AMC Update Friday 9/10/04

All My Children Update Friday 9/10/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR struggles in the straitjacket while David sits and watches him in a room at Oakhaven. He tells JR that he wants to see how he's going to David Copperfield his way out of this. JR tells him to go to hell. He says when he gets loose he will lose everything he's ever loved. David asks how long has it been since he's heard from Daddy Big Bucks. David says that while JR and Adam invented body snatching, he perfected it. He knocks him on the bed, but JR manages to kick David in his stomach and run out of the room, but he is caught by a staff worker who with David hauls him back into the room. JR tells the worker he's JR Chandler, Adam Chandler's son, and doesn't belong here. He tells the worker that they will buy him a house. The worker ignores him and JR tells David to get him out of the straitjacket. It's so tight he can't breathe. David tells him he put his daughter through hell and now he's worried about his own pain. He's a worthless piece of garbage.

At Tad's house, Jamie tells Babe that the baby will stay put from now on. Bianca agrees, saying she'll be with her mommy. They assure her that JR will not get Bess away from her. Babe says JR has nothing to do with this. She hands the baby to Bianca. Bianca asks Babe if she's OK. Tad says he thought Babe would never have wanted to let go of Bess. Babe excuses herself and runs outside to the patio. Krystal follows. Babe tells her mother she can't do this alone. She needs to go to her special place for help. Krystal tells her to be careful. Jamie comes out and asks Babe if she's OK. She says she has to take care of something. Jamie offers to go along but she says she'll be OK. Babe leaves and Jamie asks Krystal what's wrong with Babe. She's not looking like her prayers were just answered. Krystal says it's not surprising considering Babe has found out her marriage is a sham. Tad asks her why she took off. Krystal tells Tad he deserves the truth so she's going to give it to him.

JR is now alone in his room and is calling through the door to the staff worker. He tells him he'll lay 10 large ones on him if he makes some phone calls for him.

Krystal tells the group gathered that Babe is not used to getting so much love and doesn't know how to say thank you. She needs to find a way to show how much she loves them. She tells Bianca to never doubt how much Babe loves her. Bianca says she doesn't doubt and she loves Babe too. Krystal tells her to remember that when things get crazy. Babe is going to need all the love she can get. Bianca takes the baby outside and is followed by Jamie, who tells her he's worried about Babe. He doesn't know why she left like that. She looked like she lost her best friend. Bianca says she did lose JR. Jamie reminds her that Babe says this has nothing to do with JR. He says he would be much happier if Bess were his. Bianca says she wishes Bess were her's. She would give anything to be Bess's mother.

Tad tells Krystal that no matter how crazy things get between Babe and JR, he hopes she has some room in her heart for him. Krystal says she wishes there was room for someone as good for him as her. He says no matter what occurs he will always be on her side. They kiss. Tad says one way or another he'll break into her heart. It would make it easier if she gives him the keys. He would love to wake up to her every single day for the rest of his life. He says he's very much in love with her and wants to marry her.

Babe is driving in her car crying. Little pink booties are hanging over the rearview mirror. She arrives at the small country chapel, which is under renovation. The minister sees her and tells her the work will be done soon thanks to her prayers and generosity. He shows her a design of the stained glass window that depicts a baby with angel wings. He asks if she wants to talk, but she says she's there to talk to a higher power. He tells her he'll leave her alone. Babe looks at the design and starts talking to her "angel baby." She says his momma is in so deep. She has to give back a baby who she loves like her own. She asks him to please help her. She says there is a hole in her heart that keeps getting bigger. She's already lost him and his daddy and now will lose her best friends. Bianca will kill her and Jamie will hate her. She doesn't blame them. What she has done is so unforgivable and she at no right to do it. She just doesn't have the guts to do what is right. She asks her angel baby to help her be brave and know what to do. As she's driving back, she sees the sign pointing the way to Pine Valley and Llandview is on the ground. She doesn't know which way to turn and asks her angel baby for guidance. She decides to turn right.

Olivia arrives at Oakhaven to see JR. He asks her why she's there when he called for Chief Fry. Derek walks in acting cocky. JR tells him to tell his ride-along buddy to take a hike. He demands that Derek arrest Babe, Tad and all the others responsible for putting him here for kidnapping and harassment. Derek tells him not to rush and risk that things will go wrong. JR orders him to bust his wife's butt now. Derek gets out his notepad and says they need to review the facts. His pencil is broken and he asks Livia if she has one. She gives him one and he compliments it for being a nice pencil. He asks JR for his name. JR is upset with Derek's stalling tactics and orders him to move on. Babe has Bess and she could take her anywhere. Derek says there's no law against a mother taking her baby on a trip. Livia announces that she is representing Babe in her case against JR, and Derek suggests she leave because this is a conflict of interest. Livia asks if she looks conflicted. JR says he knows his rights, but Livia taunts him about his rights and tells him he'll eventually get his justice in court.

Palmer arrives at Oakhaven with Opal and demands that police release JR, who is his great nephew. Livia asks Palmer if he wants an explanation of the allegations against JR. JR asks Palmer who he's going to believe, them or his own flesh and blood. Livia tells Palmer that JR was keeping Bess at Oakhaven. Palmer is appalled that JR kept his baby at the place where Dixie had been imprisoned many years ago. He tells him he disrespected his mother. JR says he was just trying to protect his daughter. Palmer tells JR that he's the spitting image of his father and tells Derek to do as he sees fit. JR should stay behind bars until he grows a human heart, he says. Palmer leaves. JR tells Derek not to make him the bad guy. Derek says he'll take him out of the straitjacket. But the bad news is he's arresting him for attempted murder for drugging his wife. JR says he can't do that. He has no proof. Derek flashes his handcuffs and reads JR his rights. They haul him out of Oakhaven and Livia says to herself she loves it when the good guys win.

David arrives at his cabin and starts to pray. He tells God that he's paid enough and now he's going to lose again. He's going to lose Bianca and it's beyond cruel. He has nothing left in life. He says he'll take what's coming but Babe and Krystal have had enough. He asks God to leave them out of this.

Babe arrives at a hotel in Llanview. She asks a waiter for a map. He directs her to sit down while he gets one. She looks over and stares at a man holding a baby.

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