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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Jenn
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Anita notices that Maria is burying herself in her work and tells her sister that she needs a stress reliever. Maria protests that she cannot run away. Anita suggests, instead, flying, sailing or riding away. She says it’s as simple as leaving the kids, grabbing the husband and getting out. Maria asks just what her sister wants her to get away from. Anita spits out that what she knows Maria specifically needs to get away from is Zach Slater.

Alone, Zach looks at old childhood pictures and his brother, Michael Cambias, and is hearing flashbacks of all the fun they had together as children.

Suddenly, JR barges into the room where he confronts Tad, Jamie, David, Krystal and Bianca. He tells them all that they need to get out of his way so he can take Bess. But David tells JR that he will never let him hurt his daughter again. JR makes a comment about how maybe David should have kept a record of all the girls he “nailed” in college before it was discovered that he was Babe’s father, because if he’d known Babe was a Hayward, he would not have married her if you’d paid him. Tad says that when JR locked Bess up in the very same institution where his mother had nightmares for years, he gave up the right to go anywhere near her. Jamie tells JR that he will never let him hurt Babe or Bess or anybody he loves again. JR chides Tad about how stupid he sounds to vilify him and make Jamie look like the hero, where Tad’s son is good, and Adam’s son is bad. He pushes past them to take Bess out of Bianca’s arms. But Bianca says he will only take her over her dead body. He states; “All this coming from a baby snatcher.” Suddenly Babe enters, right after having flashbacks of hearing Paul tell her that Kevin Buchanan, allegedly got full custody of his baby after finding out that his wife got pregnant with another man, how fishy that story sounded, and how ironically, she bonded so profoundly with that very baby. Krystal rushes to greet her daughter. She asks if she’s ok. Babe announces that she is back and knows what she needs to do. JR makes some crude comments but David tells him he must shut up and let Babe say what she needs to say. Babe proceeds to tell them all that she was looking for answers and now she has them. JR tells Bianca he does not have time to listen to Babe. She needs to give him his daughter so he can get out of here. Krystal and David both encourage Babe to say what she needs to say. All the others, knowing nothing about her secret, encourage her and tell her that they are all there for her. She tells them that for the sake of her baby, she knows what she has to do. But what she has to say is not what her mother and father are expecting, nor what anybody wants her to say. She says she has decided that she needs to stay with JR. There will be no divorce or separation. She will do whatever she needs to do in order to make their marriage work.

Maria tells Anita that her affair with Zach would not have lasted because her memory would have come back and she would have realized that Edmund and the kids are her life. Anita admits that she talked to Zach and thought he was a quality person, but she admits that she knows there is more to it than that. She reminds Maria that Aidan informed her that he dug up some dirt on Zach to find out that he’s keeping some secrets. Maria protests that Aidan may not know what he’s talking about and does not know Zach. Anita asks her sister just how much she really knows Zach. Aidan suddenly enters and Maria tells him she does not appreciate him interfering in her private life. He protests he is merely concerned about her in regard to what Zach might be up to. Maria tells him she does not believe he’s concerned. She believes he’s jealous because she’s interested in somebody who is not him. Anita tells Maria she has to stop that.

Zach sees the actual Michael Cambias right before his eyes and Michael discusses with him how their father saw Zach, who is really Alexander Jr., as the golden child, and Michael as the black sheep. Zach asks Michael if what he’s seen and read about his brother is really true. Michael protests that Bianca is a good kid, so why would he want to hurt her? He tells his brother that Bianca wanted his baby and that is why she chose to have her. He says that his baby was killed in the helicopter crash and he mourns her loss. He says he would have protected his daughter from all the Cambias garbage and that Zach needs to believe him.

JR says he cannot believe for a minute that Babe could remotely suggest getting back with him. He tells them all that their marriage could not be more over if it had been blown up in his car. David protests that Babe cannot even consider getting back with a man who drugged her, tried to kill her, kidnapped her baby and tried to get her declared an unfit mother. Krystal agrees. Bianca says that no matter what has happened, a worthless marriage won’t make it any better. At that moment, Jamie takes Babe aside and tells her they need to talk privately outside the door. He tells her he does not believe for a moment that she is telling the truth. And he demands that she comes clean and tells him what’s really going on. He tells her she must know that going back to JR makes no sense. He inquires how she can play JR’s wife in the Chandler mansion. She says she is his wife. He protests that she cannot still love JR. He inquires if she is simply doing that because she’s afraid of something and if so, she needs to tell him what she’s afraid of. He tells her he will never turn his back on her. Whatever is going on, he will be there to help her fix this. She tells Jamie that there’s no way anybody can fix this. She admits to him that he’s been so good to her, so loyal and she does not deserve him. She tells him she will stay with JR. She has just let him know and maybe it’s better that it’s now than later. She says Bess has had a long day so she must get her home. Inside JR tells them all that he wonders what kind of woman would pull a stunt like this. David answers that it would be a woman who’d put her child’s happiness over her own. Babe tells Bianca that she realizes that this makes no sense but she needs her to understand it. Bianca gives her Bess and says nothing but has no clue why she’d make this decision. Nobody else approves of what she’s doing. But Krystal tells her daughter she needs to do what she needs to do.

Anita protests to Maria that Aidan has done nothing wrong and is just concerned about Zach and says she trusts Aidan but cannot rightfully say that she trusts Zach. Hearing that, Maria apologizes to Aidan for distrusting him. She admits that Aidan has been nothing but good to her, Edmund, Anita and so many others. She tells them she is sorry and she needs to leave. When Anita is alone with Aidan she confirms that she knows he’s been good to Maria and to Edmund, although she realizes it did not start that way, revealing she remembers when he was engaged to Maria and she split from Edmund temporarily. But they both have suspicions of Zach, not knowing what he wants with Maria. Anita reveals to Aidan that she knows one more thing; Maria is not finished with Zach, whether she wants to admit it or not.

Zach inquires to his brother just what kind of man he’s grown into. Michael says it’s hard to answer that question. He does not know what went wrong with Bianca but he knows she wanted that baby as much as he did. Michael says that maybe they could have found Zach and have all been one big, happy family. Zach inquires to his brother whether he knows what Bianca and all others said. Michael protests that they attempted to try and convict him and sentence him to death. He tells Zach that this whole town was against him although they had not case against him. And their only way to destroy him was to leave him rotting in a garbage heap, just like trash, as if he did not have a soul. And he tells his brother that maybe if he had been there, they might not have gotten away with it. And he tells Zach that no matter what anybody else says or does, or what they listen to, he knows that his brother really knows him.

Babe puts Bess in her crib, with JR following her into the baby room and demanding to know what she is up to. She evades the question and tells him she just needs to take care of the baby. She admits that it might be too soon for them to be sleeping together. He tells her it would make him sick to even think of something like that. She tells him that she knows it will take a while to get their marriage back to where it was. He tells her there was never a marriage. He knows she never loved him and he never loved her. So he tells her he knows there could only be one reason why she’s made this decision. And he asks her how much money she wants.

Tad asks Krystal just what David could possibly say to her that would cause her to back off from him and not accept his marriage proposal. She tells him she is sorry but will not answer that question. David overhears their conversation and Krystal departs out the door. Tad returns to hear Bianca very concerned and puzzled as to why Babe would make a decision to go back to JR. Jamie tells his father that he knows Babe would have to be crazy or have some secret which she is not telling anybody. Tad sounds like he knows that that is entirely possible.

Babe tells JR that they have had some problems, but there is a child that is more important to her than anything else and whom she loves with all her heart and she will be there waiting for him whenever he is ready for her. He tells her, at that point, that she’s finally done it. She made him crazy. But there’s no way she will stay in this house. But right when she’s with Bess, she remembers holding Kevin Buchanan’s baby and the incredible bond she felt.

JR goes into the study, angrily. Liza enters. He tells her she needs to leave him alone and get out of his house. She tells him that he’s developing the same hateful, self-centered attitude as his father. She also admits that she could care less what happens to his father with the blackmail he tried to exercise upon her in an attempt to take her daughter. He tells her that she’d better not cross him or she will never see Colby again.

David and Krystal asks Babe why she would ever consider doing something as crazy as getting back with JR. She tells them that this is just to buy her some time. They ask what she is attempting to buy time for. She replies that it’s time for her to get back to her precious baby boy.

Aidan tells Anita that although he wishes he did not have suspicions about Zach, he will not let up, after Ryan got shot and all that has happened.

Liza attempts to urge JR to see that he needs to clean up his act, if for nothing else, at least for the sake of his baby. He informs her that Babe is upstairs alleging that she wants to stay married to him and he cannot figure it out. Liza suggests that maybe Krystal is behind it so that they can get his money. He considers that maybe Liza is onto something.

Krystal asks Babe just what is going on and why she is having these visions about her baby? Did she talk to him in the chapel? She says no; it has nothing to do with the chapel. She met her baby boy. She held him in her arms. He is really alive.


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