AMC Update Friday 8/27/04

All My Children Update Friday 8/27/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall begs her mother for her help in getting Ryan back. She shows Erica the pictures of Greenlee and Bobby. Erica asks her where she got these pictures. Kendall says only that Bobby was with Greenlee last night, and she doubts that he slept alone. Erica asks her what she's doing with Bobby and tells her it's time to move on. Kendall says Ryan is her's and there's no way that Greenlee can have him. Kendall says Ryan is her soul mate. Erica tells her she and Ryan had their time together but her begging him to come back is only subjecting her to rejection again. Kendall pleads for Erica's help, saying she'll give her Enchantment back. Erica refuses, and Kendall says she's just helping Jack protect his daughter. Erica tells Kendall she thought she was done with the games. She needs to move past this revenge mode. Even if she got Ryan back she wouldn't be happy. Erica asks Kendall to go with her to get some air, but Kendall refuses and Erica leaves.

Greenlee and Ryan wake up and he tells her he's ready to talk. Greenlee first wants to take a shower and when she returns she suggests ordering room service. Ryan stops her and says their talk is long overdo. Greenlee reluctantly says she's ready to talk. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Jonathan with news about a new company making breakthroughs in molecular machinery. He says it's a bargain. Ryan looks at some documents and tells Jonathan that it's a loser, but he thanks Jonathan for being proactive. Jonathan says he already put an option on the company to get a jump on it. Greenlee gets mad, but Ryan says they can work around this. Greenlee says they can't until Ryan gets the truth about his brother. Ryan asks what the secret is. Greenlee tells Jonathan to tell Ryan about his background. He plays dumb, and Greenlee realizes it will fall on her to share this news. She tells Ryan that Jonathan doesn't have an MBA and even flunked out of college. Ryan glares at his brother. Jonathan admits Greenlee is right and says he screwed up huge. He says he didn't want to let Ryan down and understands if he fires him. Ryan tells him it's cool. He just embellished his resume. He says he has exaggerated plenty in his day. He doesn't plan to fire him. Greenlee asks to talk to Ryan in private, and they go into the hallway of the casino.

Bianca is in Zach's office, thanking him for his help with JR. She says JR is now torturing Babe to her face and has hidden their daughter. It's hard to believe he could do something so horrible, she says. Bianca wonders why Zach is helping her and Babe, since he barely knows them, but he's not telling. He says he knows she has a connection to Babe's baby. Bianca says there must be something to being a godmother, because she feels very connected to Bess. Zach notes that whenever the Miranda Montgomery center is written about, it's mentioned that she killed Michael Cambias. He hates to see that. Bianca admits that she blocked it out for months, but she did kill him. Zach asks her if maybe she didn't do it. A lot of people wanted him dead. She says if there was the slightest possibility she didn't, she would make sure. She's the one who was found with the gun in her hand, she says. Bianca admits she's tired and Zach suggests she go home. Bianca says she doesn't want to miss the evening's entertainment, but he says it wouldn't be her thing anyway. She thanks him and leaves.

Jamie talks to Krystal on the Chandler patio. He tells her JR is slick. She asks if he thinks JR has new plans to make Babe look unfit. Jamie says he would bet on it.

JR wakes up to find Babe in bed beside him. He asks her why she isn't gone, then notices she has handcuffed herself to him. He tells her she's out of her mind. She says she'll be right by his side until he brings the baby home. He demands she unlock the cuffs but she says she doesn't have the key and refuses. He calls Winefred and asks her to call a locksmith. Babe tells him her lawyer has filed a motion requiring him to bring Bess home. He says he'll comply if he's ordered, but that motion could take months and until then there is nothing she can do. JR tries to get dressed while handcuffed but has difficulty. Babe tells him she'll stick to him like a bad tattoo. They bicker about Bess and who she belongs to. JR says Bess will have everything as long as she's with him and Babe belongs in a mental institution. Jamie walks in the room and tells JR if he says one more word he will be counting ceiling tiles in a hospital. He sees the cuffs and tells Babe nice work. Krystal walks in and says they'll be cuffed for a couple hours yet. Babe then produces the key and unlocks them. JR leaves the room, and Jamie tells Babe that posters with Bess's picture have been put up all over town. He also tells her and Krystal not to eat food from the Chandler kitchen and he has ordered lunch. JR returns and mocks Jamie, telling him he's thought of everything. Jamie has one more piece of news for him – he's moving in. JR walks out. Jamie asks Babe how she's holding up. With tears welling in her eyes, she says she's doing fine. She tells him he shouldn't be nice to her after everything she put him through. Jamie says he couldn't be mean considering her husband is a jerk and her baby is missing. She tells him he makes her smile and keeps her sane. Jamie says there is no way that JR is going to win. They hug.

Krystal sees JR drinking coffee on the patio and under her breath tells him to choke on it. JR sees her and says he suspects she's there to plead "baby doll's" case but he doesn't care. Krystal tells him it's not good to keep Bess from her mother. JR says Bess is his daughter and it's his call. He says if he's sick of Babe, imagine how he feels about Krystal. He tells her to leave. Krystal tells JR he still has time, then starts counting down from 10. Before she's done, she pleads with him reveal where Bess is. Suddenly an explosion is heard behind Krystal. JR has a look of terror on his face.

Bobby is outside the casino on the phone with Anita and tells her he loves her. Aidan is listening in the background. Bobby tells Aidan he's not on the guest list for this fund-raiser and suggests he leaves. Aidan asks Bobby about being in his boss's office with Greenlee. Bobby asks him if he's threatening him. Aidan tells him to do his job carefully and not to hurt Anita again. Bobby tells him to stay away from his wife.

She tells him he's making a huge mistake. Ryan tells her she has no idea what it was like to grow up with nothing. They are interrupted when Ryan gets a call from Aidan, who tells him they need to talk now. Ryan tells Greenlee to trust him and she'll understand. They go back into the room and Ryan tells Jonathan everything is cool. He leaves and Jonathan asks Greenlee why the hell she didn't keep her big mouth shut. He quickly apologizes, saying he was way out of line. He promises Greenlee she won't regret keeping him on at Fusion and he won't buy any more companies. Bobby comes in and Jonathan leaves. Bobby tells Greenlee he needs to get the photos back from Kendall. Greenlee says she'll take care of it.

Erica tells Bianca to go home and rest. She'll represent her at the fund-raiser. Bianca can tell her mother is upset about something else. Erica admits she's worried about Kendall, who is spinning out of control. She's afraid of what she might do.

Kendall is in her room looking at a photo of Bobby and Greenlee. She daydreams, and Ryan is at the door telling her he knows Greenlee is a liar and a cheat. He has never stopped loving Kendall. They kiss. The dream goes away and she is still alone in her room. She smiles.

Greenlee goes into Kendall's room and appears to be alone. She starts looking through a dresser but Kendall grabs her from behind. She tells her not to bother screaming because this is the end.

Ryan finds Aidan outside the casino. Aidan tells him about the photos in Zach's office and names everyone in the photos. Ryan realizes all had a connection to Michael. Aidan says one year ago today is when Michael was killed.

Zach is alone in his office and looks at the wall of photos behind a cupboard door. He takes down the photo of Bianca and puts it in his desk. Someone enters and hands Zach an envelope with the name of a testing lab in the return address. Next Ryan walks in, goes over to the wall of photos and opens the cupboard door. He asks what's going on with the photos.

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