AMC Update Wednesday 9/1/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/1/04

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Adam is on the phone with JR. He tells his son he must stay calm, since Bess is completely safe. He tells JR that he will make sure she is in a safe location at all times. He tells JR he must not panic if he does not hear from his father for a while. When he hangs up and goes to get a drink. David Hayward grabs a hold of him and tells him the next drink is on him.

After Zach announces that he is going to play a “murder game”, the guests at the dinner are not amused. Greenlee tells him she doesn’t want to participate. Maria says he is acting in really bad taste. Erica suggests getting out. Kendall says that’s a good idea, before somebody starts screaming bloody murder. Jack asks what’s the purpose of Zach’s game. Zach says that somebody will assume the role of the murderer and somebody will be the victim. And whoever guesses correctly will be able to donate to the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. At that point, Greenlee announces that she is in. So does Ryan. So does Kendall who says in the name of charity, who wouldn’t enjoy a fun little homicide. Bianca suddenly enters. Erica asks her why she suddenly decided to attend. Kendall wants to distract her by taking her down to play the slots. But she asks everybody why, suddenly when she enters, everybody turns to stone. Jack tells her that Zach has suddenly proposed an “unorthodox” way to raise money. Greenlee reveals to her that Zach is proposing a “high stakes” game of murder. Maria tells Bianca she need not play if she is uncomfortable. But she tells them it is her decision and admits that nobody else in this room has actually committed murder except her.

David tells Adam that even sensible, law-abiding citizens can be pushed to commit unspeakable acts. He confides in Adam the fact that they have both done many things that got them into lots of trouble. And he urges him to come to his senses, do the right thing, and return Bess to her mother before there is more trouble. Adam tells David he must say please. David tells Adam that he must have been foolish to believe that Adam would ever want to do the right thing for his granddaughter who is also David’s.

Bianca reminds everybody that she knows this is the year anniversary of the day she murdered Michael Cambias. Kendall reminds her it was self-defense. Erica tells her she must not even think about that. She notices that Kendall may have cut herself. Kendall tells her it’s nothing. Bianca says this will be the only bloodshed tonight. She tells them that she is there for Zach to support him for what he is doing, and not for anything else. She says she knows all about these types of games and that they may let the games begin. Hearing that, Zach distributes cards to each person in the room. When David notices his card, he tells Zach that the black card is a nice touch, since it’s the color of death. Zach asks if he’s seen Adam Chandler. David says Adam’s downstairs in the bar and his life might be in danger. Jack reads Erica’s card, as a drama queen with a checkered past and a bright future. She reads his as a brilliant attorney who fought injustice and was brought down. But they both conclude that their randomly selected cards do not have to be like their own persons. Bianca takes David aside and asks if he’s heard the word on Bess and if he knows she’s ok. He assures her that Bess will be brought back safe.

Zach goes into his “surveillance room” and listens in on Bianca and Ethan Cambias, talking about his connection to royalty from living in England.

Ryan and Greenlee go to a private room. He tells her that the main thing on his mind is spending time with the woman he fell in love with, who also happens to be his wife.

Kendall goes and asks Zach what his game is all about. He also shows her Ryan and Greenlee on the surveillance camera getting it on. Knowing she’s upset seeing that, he tells her maybe she should leave. She departs and goes off by herself.

David is outside, when he runs into Erica. They discover that they got the same clue card. She tells him it appears that Zach Slater has connived to get them together. He tells her he believes Zach is asking them to play the game of murder. And he is characterizing them both as suspected murderers. She remembers how they worked secretly together long ago to get Michael Cambias for what he did to Bianca. But she inquires how or why Zach Slater would know anything about that. He offers his speculation about that, while Zach listens to their private conversation on the surveillance camera.

Bianca and Ethan go out to the sea and he looks for their clue with a flashlight. She seems very friendly and comfortable with him. She admits to Ethan that although his uncle is dead, there’s no forgetting him. He asks how she feels about that. She says some days are better than others. Some days she feels just like her old self again, but other days it’s not so good. She admits that she played the “what if” game many times. She wondered what if she’d never met Michael, what if she hadn’t have gone home that night. She says she doesn’t play that any more because although she’d have preferred never to have met Michael, she knows if that had happened, she’d have never known Miranda. He tells her she’s beautiful and he’d like to get to know her better. She tells him he could only get to know her as a friend and reveals to him, for the first time that she is gay. He tells her that she is some other woman’s good fortune. She inquires if he has somebody back home waiting for him. He tells her no.

When Ryan and Greenlee are having their intimate moment, Maria knocks on the door and asks if they’ve seen Zach. Ryan tells her no. Zach listens and watches them from the surveillance camera. Greenlee departs and says she needs to go back and finish the game. Alone with Maria, Ryan asks her why she’d inquire if Zach was there and asks if that particular room was where she might have had a special encounter with Zach. He tells her that he is a little different than Zach. He has no secrets, only a raiser and shaving cream in his drawer, not secret pictures of people, which he will not talk about. He tells her he can trace his history back to his birth, whereas Zach is a complete mystery. He tells her that she may have had a previous relationship with Zach and known him as something different in the past, but the Zach everybody knows here is obsessed about the death of Michael Cambias. He tells her that she must not be fooled by this guy trying to recreate a dream of the past. Ryan inquires why Zach is so obsessed with the murder of a rapist-psycho and asks Maria if he’s ever confided anything about that to her. She says no. Ryan concludes that maybe he’s not so concerned about Michael Cambias as he is about the entire Cambias fortune.

Zach listens to Erica and David talking about how or why Zach would know about Bianca murdering Michael Cambias or why he’d want to dredge it up after all this time. She departs asking David if he’s coming with her. He tells her he thinks he will hang out to see if he gets any more clues. Suddenly, Adam Chandler appears and asks what David is doing out there. Does he plan to kill Adam? David tells Adam that that would be too easy. But they do have some unfinished business to attend to.

By herself in the wilderness, Kendall is having another fantasy about being with Ryan. She relives all of their romantic moments and history together. She is very depressed.

Maria suddenly finds Zach in his room and is appalled to find out he’s spying upon everybody in the building and violating their privacy.

Right before Adam and David are ready to depart, David secretly slips something to Adam that knocks him out. He then locks him in a box. Erica suddenly enters and happily tells him that she must have found the correct killer although she has no clue who the victim is. David sounds like he doesn’t want her to know what he’s up to.


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