AMC Update Friday 9/3/04

All My Children Update Friday 9/3/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie goes into Babe's room with a glass of water only to see she's not there. He sees the door to the tunnel is open and goes in. Babe is downstairs outside the library, where JR is inside sleeping. Jamie sees her outside the door and stops her from going in. She says she just wants to talk to JR to see if she can get him to bring Bess home. Jamie won't let her talk to him and takes her back to her room. Meanwhile, JR is awakened by a rope being wrapped around him. He stands up and takes the rope off and sees Krystal was trying to tie him up. He tells her it's nice of her to make his case for him that she and Babe are crazy. Krystal tells him he was close to being tied to a chair and having a car battery hooked to his privates. She demands he bring Bess home. JR says he doesn't care about whatever Babe wants or needs. She says he would care if she zapped him with the car battery. David enters the room and tells Krystal that violence won't get her anywhere. David says people who steal someone's baby will lose in the end. JR says he's already lost his antique car, and if he loses anything else it will be replaced by morning. David realizes that JR has his father's help on everything, and wonders how JR can adore him so much now after they used to not see eye to eye. JR tells him to leave, but David says he wants to ask him something first. He asks if Adam is uncomfortable in small places. JR asks if he has him stashed in some cage. David says it's not a cage, and wonders if he has anxiety attacks when he's stuck in a place he can't get out of. JR says he just talked to his father and he was in wide open spaces. David says he knows that – he was standing behind Adam at the bar when they talked. He urges JR to call Adam. JR says he doesn’t take orders from anyone. David says if Adam is taken out of the loop and can no longer pull strings, what will happen? JR says he will see to it that David rots in jail. Krystal gets on the phone to call Adam and hands it to JR. JR gets voice mail and hangs up. David taunts JR, saying carbon dioxide can be fatal. JR tells David to cram it and walks out of the room. Krystal praises David for his bluff. David replies bluff? She asks if he really put Adam into a box. “Would you like Adam in a box? Would you like Adam with a fox?” he replies. A gleeful Krystal hugs him.

Back in her room, Babe cries over Bess, saying she needs her mother. How could JR do this? Jamie tells her Bess will be with her soon and urges her to stay calm. He tells her not to say or do anything that JR could use in court. Babe is afraid that JR is winning. He has everything and she has nothing. Jamie tells her to stay strong and reminds her that people are out there looking for Bess. Babe tries to sleep, and has a dream about holding Bess. Then hands are seen gripping both her arms and the baby is gone. She looks upward and frantically jumps to try to get the baby. She wakes up and shouts that her baby is dead. Jamie goes to her and says Bess is alive and waiting to come back to her. He tells her to close her eyes and imagine Bess in her arms. She closes her eyes and says she can feel Bess in her arms. Jamie says Bess will be back soon. Babe tells Jamie she would fly into a thousand pieces if he wasn't there for her. She doesn't deserve him. Jamie tells her he wishes Bess were his. Babe asks him if he thinks God got things out of order. What if she met him first? Maybe she would not have made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying JR Chandler. Jamie says then she wouldn’t have had all those platinum cards. She says if she had him, she wouldn’t need platinum. Her phone rings. The caller has some information about the baby.

Maria tells Zach that Michael Cambias can't be his brother because Michael's brother is dead. So was Maria Grey, Zach replies. Maria says she heard the story about Michael's brother dying in a car accident. Zach says that's all it was, a story.

Kendall is thrilled with the gun in her hand, saying it is a perfect fit for her. She is gleeful to see she is the killer in this game of murder. She says this gun is a catharsis in her hand. Ryan loved her and told her he would love her forever. Then he stopped. She wants things to be the way they used to be, but that won’t happen, she says. He doesn’t want her. Ethan tells her to forget Ryan, let it go and give him the gun. She says she can't walk away from this. Well then, point, aim and pull, he says. She tells Ethan she can't let him help but he can watch. It will be a guaranteed smile to watch Ryan drop. And Miranda's charity will get a huge chunk of change.

Greenlee, seeing that Ryan is the game's victim, tries to get him to leave the fund-raiser. Ryan resists, saying this is just a game. She says it's more than that. She wants to make sure he is safe, especially with Zach Slater running the show. Ryan says he’ll be fine and there’s no need to worry. They kiss and Zach is shown watching them on his monitor.

Maria tells Zach it's not possible that he's Michael's brother. Zach tells her the remains of Alexander Cambias Jr. were never recovered. He was never near the crash. He says he and Michael engineered the crash and created such a big fire that the only thing remaining of Alexander Cambias would be ashes. He says Michael knew the only way to save him was to make him die. Zach says he was trapped and he couldn't run far enough. Being Alexander Cambias Jr. was eating him alive. He and Michael were a team and he owes him. Maria tells him he can't face the truth about his brother and that is what this whole thing is about. Zach says he is facing the truth about his brother -- that he was murdered in cold blood. He points at his monitors and the people in them and says none of these people are honest or decent. One of them killed his brother and he won't sleep till he finds out. Maria says Michael was the kind of man who raped and got away with it. He died because of it. Zach says his brother was buried in garbage and these people did that to him. Maria says she doesn't agree with what they did but he hurt someone they cared about. Zach asks her to look him in the eye and tell him that each and every one of these people is innocent. Maria says they are innocent because Bianca acknowledged she was the one who shot Michael. Zach says he doesn't believe that. He thinks she was fed a story to protect someone.

Ryan assures Greenlee that no one is leaving in a pine box. They'll be home soon enough, and no one will get in the way of his love for her. They kiss but stop after hearing a noise. They turn around and see Kendall standing behind them pointing a gun at them. Ryan and Greenlee, realizing this is part of the game, are not concerned. She tells Greenlee she's looking calm in the face of tragedy. Greenlee tells her she's just bored. So much for Zach and his creative thinking, she says. Kendall says maybe she should just shoot Greenlee now. She looks around but doesn’t see Ethan anywhere. She says she guesses he figured they needed privacy. Ryan is not amused that she is using Ethan as her sidekick and asks her if she is incapable of following the rules. Let's move it along, he says. Pull the trigger so they can raise money for Bianca. Greenlee moves in front of Ryan and calmly tells Kendall she'll have to go through her to get to Ryan.

Zach says his brother didn't grow up to be a monster. Ryan Lavery is a billionaire because his brother is dead. He asks Maria if she sees the connection. Maria says she sees he cannot accept how his brother died until he accepts how he lived. Zach, with tears rolling down his face, says she’s wrong and tonight he's going to change her mind.

Kendall tells Greenlee to move away from Ryan. Ryan also urges Greenlee to move, saying that the sooner this is over with the sooner they can go home and get on with their lives. Zach, watching on the monitor, tells Maria to watch what happens when Kendall pulls the trigger. Kendall tells Ryan that no one deserves this more than him. She orders Greenlee to move and when she does, she fires the weapon. Ryan falls to the ground. Kendall says this is really the way to milk a death scene. Greenlee bends down to tell Ryan they need to go. He doesn’t move. Greenlee has blood on her hand. “You shot him,” she tells Kendall.

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