AMC Update Wednesday 9/8/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/8/04

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Greenlee, Jack and Jonathan sit outside Ryan’s hospital room while he is in surgery. Suddenly Kendall appears and asks how Ryan is doing. Greenlee is ready to physically attack her and demands that she gets out. Bianca and Erica run up to find Kendall. Jack asks what Kendall is doing here. Erica replies that they tried to stop her. Greenlee angrily demands to know why she is not arrested. But Jonathan tells her she must calm down and takes her aside. When Kendall is alone with Erica, Bianca and Jack, she tells them she cares about Ryan. She departs with Bianca. Erica tells Jack she is very worried that this is one big nightmare. Alone with Bianca, Kendall asks what has happened. Bianca again tries to assure her sister that it was all an accident and everybody knows she meant no harm. But Kendall keeps telling her sister that she remembers having willful intent to kill Ryan. She breaks down crying, wondering what she has done, asks if she’s lost her mind or gone crazy and if she really intended to kill Ryan

Babe goes to find Bess, asking if Jamie is there and if the “lead” she’s just gotten knows where Bess is. A strange man enters. She demands to know where her baby is. Jamie appears. She tells the guy if he wants money, she will give him all the money he wants. But Jamie tells her she must not pay him until they know that he can deliver and that he really knows where Bess is. The guy describes Bess’s favorite pajamas that no stranger would know about. But he threatens to take more money until Jamie gets in his face and threatens to make him sorry if he does not tell Babe where her baby is.

David Hayward enters the Chandler house to talk to JR. JR tells David he knows he’s sick but doesn’t believe he’s stupid enough to do what he’s implied he’s done to Adam. David tells him all he needs to do in order to save his daddy’s life is to tell him where the baby is. JR tells David he’s bluffing. Tad suddenly enters and says it’s not that hard to figure out what’s going on. Tad informs both JR and David that he knows where Bess is. JR tells them both he knows all about their cheap tricks and does not buy what they say for a second. Krystal appears and stands beside Tad and David. JR tells them all that they will see who’s lying. Nobody is really certain that Babe and Jamie found a lead about Bess but they speculate about it. JR calls Beverly and confirms everything is ok with Bess but asks if she’s heard from his father. She says no, but he does not assume there’s any cause to worry. Tad tells JR that no matter what he does, the judge will deny him from ever seeing his baby again, so why does he insist in torturing everybody. JR says maybe he just likes making them all sweat. Krystal inquires why, if this is actually a scam, haven’t they heard from Babe and Jamie.

Jonathan says it doesn’t make any sense, what has happened. He tells Greenlee when he left the casino everything was going good and now his brother has been shot and in the hospital. She informs him that it was just a stupid game that caused it. But he inquires what happened. All she says is; you know Kendall. But she assures him that Ryan has to be ok. . But Jonathan inquires just what was going on and whether his brother knew what Kendall was up to. Greenlee calmly tells him that Kendall is a crazy, compulsive stalker. She informs him that she tried to warn Bianca and Erica about Kendall, yet it did no good. Simone enters, telling them she came as soon as she could and asks if Ryan is ok. She asks how Kendall could have gotten a hold of a loaded gun and asks if there’s anything she can do. She informs Greenlee about the shipment of perfume bottles for Enchantment and Fusion. Greenlee is puzzled that their shippers would screw up. But Simone assures her that she is handling everything and Greenlee need not worry and must call her when Ryan is out of surgery.

Jack inquires to Erica how Kendall could lose it enough to do something like that. How could she be so hurt and angry as to shoot Ryan? He implies that she may have had willful intent to kill him. But Erica comes to the defense of her daughter, telling Jack that she knows Kendall would never intend to kill him and this was just an accident. She asks him how he can turn on Kendall, now. He tells her he does not know what to believe. She says somebody turned on her daughter, set her up and used her fragile emotional state. And she inquires whether Jack is becoming a prosecutor or acting as the protective father of Greenlee and tells him she will not let him sacrifice her daughter for his. He tells her she must not believe that that is what he is doing. She then apologizes for accusing him of “trading” Kendall for Greenlee and assures him she knows he would not do that, but she’s so worried about Ryan and doesn’t known what will happen if he does not make it. Jack inquires if it really was an accident, if someone did not have willful intent to kill Ryan and put the gun in Kendall’s hand

Kendall tearfully and hysterically tells Bianca that all she wants is for Ryan to live and be well. Even if that means he’s with Greenlee.

When JR is gone, Krystal and David inform Tad about putting Adam in the box. Tad tells David that although he believes he has no moral fortitude, he must compliment him on the “Adam in the box” plan. But he expresses that it’s not ok that they are no closer to finding Bess than they were before. Tad and David argue about who can more effectively find Bess until Krystal breaks them up. She says the last time she heard too boys fight like this, was in high school. She says they can beat each other senseless but until somebody brings Bess back, they’re not doing any good. Tad informs them that he believes he can find Bess, but although he’d never thought he’d say this, he says; “Hayward, I need your help.”

Babe tells Jamie that all along she thought she was doing the right thing. She reminisces that once she remembered making cupcakes with pink frosting, believing that it could solve all the problems she had. She says that she blames herself for what has happened to Bess and for all the people she loved getting hurt. But he tells her it’s not her fault, that she has been hurt because of this and JR has betrayed everybody. She tells him that whenever she wants to do the right thing, everything just blows up in her face. But he tells her she must not give up hope.

Bianca asks Kendall exactly what happened when she was with Ethan and found the gun. Kendall tells Bianca that she remembers finding the gun and knew that Zach was watching over everything she was doing, from his surveillance cameras. She also informs Bianca that Zach promised to help her with something if she kept his secret for him. Bianca asks her what exactly that promise was. Kendall reveals that Zach told her he would help her to give Ryan and Greenlee what they have coming.

Tad takes Krystal and David to a mental institution where he believes there is a lead on where Bess is. David says he regrets doing what Tad has asked. But Tad informs them that Adam has “used” this place many times throughout his life and that he took JR to this very place in an attempt to “motivate” him with a little shock therapy not long ago, so he’d understand that he’s following in his father’s footsteps. And he says if they want to get Bess back, they must think like a Chandler. When the doctor enters, David tells him he would like to “admit” “Thaddeus Murphy” to this place for a psychiatric evaluation. But the doctor tells David that since he is a cardiologist and not a psychiatrist, he does not have the authority to have Tad committed. And he asks them all to leave. David and Krystal keep urging the doctor to see that this man, her husband, has completely lost his mind, that David, his doctor, knows all about it, while Tad babbles like a nutcase and threatens to attack David. The two attending doctors are almost convinced that they must admit Tad and haul him away, admitting that they can “bend the rules”.

When Babe and Jamie are worried they’ve been sent on a wild goose chase that will not recover Bess to them, Jamie informs Babe that he has a bad feeling that JR is behind this “scam”. He inquires why JR does anything he does, and answers that it’s pretty obvious that it’s due to the simple fact that JR is one sick, pathetic, sadistical piece of slime.

Jonathan lashes out at Kendall, telling her she is sick and despicable to do what she’s done to Ryan and she has no right to be near him acting like she cares. But Bianca firmly tells him he has no right to speak that way to her sister. She understands how upset he is about Ryan, but it’s not Kendall’s fault. Jonathan says until Kendall is in a hospital bed, with a bullet in her, fighting for her life, he really doesn’t care about her, nor want to hear what Bianca says. And when he leaves them alone, Kendall tells Bianca he is right. But Bianca protests that she knows that somebody else is behind this who intended to kill Ryan and set Kendall up to take the rap for it.

When Kendall, Bianca, Erica and Jack are in Ryan’s room, Bianca announces that she has to leave for a little while. Kendall doesn’t want her to leave. But she says she’ll only be gone for a while and then come back. Erica follows her out the door, asking where she’s going. Bianca does not answer and just asks that her mother does not leave Kendall alone right now and she departs.

Greenlee breaks down crying. Jonathan sees her and surprising discovers she’s happy. She informs him that Joe has informed her that Ryan will probably be all right.

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