AMC Update Thursday 9/2/04

All My Children Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan picks up a card that says: You are the victim. Aidan comes out and notices that Ryan is concerned that somebody might want to kill him. Aidan says he is only the murder victim in the game. And he informs Ryan for the first time that in reality Zach Slater died years ago. Ryan doesn’t sound surprised to hear that and asks what updates their may be on Ethan Cambias who also used the name of Ramsey. Aidan says he heard that Ethan was questioned but not charged for a con. Ryan says he knows there is something suspicious about Ethan. But Aidan warns him to be careful. Ryan departs after telling Aidan he would bet his life on Slater having some suspicious involvement with Ethan and the Cambias fortune.

Right at that moment, Maria has discovered Zach’s private surveillance room where he is hearing and seeing Ryan’s and Aidan’s conversation. She demands to know what is going on. He tells her he is watching over people who deserve to be watched over. He tells her the example of Erica, with the potential to do so much good, but who went off to Vegas. He also mentions David Hayward who poisons everything he touches and destroys lives.

After Erica has gone out to discover David’s secret “shipping box” to send Adam Chandler somewhere, he tells her she must back off and leave him alone. Zach and Maria hear David telling Erica that what is inside this crate is none of her business. She asks him why he’s being like this. He tells her she must let it go. She comes to the realization that this is not just a game. He tells her the stakes are high and it really is about somebody dying. And he reveals to her that a year ago today they worked together and had a very similar situation walking out of Michael Cambias’ condo.

Bianca confronts Greenlee about her attitude toward Kendall. Greenlee tells Bianca that she must realize that Kendall is about to break and warns her to be concerned about her sister. Outside Kendall keeps hearing voices saying over and over again, “Kendall you’re going to lose, you’re going to break”.

Slater shows Maria Bianca’s conversation with Greenlee. Maria protests that Bianca is innocent with no suspicions about her. But he tells Maria that Bianca is very complicated. Maria demands to know what kinds of kicks Zach is getting from invading everybody’s privacy and watching them on this screen.

Bianca protests to Greenlee that she did the wrong thing sneaking into Kendall’s private room and that her sister is hurt and mourning the loss of Ryan and is very upset that he’s married to Greenlee. Greenlee says Kendall is ready for the nut house. Bianca says Kendall has been hurt, rejected, and abandoned throughout her life. She tells Greenlee that no matter how sick or self-destructive Kendall may be, she is very strong. She informs Greenlee that Kendall is the reason she was able to have her baby. She urges Greenlee to just give Kendall some time to get over her hurt, and promises Greenlee that Kendall will eventually come to her senses. But Greenlee affirms that Kendall has gone too far, she does not trust her, and she needs to keep Kendall away from herself and her husband.

Outside while Kendall is alone wet and cold, Ethan appears. She kisses him, at first believing that he is Ryan. When she knows who she is, she warns him hysterically not to let Ryan hurt him. He tells her he’s worried about. He tells her he knows she has it in for Ryan and Greenlee, but the person getting hurt right now is herself. But she tells him that they must not let Ryan and Greenlee win, they must fight against them. He tells her she is cold and wet and must get inside and into warm dry clothes. But she tells him she must stay and finish the game.

David reminds Erica that a year ago, they did what they did and kept their secret in order to help Bianca. She doesn’t have any arguments to that. So he tells her that once again she must accept what she sees him doing and walk away.

Ryan meets with Aidan and Edmund in the bar and informs Edmund for the first time that Aidan has discovered that the man whom everybody believes is Zach Slater is bogus and not whom he says he is. The real Zach Slater died. Edmund informs them that he’s checked into the old school records of Zach Slater. And guess who Zach’s roommate and best friend was? Michael Cambias.

Maria inquires to Zach just what Michael Cambias is to him? He does not answer but shows her Bianca, Erica and Greenlee all expressing their concerns about Kendall. Greenlee tells Erica that she and Bianca may believe that she has manipulated Ryan in order to marry him, but she has real reason to be suspicious of Kendall. Bianca protests that Kendall has been hurt and betrayed. But Greenlee keeps telling Kendall’s sister and mother that they need to wake up and see that Kendall needs help. Erica lashes out at Greenlee asking her who she thinks she is judging her daughter and telling them that she needs help. She tells Greenlee that she is a malicious person and she is the one who needs help. Greenlee tells Erica she is sorry if she has hurt Kendall, but Kendall needs help. Erica inquires how Greenlee can shatter her daughter, hurt her and blame her for everything and then play the victim. But Greenlee tells Erica that her daughter is blackmailing people and she will hurt many. Erica says she does not buy the “kinder, gentler Greenlee” act. She may tolerate Greenlee only for Jack’s sake. But if Greenlee does not stop insulting her daughter, she will be sorry. Greenlee leaves Erica and Bianca alone. Bianca tells her mother that whether they want to believe it or not, Greenlee is right; Kendall has spun out of control.

David asks a shipping man to send out the crate with unconscious Adam Chandler in it. When he’s alone next to the crate, he smiles and says: “Bon voyage, Adam.” Unknown to him, however, Zach is watching him.

Zach tells Maria that he is not the only person motivated to investigate other people. He shows her husband and Ryan Lavery doing the very same thing in order to investigate him. Ryan confides in Edmund that he’s baffled as to the methods for how Zach and Ethan are both coming into town and playing games to overthrow him. He also says if either of them hurt anybody he loves, he will bury them.

Watching the conversation, Maria protests to Zach that Ryan Lavery is a good guy. But Zach tells her that he believes that Ryan has done something. She asks what that would be. He replies that he believes Ryan may have killed Michael Cambias.

Right when David is in his private space with the crate, Greenlee enters. She shows him the clue, which says: “if you have the time, you will see the crime.” It also says something about her “lover’s rendezvous”. He gives her a tip as to where to search for the clue. She informs him that finally she and Ryan are real, they really are in love. He wants to object and tell her that maybe this “empty box” is nothing more than an empty box. But she says no, it is not. He tells her he wants her to fall in love again, but not with Ryan, he will only break her heart again. She assures him that will not happen and shows him the look on her face, asking him if he’s ever seen her with this smile since Leo died. She asks if he can just be happy for her and Ryan. He tells her he agrees to be happy for her but if Ryan breaks her heart, he will break Ryan. She asks how he’s doing. He tells her he may not be able to say he’s happy, but he’s keeping busy. She kisses him on the cheek and departs.

Maria protests to Zach that Bianca killed Michael Cambias out of self-defense. He says he does not believe that Bianca is a murderer. But he believes any of these people are very capable of cold-blooded murder and he’s going to find out who they are, what they did, and he will watch them slip up and discover they killed Michael. She protests again that she does not understand just why he cares so much about Michael Cambias. Again, he does not answer. He just turns on the surveillance video to watch Ryan telling Edmund that he believes he is onto Zach and Zach wants to kill him. And Zach says: “Go ahead, Lavery. Play the game.”

Bianca asks her mother if she’s spoken to Kendall. Erica replies several times but no matter what anyone says or does, they cannot reach her. Bianca tells her mother that she doesn’t believe it’s even primarily about Ryan; it’s about being rejected again. She says that Kendall has fought so hard to be loved. They both agree that they do not know how to reach Kendall. Erica exclaims that she is very angry with Greenlee. She also expresses how Zach has made a big mistake using this dinner to dredge up memories about Michael Cambias and what it has done to Bianca. She also tells her daughter that throughout her time in therapy, she has been dealing with the anger she’s had toward her father, but she has forgotten all about how she’s been affected by Michael Cambias. And she admits that she so wanted to kill Michael.

Zach listens to their conversation and tells Maria he believes Erica would do it. Maria protests that Erica is not a murderer. She was only tempted to kill Michael in order to protect her daughters. He comes up with more and more obsessions and speculations. Maria lashes out at him, telling him he is crazy to hurt all these people and threaten to ruin their lives over some psycho rapist. She protests that a young woman’s innocence will be taken for the rest of her life because of this and she just does not understand why he cannot just let this go a year after it’s happened.

Kendall reveals her card to Ethan, which says something about her buyer not buying her, her seller not wanting her, and her user not using her. She comes up with the answer being in a coffin. She suddenly discovers a small box that looks like a miniature coffin. She pulls out a gun and for the first time smiles and sounds excited. She tells him that what this means is that she’s going to win.

Bianca tells Erica that she must forget Michael Cambias; he’s dead and buried. Erica says that she does get some comfort, in at least knowing that Michael is suffering. Bianca reflects that Kendall is also suffering and she is afraid that they might loser her. But Erica adamantly affirms that no, they will never lose Kendall. They must not even think of that.

Right when Ryan is telling Edmund that he is not afraid to set himself up as the target for Slater, even though Edmund reminds him that’s just what Slater wants, Greenlee shows up and tells him she refuses to let him do that.

Maria demands to know what’s Zach’s obsession would be with this despicable, sadistic monster that used abused and raped women. She asks what Michael could have been to Zach? His best friend? His partner in crime? What is so important about that man? Zach replies that Michael Cambias was his brother.

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