AMC Update Monday 9/13/04

All My Children Update Monday 9/13/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Erica tells Kendall she can see she is exhausted and asks her daughter if she’ll let her take her home. But Kendall says she cannot leave, she needs to be there for Ryan. But at that moment, Greenlee announces that Kendall will leave because she has just called the police on her to charge her with attempted murder.

Tad tells Krystal that he wants to marry her and he will do anything to get her to stick around. She is genuinely happy about that but, due to the secret, which only she and Babe know, there are complications. So she does not know what to tell him.

Bianca and Jamie are outside with Bess, having no clue where Babe is, why she’s run off or why she’d be behaving the way she is. Bianca tells Bess there’s no way Babe would abandon her and she will be back in her mamma’s arms before you know it.

But right at that moment, Babe is in Llanview with Kevin Buchanan and the baby boy whom, unknown to everybody, is her own. She holds the baby as if she knows him. Kevin seems receptive and happy that this stranger seems to hit it off so well with his baby. But unknown to them both, Paul Kramer is watching them, knowing what neither of them know, and is worried. Paul relives his flashback of delivering that very baby for Babe, then later telling her that the helicopter went down and her baby was killed in the crash. Then he remembers weeks later, Babe threatening to tell his Aunt Dorian that he’s lied about their not-yet annulled marriage so he’ll lose his inheritance, his informing her he’s already lost it so it doesn’t matter what she does, and her telling him that she will find another way to make trouble for him if he does not leave her alone. Meanwhile, Babe and Kevin talk. She tells Kevin about her baby, Bess. He tells her that maybe she should come to visit and introduce Bess to his baby. She sounds receptive but knows that is impossible.

Jamie expresses to Bianca that he’s worried about Babe suddenly taking off in her car without telling anybody where she’s going and leaving Bess behind. Maggie appears and is equally puzzled. Jamie takes Bess from Bianca and holds her. Bianca tells him he hasn’t had a lot of experience with babies. But he tells her everything is ok and he will just take her for a walk. When Bianca is alone with Maggie, Maggie informs her that she has been busy and hasn’t had a chance to call her yet promises to reconnect with her. But Bianca says she knows the last time Maggie saw her, she caught her in bed with Babe and that must be the reason Maggie has not been contacting her. Maggie reveals that that is the reason why Bianca has not seen or heard from her.

Krystal tells Tad that she needs time, but will not reveal exactly what is going on. He tells her she may take 8 minutes, hoping she will smile and laugh and tells him she will marry him. He tells her that she must see what a great catch he is. She seems to appreciate his offer but does not know what to do. He tells her that he loves her more than anything and will do anything to make her happy and all she has to do is say when and where they get married. He’ll do whatever she wants for the wedding or anything else. All she needs to do is say yes. She admits that she believes that he is a blue ribbon door-buster special. She says it’s incredible that a man can read her like a mood ring. At that moment, Jamie walks in with Bess. He can tell that he’s interrupted something but tells them he will feed and change Bess and they needn’t worry. Alone with Krystal, Tad kisses her. And he tells her that all he wants her to say is that she will marry him. Outside, Dvid Hayward watches them coldly.

Erica demands to know why Greenlee would call the police on her daughter. Greenlee replies that Kendall shot her husband and is now stalking him in the hospital as he fights for his life. Erica protests that Kendall had no intention to hurt Ryan. But Jack tells them both that they need to talk to the police and hopefully they will understand. Jonathan Lavery enters and says he believes that Kendall is guilty with her pattern of obsession, jealousy and anger toward his brother. Kendall protests that she believed the gun only had blanks in it and says she’s sorry. Right at that moment, Derek Frey enters and asks whether she means she’s sorry that she shot Ryan, or whether she’s sorry that she might get in trouble for that. Greenlee tells Derek it’s about time he got there. Erica and Jack remind Derek that the shooting took place at Zach Slater’s casino, which is out of Derek’s jurisdiction. Erica explains to Derek that Kendall was only playing a game that was initiated by Zach to raise money for the Miranda Montgomery foundation, she found a gun, believed she’d won the game, and was told by Zach that it had blanks in it and she would only pretend to shoot Ryan in order to raise money. But Greenlee tells Derek that her husband is not safe with Kendall running around free.

In Llanview, Babe informs Kevin Buchanan that she and her husband are divorcing. Having no clue who she or her husband are, he informs her that he too is divorcing and has just won custody of his baby. When she hears him talking about how a person would do anything to keep their baby, he is able to notice how upset she is. And he asks her if she needs any water or anything.

Bianca explains to Maggie about her plan to tape herself and Babe on tape, in order to catch JR at his own game. She assures Maggie that they did not sleep together, only made it look that way to JR so that he’d confess what he was up to. Maggie tells Bianca that she has been isolating herself because she’s been a little confused about this bi/hetero flexible thing. Maggie also reveals to Bianca that she has been seeing Jonathan Lavery and thinks he’s really hot. She also asks for Bianca’s feedback on whether she should “try it out” with Jonathan. Outwardly, Bianca encourages her, but it sounds as though she might be disappointed that Maggie would be interested in a male, instead of in her.

In the hospital, hearing Derek interrogate Kendall, Erica is ready to go out the door and take matters into her own hands but Jack tells her she might only be making matters worse. Jack listens to Derek questioning Kendall. Derek proceeds to ask Kendall all about the game at the casino. But Jack advises her not to talk, stands in front of her and informs Derek that he must not harass Kendall. Derek decides to leave and come back when he has better evidence. Erica tells Greenlee that she understands how she feels, with all the justifiable anger she has toward Kendall. Greenlee inquires to Erica just how she’d feel if Kendall had a similar “problem” with Jack and shot him instead of Ryan. How would Erica feel if her beloved daughter shot the man she loved, who is also Greenlee’s father? Would she overlook it the way she is doing in regard to her shooting Ryan? Erica does not answer.

Alone with Bess, Jamie tells her that he wants to see her and her momma happy for a change.

Babe is still in Llanview talking to Kevin Buchanan and holding his baby, which unknown to both of them is hers. In their conversation, he reveals to her that his soon-to-be ex-wife and mother of his baby is the sister of Paul Kramer. She is stunned to discover that this strange man is Paul’s brother in law. Kevin asks if she knows Paul Kramer. She denies it, and just tells Kevin she just thought the name sounded familiar. Kevin’s cell phone rings and he tells her he must take the call and take the baby but tells her it’s been nice meeting her. He asks her name. She says it’s Arabella Carey. He leaves with the baby. Right at that moment, Paul enters. She tells Paul it’s an amazing coincidence that she’s just run into his brother in law. Paul informs her he used to live in Llanview and it’s a small town. Still having absolutely no clue that Kevin’s baby is the one Paul took from her, she tells Paul she really liked the baby. Paul is relieved to know that her conversation with Kevin did not reveal anything that could get him into trouble.

Krystal tells David that as soon as Bianca finds out that they have taken her baby girl from her, there will be trouble. He tells her he knows the extent of it, but he will be there for her and for Babe. But he also informs her that he saw Tad kissing her, that it did not look like a “good-bye” kiss, and that he’s concerned that she might be setting herself up for heart-aches by getting mixed up with Tad, especially after he hears the earth-shattering news. She admits that she’s worried about what kind of human being Tad will think she is when he finds out what she and Babe did. But when David leaves, Tad still seems to suspect nothing and again asks Krystal what her answer is to his marriage proposal.

Kendall tells Jack that she remembers all the anger she felt and that she honestly did want to kill Ryan and she had a vision of standing there, forcing him to look down the barrel of the gun. But she says was her plan was that he would not be shot nor die. She would just make him feel powerless and scare him. She protests, emotionally, to Jack that she would never want to kill Ryan. She says he must live, even if he goes back to Greenlee. And Jack hugs her as she cries.

Erica assures Greenlee that she must not give up hope that Ryan will be ok. But Greenlee is very worried. Erica reveals to Greenlee that she loves Ryan also and doesn’t want to lose him any more than she does.

Maggie informs Jonathan that she heard about Ryan and is very sorry. She tells him if there’s anything he needs, such as coffee, food, picking up his mail, she even does window. She reveals to him that she had a similar experience with her sister, but it was too late for them.

Krystal reveals to Tad that because of him, her life is richer and brighter, but she cannot commit until she knows that Babe is settled with the baby. She tells him that when this whole mess is taken care of she will have her answer for him. He instantly assumes that it’s because of Hayward that she is having her doubts, having no clue that it has nothing to do with him. He demands to know what David said to her.

David tells Bianca that he is very worried for his daughter and granddaughter. She assures him that now that he’s found Babe, he will not lose her, and now Babe needs him more than ever. He asks her whether she, too, will be there for Babe, still not revealing to her exactly what his concern is. She assures him she will always be a friend to Babe and be there for her and Bess. She gives him a hug, still having no clue what is on his mind.

Babe reveals to Paul, still unaware of his secret, that it was amazing how she bonded with this strange baby who just happens to be his sister and brother-in-law’s child. She says it was like he was her perfect little angel whom she’d known her whole life. Right then, without saying a word, Paul’s expression reveals to her that he’s a little worried about something. She asks him what’s going on and why he is so nervous.

Kendall tells Jack that she’s been running on anger and pain for so long and some times being a bitch is all a girl has to hang on to. He tells her that her family will never let her go; she will always have him, and Erica and Bianca, and Reggie and Lily there for her. But she reminds him he’s left someone out, whom they both know is his daughter, Greenlee.

Erica still tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Greenlee that Kendall did not mean to hurt Ryan.

Still in Llanview, Babe asks Paul Kramer how it is so coincidental that his brother in law would have a baby boy who’d be the exact same age as her baby boy if he’d lived. Paul does not know how to answer that.

Bianca sings the same song to Bess that she sang to her (although she does not know that it was the same baby, who is Miranda) “Dreams are the flowers that grow in our hearts”.

David is ready to reveal to Tad the truth about Bess. Krystal is there and very angry at David. Bianca also enters and wants to know what the big secret is.

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