AMC Update Monday 8/30/04

All My Children Update Monday 8/30/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Jamie are sharing a hug when they hear an explosion outside. JR is with Krystal when he hears the explosion. He learns that she has blown up his prized automobile. Krystal tells him there's a lot more like that coming unless he reveals where Bess is. He tells her she's out of her mind. Babe asks Jamie how many more things will have to blow up before JR will tell them where Bess is. She just wishes she knew Bess was OK. Jamie tells her JR would never hurt Bess. But he adds that they need a plan. They should consult with the genious who blew up the car. Babe says that would be her mother. Jamie has a shooting pain and tells her that JR is a fool. JR tells Krystal that his car was irreplaceable. So is her little girl, she replies. Tad urges JR to reveal where Bess is before things get even uglier and defends Krystal to JR. JR tells Tad that if he wants to associate with this piece of trash, he's insulting the memory of his mother. Tad urges him again to return Bess, but JR insists that Bess is fine. Tad asks him to remember how angry he was when Adam took him from his mother. JR says his father loves him, but tells Tad that he means nothing to him. He walks out and Krystal tells Tad she's sorry. She says he's right that keeping a baby from her mother is about as low as it gets. She says this is her fault. She set this disaster in motion.

Babe puts a new bandage on Jamie's wound. She tells him it's her fault that JR showed up in jail. She admits she went to JR and told him about Jamie's plan to be put in jail. She says she was stupid and wouldn't blame Jamie if he hated her. He says the last thing he feels toward her is hate. He's not even mad at her. Babe says she never meant for him to get hurt. He says it was worth it. She is worth it. He says it's his turn to confess something. He says he never will regret that night they spent together.

Tad tells Krystal not to blame herself for this. She says she just wants Bess home. Tad says he has a search party out there looking for Bess. Krystal is touched Tad is going to such lengths, but he says he doesn't want her or Babe hurting anymore. They hug and she tells him she loves him. Tad looks stunned. She admits that she really does love him. He tells her she can take it back, but she says he is probably the best thing that's happened to her. Tad is surprised at this coming from a woman who doesn't believe in picket fences and happy endings. She says however this ends, she wants him to know this is the real deal. She loves him. He tells her when this is over they'll have a conversation about that picket fence. They kiss and JR walks in on them. He asks Tad what he is trying to pull now. Tad chastizes him again for taking Bess and says he'll never have a moment alone with her in peace.

Aidan and Ethan are at the casino discussing Zach. They're trying to figure out his motives. Ethan wants to know who Slater is. He almost feels that Slater can prove who he is. Jonathan appears behind them and says he can tell Ethan who he is, he's a fraud. Jonathan says he and Ryan are onto his game and it's all over for him.

Ryan is in Zach's office asking questions about the pictures Zach has on his wall. Zach tells him he can't walk into his private office and ask questions. Ryan notes that all the people in those pictures have a connection to Michael Cambias's death. He asks Zach what his connection is. Zach tells Ryan that he's taking quite a leap to connect him to Michael Cambias. Ryan asks the question again, and Zach again repeats that he won't answer any questions. Ryan says he knows this fund-raiser is just a smokescreen. Zach asks him if he's afraid he's going to lose everything he got from Alexander Cambias. Ryan asks if Zach set Ethan up to stake a claim to the Cambias fortune. Zach tells Ryan to leave his office now, and if he treats his life like it's his business he'll regret it. Ryan says if anyone in those photos gets hurt ... he walks out before finishing the sentence.

Kendall has caught Greenlee going through her things at her casino room. Kendall tells her that everything that's happened is her fault. If she disappears tonight they will all be better off. Greenlee tells her not to threaten her. She came here for the pictures, the ones she is using in her blackmail. She tells her her blackmail plan didn't work. Bobby's conscious was more important that her scheme, Greenlee says. Kendall says then it will now be Bobby's turn to pay the price. Greenlee can't believe Kendall would try to destroy Bobby's marriage, and says that she and Bobby will just say the photos of the two of them were staged. Kendall says Anita would never believe that story. She asks Greenlee if she got a look at her and Ryan, with his lips all over her. Kendall tells Greenlee she's scared to death that Ryan slept with her. Kendall tells Greenlee she's dying to know what happened after Bobby shut the monitor off. Greenlee says if she wants to know, she'll just ask Ryan. Kendall says Ryan is letting her down easy. She failed miserably at this so-called marriage, Kendall says. She's not only going to lose her company and her fortune, but her husband as well when they find out Ethan is for real. Greenlee walks out.

Jonathan tells Ethan that he's Ethan Ramsey and he's dug up some information about him. Ethan says it doesn't matter what he digs up, it doesn't have anything to do with him being a Cambias. Jonathan tells him if old-man Cambias had wanted to find him he would have found him. Aidan intervenes and defends Ethan and tells Jonathan to back off. Jonathan leaves, saying the real secret will come out. Ethan tells Aidan that Jonathan has had it in for him since he's arrived. He just needs to shut him and Ryan up so he can get what's coming to him.

Zach opens the letter that was received by him, which has the name Ethan Ramsey in the subject line. Kendall barges in and asks Zach to please tell her that he found out Ethan is for real. She says her life depends on it. Zach tells her to sit down. She admits she said some stupid things to Greenlee and knows she'll go straight to Ryan. Then Ryan will say that she doesn't matter. She says she can't let them win. Kendall tells Zach that she told Ryan she still loves him but he married Greenlee anyway. Zach tells her that Ryan won't win. She asks how he's going to stop him. Zach says it's just a feeling he has that Ryan will get what's coming to him.

Greenlee and Ryan go to their hotel room separately, both upset. Greenlee starts to undress when they notice each and see that the other is upset. Ryan tells her he's not upset at her. She tells him she might be after she tells him what happened last night. He suggests that they wait till after dinner, but she says it can't wait. She admits that she kissed Bobby Warner last night. She says Kendall set it up so she would see him kissing Kendall and also set up Bobby to try to get her into bed. Ryan says he knows it didn't work because she would not go back on her promise. He says that after Kendall kissed him, nothing happened. Their marriage is still intact, he says. Greenlee says she doesn't know how much longer she can do this. It's getting too hard. Ryan asks her if she wants out and she says she does. Ryan says he needs to make some changes too and she needs to hear about it. He says he thought that he was done with love but those feelings are not buried. And she's responsible. Greenlee thinks he's going to tell her he still loves Kendall and asks him please not to say anything. He tells her she made him feel this way. Greenlee doesn't understand. He tells her when he sees her he feels he's home and doesn't want to lose that feeling. He tells her he loves her. She says she knows, as a friend. Not only as a friend, but as a husband and lover, he says.

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