AMC Update Tuesday 9/7/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

After Kendall shoots Ryan and he falls to the floor unconscious, she tells Greenlee that she knows she did it and it feels great. She screams happily and laughs. But Greenlee is hysterical and screams for help. Maria Gray comes with her doctor kit to help revive him. Then Slater appears. Then Jack and Erica. Then Bianca. Nobody is as amused as Kendall. They are all in a panic. Kendall picks up the gun and looks at it. Bianca and Greenlee stand beside Maria in an attempt to help her with Ryan. Bianca asks what she can do to help. Greenlee says Bianca can help by keeping Kendall away from her husband. Kendall tells everybody they need to stop the drama and stop acting like something bad happened. Jack gets on the phone. Kendall tells him he needs to stop acting like the DA. But right then, she snaps out of her “happiness” and comes to the grim reality that she shot him, without being proud of it. She discovers that she did not intend to shoot him. She believed the gun had blanks and she only planned to use it to scare Ryan and Greenlee. She instantly goes to confront Slater, telling him it’s all his fault because she had no clue that the gun was really loaded. Bianca and Erica pull Kendall toward them in an attempt to get her to calm down. But she tells them that she needs Zach to admit that it’s his fault. Bianca holds Kendall. At that point, Kendall says she loves Ryan and would never hurt the man she loves and he must be all right, acting protective of him for the first time. Erica tells her she must calm down and puts Kendall’s face in her hands. Kendall cries hysterically and says: “mother, what did I do?”

Aidan and Edmund go through different reasons why Zach is hiding his identity. They ponder whether Kendall is a cold-blooded murderer, both believing she is not. Edmund concludes she’s a “long term head-case” but not a murderer and he knows that Zach is running some con job that goes beyond simply his affair with Maria. At that moment, Ethan Cambias enters and asks what has happened. Aidan informs him that Ryan Lavery was shot. He informs them that he was with Kendall when she had the gun, but never thought she’d go through with shooting Ryan.

Erica and Bianca attempt to restrain Kendall when she keeps telling them that she needs to be with Ryan in the hospital and be there for him. They keep telling her she needs to calm down. But she tells them that if she does not see Ryan, he will believe she does not care about him. She needs for Ryan to know that she would never intend to shoot him. She needs to tell Ryan that Zach put the bullet in the gun. But Bianca tells her sister that she cannot see Ryan. If she does, she might kill him.

At the hospital, Greenlee asks Dr. Joe Martin what is going on. He tells her she cannot go inside Ryan’s room. And Jack tells her she must let Joe do his job. When the door is shut and Greenlee and Jack are outside, Greenlee asks her father if he believes they will take good care of Ryan. He says yes. She also tells Jack that a honeymoon is in order. She suddenly appears very calm and unemotional, as if in denial over what has just happened. Jack tells her she must stop acting like she is not upset. She says Italy sounds fantastic. But Jack tells his daughter that although he wants her to have the honeymoon of her dreams, she needs to face what has just happened. She does not listen and goes to the pay phone to make travel arrangements. But she keeps telling Jack that she is not worried whether Ryan will pull through. She says she knows he will and tells her father that she and Ryan talked about going to Rome and she told him whenever somebody falls in love, that’s where they should go. But now it’s real. That’s where they’re going together.

Kendall asks Bianca if she really believes that it would kill Ryan if he saw her again. Bianca does not answer. She then tells her sister and mother that there was one time when she knew that she was all Ryan wanted and needed and she was the love of his life. But now she is afraid that she can only hurt him. Erica tells her daughter that she must not stress herself over Ryan and must focus only on herself. But she keeps telling them that Ryan has a bullet in his stomach because of her and she must go to him so that he does not believe that she tried to kill him.

Aidan asks Ethan if he deliberately set Kendall up to shoot Ryan by giving her the gun, without checking to see if it was loaded nor telling her. Edmund agrees that Ethan would have motive to kill Ryan and pin the rap on Kendall and could have very easily loaded the gun without her knowing.

Maria asks Zach Slater if he meant for Kendall to kill Ryan. She tells him he must come clean and tell her the truth. But he is silent. He asks her if she’s questioning whether he’s had something to do with Ryan getting shot. She replies yes and she’d like to know something about it. He replies that she knows him better than anybody else in the world, so why doesn’t she tell him? She tells him that she had no clue he was actually the brother of the most vicious man who’s walked into Pine Valley, and she knew Zach after she suffered amnesia and had no memory of anything. He reflects on their previous relationship, and how a part of him will always remember her the way she was. And he asks her if she believes that the man she loves is a cold-blooded killer. She admits that he would have motives to kill Ryan and set Kendall up for it. He protests if he wanted a man dead, he would not have Kendall do it for him. But she says she knows he would have motives to hurt them both; Ryan for taking his company, Kendall for her intent to kill his brother. But he tells her that she must tell him whether or not he would do that, although she does not come out and reply to his question.

Kendall tells Erica and Bianca that it all seemed so perfect for a game, and she did not know that there were actual bullets in the gun. Erica assures her daughter that she knows that and so does everybody. And Bianca says that the police will know that when they come. But Kendall tells them that Greenlee will tell them that she intended to kill Ryan. They keep telling her that nobody would believe that she would intend to shoot or kill Ryan. But she tells them that she saw a kiss between Ryan and Greenlee and they killed everything she had with her man by that kiss. She keeps talking irrationally, telling them about her fuzzy memories of walking along the beach, thinking that she would see Ryan and he’d realize that they would be together. But she ran into Ethan instead and discovered that Ryan was with Greenlee. And at that point, all that was going on was revenge. She says they flaunted their romance in her face. They were the winners and she was the loser. And she was determined that she had to win the game.

Joe informs Greenlee and Jack that they have removed the bullet; given Ryan a blood transfusion and he will be in the O.R. for a while. Greenlee assumes he will be all right. Joe does not answer but tells her if she wants to see him, now is the time. She goes in and tells an unconscious Ryan that she knows he has always had all the faith for both of them. But now she has complete faith that he will come through all of this. She tells him that they have big plans for their honeymoon. She holds his hand. She tells him that things get tough in here and she cries, telling him that when something happens, you must be tough and believe you can conquer anything. She tells him she loves him, crying. At that moment, she sees him awakening telling her no tears, he will be fine. Then she sees a vision of Kendall, telling him in a cocky manner that he’d better be fine, she is holding him to it.

Ethan tells Aidan and Edmund, “You two super sleuths really don’t know what you are talking about”. Edmund asks, in that case, could it have been Slater that secretly set up Ryan getting shot instead of him, and what might he know about that? Ethan replies that he barely knows they guy, or anything about his possible motives to kill Ryan. Edmund says it’s kind of coincidental that they both show up out of nowhere in Pine Valley, at the same time and both claim to be family members and heirs to the Cambias estate.

In Greenlee’s “dream”, Kendall sarcastically tells Ryan he needs to get better so she can keep him away from Greenlee. Greenlee also envisions Zach Slater right behind her. A gun suddenly goes off and Greenlee disappears. Then Ethan appears. Ryan protests that Ethan cannot prove that he is Alexander Cambias’ grandson. But Ethan tells Ryan he cannot prove that he is not. Ethan and Zach laugh together over Ryan’s hospital bed while he tells them he needs Greenlee. And Kendall says she is right there for him and he may forget Greenlee because she is gone. Greenlee stands behind them in her dream, unseen by all of them, telling Ryan that she is the one who loves him. In reality, she keeps telling him he needs to fight and get better, while he lies unconscious.

Kendall tells Erica and Bianca that when she heard and saw Ryan declaring his love for Greenlee, all she could do was feel hate and not know how to stop it. She emotionally asks them why love never works for her. Erica tells Kendall she must look at them both and know that they love her more than anything and they will never leave her. But she tells them that Ryan betrayed her and threw her away as soon as he discovered he loved Greenlee. So, she says, she found the gun. She remembers telling Ethan that she wanted to kill Greenlee, but she realized it was just a game. Then all she felt was anger and rage over what Ryan did to her. And when she pulled that trigger, it was no longer a game. When she pulled the trigger, she wanted Ryan dead.

While Greenlee is tending to Ryan, Joe appears and tells her it’s time for him to go into surgery. She tells Ryan she loves him and will be there when he opens his eyes. Jack tells his daughter they need to leave and let Joe take Ryan in for surgery. Greenlee and Jack watch as they wheel him into the O.R.

Kendall asks Erica and Bianca what would happen if Ryan dies. She says if it’s not bad enough that she turned him away, what if she killed him? Bianca says they must not give up hope, Ryan needs their prayers. But Kendall asks how the man she loves beyond all reason can be where he is. She says she wanted him to be in pain and now he is. Then she discovers that maybe she really did do it intentionally. Maybe she is guilty. And she cries hysterically, while Erica holds her in her arms.

Edmund asks Zach how coincidental it is that everybody on the guest list just happens to be connected to Michael Cambias. And the one person who has taken his family’s fortune is dead. There is a cop right there listening to their conversation. Zach admits to the cop that he is Michael Cambias’ brother.

In the OR, Joe talks to Ryan during surgery. Unconscious Ryan has a dream about hearing someone in his childhood asking if Ryan can come out and play. A young man stands over him, in a cocky manner and says: “welcome to my world, buddy.”


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