AMC Update Tuesday 8/31/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Zach Slater looks at a picture of Ethan Cambias. There is a knock on the door. Maria enters and tells him that after this dinner tonight with everybody, she cannot see him again. She admits that she has let her emotions run away with her and sent him mixed messages. She apologizes realizing it’s hurt both of them. But she tells him that it’s over. She tells him that she is committed to her marriage, her children and her life with Edmund and apologizes to Zach if she’s given him false signals to the contrary.

Edmund and Aidan are ready for the Fundraiser dinner, wearing their formalwear. They both wonder what kinds of tricks Slater has up his sleeve. Aidan assures Edmund that he will be on top of everything and watch Slater’s every move.

In the casino bar, Kendall finds Ethan Cambias. Erica and Jack enter and Erica exclaims how she cannot believe that her daughter can sit there and talk to him. They approach Kendall and Ethan. Kendall introduces Ethan to Jack. Erica asks the two men if they can excuse her and Kendall. Alone with Ethan, Jack tells him that he will not let Kendall be hurt by him. Erica privately warns Kendall of the same. Kendall says just because Ethan is biologically related to Michael Cambias, does not mean he should give anybody any cause for alarm. But Erica suggests that Kendall just join her and Jack and realize that hanging out with Ethan is not going to get her over Ryan any sooner. But Kendall will still not listen to a word her mother says. When Jack rejoins Erica, she tells him she has to get out of here. Kendall asks Ethan if he got “grilled”. He notices that maybe she’s had too much to drink.

Greenlee is dumbfounded to hear Ryan tell her he loves her. He tells her sincerely that he realizes that things have happened too fast after the signing of the contract and tells her she may call things off if she wants and he will give her anything she wants. She asks how long he’s known that he loves her. He tells her he’s known for a while but has not allowed himself to say anything for a long time. He says he remembers her saying that she was waiting in the park for somebody to give her that kind of love. He tells her of the vision he had of Greenlee letting go of the trapeze and having him catch her and that’s when it hit him that he wants to capture her, be her man, be there for her. And he tells her that he’s known that he didn’t want to be casual about revealing that to her.

Kendall tells Ethan that Ryan and Aidan are old buddies, working together as private investigators and they are teaming up against him, to prevent him from taking what is rightfully his. She also informs him that Greenlee has sucked the life out of Ryan, but he let her do it. But Ethan questions whether Kendall’s solution to her problems with them is to drive stakes into their hearts.

Greenlee tells Ryan that throughout the time she’s known him, and after Leo died, she knew she was not alone because she had her best friend. He tells her that’s the reason why he loves her. She admits that at the picnic, a while back, she was thinking about the man she wanted to love, and he was Ryan. Ryan lifts her up, holds her and they kiss.

When Jack and Erica are alone, he asks her if she wants to talk about it. She says she had to get out of there, she could not breath, she could not think. She tells him that it was not just Kendall that made her want to leave. Yes, she does care about her and is worried about her, but she was uncomfortable in a bar. She says she knows she’s going to be in recovery for the rest of her life but it doesn’t make it any easier. And she confirms that she knows she loves him. He suggests they go outside and watch the stars. She says she’d rather stay in and make love. He says he does not want to push her. She tells him that she is ready to push him. He says he doesn’t want to be any trouble. But he lifts her up and carries her to the bed.

Kendall proposes a toast with Ethan to people getting what’s coming to them. He tells her he can tell that she still loves Ryan. She says she knows Ryan is in love with her, and that Greenlee has manipulated him, but she knows that Ryan will come back to her. She gets up and asks a bellboy to inform her the whereabouts of Mr. And Mrs. Lavery. He tells her they’ve gone up to their room together a few hours ago and do not want to be disturbed. Hearing that, she is struck with a cold reality. But she tells Ethan that she swears to God that she will win. She proposes another toast to Greenlee learning a lesson. She says Greenlee is very stupid to have the mistaken idea that she will go away. She drinks more and tells him Greenlee will come crashing down but she will have everything she’s ever wanted.

Ryan gives Greenlee a ring and tells her he wants to be her friend, her partner, her lover, and her husband. And he asks her if she will give him the honor of becoming his wife. Right when they are ready to get it on, there is a knock on the door. It’s Aidan. He looks surprised. After Aidan leaves, Greenlee asks Ryan if Aidan was there to consult with him about their investigation of Zach Slater. He informs her yes, and they have reason to believe that Zach is somehow connected to Michael Cambias, and possibly also to Ethan. She gets up and forgets what they were previously involved in. He asks if she is not ready to get back to their honeymoon. She tells him they have 50 to 60 years to celebrate their honeymoon.

Zach tells Maria that since she has dumped him and thrown him away, she has no right to know about his private business and secrets. Once she leaves, he opens up the cabinet with the black and white photos of all the Pine Valley-ites connected in the murder of Michael Cambias.

When Edmund is ready to go to the dinner, Maria joins him. He informs her he cannot go because he has a lead. She assures her husband that he need not worry about her and Zach because she has told Zach that it’s over and they agree that she must go to the dinner alone. Suddenly, Zach enters. He later goes out and runs into Erica and Jack Right when Erica is talking about Bianca’s commitment to the Miranda Montgomery foundation, Zach has a flashback of reading something. Kendall enters with Ethan and then Greenlee and Ryan enter.

Right when everybody is seated at the dinner, Zach makes an announcement, welcoming everybody and informs them that there will be a surprise after the dinner. Erica talks. She says everybody has brought so much more than money to their fundraiser. She says everybody has really contributed to her daughter, Bianca. She admits that she maybe should not be standing and talking at this fundraiser. Her other daughter, Kendall should be. She acknowledges Kendall for supporting and encouraging Bianca in the birth of Miranda. She admits that Kendall has been loyal and loving to her sister as well as very stubborn. She admits her difficulty in accepting Miranda but that she now realizes that everybody was born innocent. She tells everybody there that she knows although they may have their issues, problems and may be playing games of chance in the casino, they must all never lose sight of the fact that they are doing good work. And she speaks to Miranda telling her she will always be in their hearts and thoughts, always loved and missed. Zach gets up and talks about a game of chance. Nobody has a clue what he’s talking about. He says the game is murder. And he mentally photographs the faces of all the people in the room.


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