationally toward Zach and the investigation, she does answer the question he keeps asking her.

Babe protests to her parents that she is not crazy. She does not have a problem giving Bianca’s baby back to her. And she knows she saw her little boy. But Krystal tells her daughter that she believes that she is suffering a trauma due to what JR has done to her, the fear of giving Miranda back to Bianca and many other things she’s gone through recently. And that’s why she is looking for a miracle that does not exist. But Babe says she knows what she saw when she met Kevin and the baby in Llanview and Krystal would know it too if she was there. David tells Babe that he had similar delusions when he lost Leora. He saw her everywhere and believed she’d come back, but later realized she was just a fantasy. She protests again that the baby she met is NOT a fantasy. But he tells her that baby is not hers and that she will only cause herself more pain and trauma by refusing to see the reality. At that point Babe concludes, to both of them that she can see that they will not help her, so she must go and talk to somebody who will. She’s ready to depart but they urge her not to go. David tells her she cannot go rushing off and going after some baby whom she only believes is hers. She asks David if he would not know Leora if he saw her. He tells her of course he believes he would, but he realizes she’s gone and Babe must realize that about her baby. David asks her if she really believes that, why did she not confront Kevin Buchanan about that? She says she could hardly go up to a stranger and tell him his baby is really hers. That would not go over big. Krystal tells her daughter that there is so much insanity whenever somebody lives with the Chandlers. But Babe keeps protesting that what she believes about her baby has nothing to do with that. She again asks her parents if they are with her or not.

Ethan goes to see Zach and asks him to prove to all that he really is a Cambias. Zach shows him a scrapbook of Michael Cambias. Ethan asks where he got that and why he’s so interested in Michael Cambias. He also reveals that he does not know who Zach really is and asks him that as well as what his connection to Michael Cambias is. Zach concludes to Ethan that he cannot help him. Ethan leaves very dissatisfied. Alone, again, Zach hears and sees Michael protesting to him that he cannot abandon him again, as he once did when their father caused him to suffer the unfortunate consequences of being a Cambias heir.

When Krystal and David are alone, she tells him that it’s entirely possible that Babe is right. But David protests that it’s completely lacking credibility. There’s no way that things could have happened so that her baby would have been kidnapped after the crash and he urges Krystal to know that Babe is suffering and needs both of them to be there for her and bring her to the reality before it’s too late. But she tells David that maybe he’s just afraid of having his hopes up.

Upstairs, Babe privately tells Bess a story about a bad man kidnapping a woman’s baby boy. And she happily says to Bess, “ But don’t worry, my pretty princess. This story has a very happy ending.”

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