AMC Update Thursday 9/9/04

All My Children Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Babe tells Jamie that she knew it was too good to be true that somebody would have info on Bess and she realizes many scammers could know the information the guy they just talked to gave them. She is afraid that she is too gullible. JR enters looking very smug. Jamie asks if he was behind it. Did he pay off that guy to give him false hopes about finding Bess? JR smirks, revealing he probably did. He also makes crude comments about Babe and how Jamie will be used and unable to afford her. Jamie grabs him and is ready to hit him.

David and Krystal work to help Tad look like a mental patient and have him committed so he can put his plan into motion. Tad sits on the hospital bed. Right when David is “prepping” Tad for his “psychiatric evaluation”, security officers enter and seem to be suspicious. But David tells them he is the doctor, this is a psychiatric hospital, and they have to get out and let him do his job. When they leave, David and Tad again, get into a “verbal warfare” with David talking about “martinizing” Tad and asking how he’d like to get his shock treatment? Extra crispy, he inquires? David insists in giving Tad a “jolt”, to get rid of his personality disorder. Krystal tells David he must drop the attitude about Tad. But right at that moment, Tad tells them that he knows where Bess is and runs out the door.

Maria lies down on a hospital bed with a flashback of lying down with Zach Slater. She remembers his telling her that he had a dream that he died and her assuring him it was only a dream, that he is very much alive and with her. She also remembers asking him what he was dreaming about and not hearing an answer. At that point, Anita enters to view her sister in this very odd position while on the job. Anita also realizes that she heard Maria saying; “Oh God, Zach.” Maria denies it and says she was just thinking about Ryan, and how he almost died. Anita asks where Zach fits in. Maria says she remembers Zach setting up the casino. Anita can tell that Maria knows more about Zach Slater than she’s letting on. Maria inquires why Anita wants to know about Zach. Anita replies that Bobbie works for him and she inquires whether Maria would tell her what she knows. Maria replies that yes, she would tell Anita because she is her sister.

Bianca goes to ask Zach Slater what is going on. She tells him straight up that she wants the truth about the shooting. Zach tells her that he told everybody what happened. She says she wants to hear it again. He tells her that he set up a game, simply to raise money for her foundation and put blanks in a gun. He says he’s sorry about the unfortunate outcome of Ryan getting shot. But Banca sounds like she’s onto him, about how he can set up a “game” for a fundraiser. She says she knows about his surveillance cameras and she inquires if it was all a game, when he told her he cared about her and her daughter.

Jamie inquires what type of father would do what JR did to his child. JR says he must protect Bess from nutcases like Krystal who blew up his car, and David Hayward with his schemes, and Jamie and Babe. She tells him that he thinks he is so in control and the master of the universe. But he is not. She tells him he does not know everything.

Anita asks Aidan if he was still at the casino when Ryan was shot. He says he was but didn’t see anything happen. She asks if he knows anything about Zach. Aidan tells her he does not want to get involved in the “Zach” situation. But she tells him she is already involved. Her husband works for him and she believes her sister has had involvement with him that she’s not talking about. Aidan asks why Anita is suspicious about Zach. She tells him about overhearing Maria resting and saying his name. She urges Aidan to help her uncover what is going on. She tells him she’s concerned about her sister. He reveals to her that a few years ago, Maria and Zach were “connected”. Anita says Maria told her she met Zach for the first time at the picnic recently. Now, knowing Maria has lied, she suspects that maybe Maria and Zach still have a “connection”.

Bianca tells Zach he needs to come up with some answers about all of this. She says that right when everybody is getting over the damages Michael Cambias has caused, Zach is making him front and center. She talks about how he has damaged her, her mother and her sister. And she demands to know how and why Zach has come to town, what he wants and who he really is. Right at that moment, Maria enters and informs Bianca that she can tell her who Zach really is. She tells her that she’s known Zach for a long time and has a secret history with him. But she assures Bianca that Zach is a good man, did not cause Ryan to get shot and really does care about Bianca and the foundation. Bianca does not argue but tells them she is very concerned about Kendall. Kendall is a wreck but she knows that Kendall did not put the bullet in that gun. When Bianca leaves them alone, Zach thanks Maria. She asks for what. He replies for not revealing to Bianca that he is actually Alexander Cambias Jr. She admits she could not do it. He asks her why she is choosing to keep his secret for him.

Tad busts a door open to see a woman lying on a bed holding a baby that looks just like Bess.

JR tells Babe and Jamie that the judge will rule in his favor and give him full custody of Bess. But she tells him that there are some things he doesn’t know about. He inquires what that could be? A new husband? A new boyfriend? She says she was so crazy in love with him that she lied about something. He tells her that she’s already lied about everything so far that nothing she could reveal to him would shock him. But she tells him she’s ready to drop a bombshell upon him that will blow his mind. He sarcastically asks her if he should sit down or brace himself. She tells him that there won’t even be a custody trial after she reveals the information. JR’s phone rings and he tells her he must take the call but she should hold that “silly thought”. The woman whom Tad, David and Krystal discovered with Bess tells JR that she is no longer safe and he must get down to where she is, while the three of them listen to her call to JR. Then Jamie’s phone rings. Tad informs his son that they have found Bess. Babe happily grabs the phone and tells Tad she wants to see Bess. He tells her Bess is fine and will be back in her arms very soon. Tad tells the woman that he “appreciates” the phone call to JR, not that she had much choice. She tells them that she only did what JR asked her and had no ill intent. But Tad tells her that she saw Babe holding her child yet took her away from her mother. But he tells her he will not get her in trouble if she leaves right now. She thanks Tad for his “courtesy”. But he tells her she should not thank him nor ask him for a letter of recommendation. After she leaves, Krystal carries Bess out the door with Tad. But David informs them that he still has some unfinished business.

Anita inquires to Aidan why it was that when Maria was helping her and holding her hand about her situation with Bobbie, that she did not tell her about Zach. Aidan says perhaps she wanted to protect Anita. But she says that the way Maria said Zach’s name when she walked in on her, made it sound like Maria had something very private and intimate going on with Zach. She asks whether Zach could have had anything to do with Ryan getting shot.

Maria privately informs Zach that just a while ago, she wanted to stay at the hospital and get some work done, but she could not because she was thinking about him. She reveals to him that she remembers waking up with him that one time, long ago, after he’d had a nightmare that he’d died. He tells her his brother was murdered. She says he must not blame himself for Michael’s death. She says she believes he’s just as lost as she was when she suffered from amnesia. He says it’s different. But she says it really is not. He chose to give up his identity and she can see the grief and hurt and anger in him, just like she felt in herself when she lost her memory. She urges him to see that although his brother may have once been a good person who loved him and saved his life, he turned into a monster. Yet she tells Zach that she wants to help him and be his friend.

Anita tells Aidan that she is very scared for her sister, in getting involved with Zach. But if Maria did not even tell her the truth, she doesn’t know how she can. Aidan assures her he will help.

Zach inquires to Maria if she’s just saying she wants to help him because she pities him. She says no, it’s more than that. She wants to be his friend.

JR goes to the hospital believing he’s finding Beverly after she called and asked him to come, yet unaware that she only called because she was asked by Tad, Krystal and David, in exchange for them not getting her in trouble. And he finds David. David tells him that he is sick and needs psychiatric care.

David straps JR in a straight jacket where he cannot move his arms. JR tells him he cannot get away with it. David asks if JR has seen his father lately. Suddenly aware that he has something to be afraid of, JR tells David that he’s made his point and now needs to let him go. But David says he hasn’t even started to do what he intends to do to him.

When Bess is back with her family, Babe invites Bianca to be there. Shocked about what happened, Bianca asks where they found her. She tells Babe that she does not know how she could have kept it together not knowing where Bess has been. Babe tells Bianca that Jamie kept her sane. Bianca sounds happy and content, telling them that it’s over, Bess is safe and they need never worry about losing her again. But Babe is not so confident and she tells Bianca it is not over, and there’s something she needs to tell her.

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