AMC Update Thursday 8/26/04

All My Children Update Thursday 8/26/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie attempts to get into a closed restaurant. She bangs on the door demanding somebody lets her in and gives her a vanilla shake and fries. The restaurant cook tells her they are closed. But behind her, Jonathan Lavery enters and convinces the guy to let them both in. Maggie asks Jonathan who he is. He says he is Jonathan Lavery. She inquires if he is Ryan’s brother. He replies yes. He tells her he knows how to bribe the restaurant in order to get something to eat. He gets them some beers and tells her after happy hour he can get them some food. He tells her he likes her. She tells him he does not know her. He tells her he knows that she likes chili, fries and cheese and is willing to break down a door to get it. Right when Maggie is distracted while talking to Jonathan and indulging in whipped cream sundaes, she has a thought that he can sense which takes her away from the conversation, where she sees Bianca in bed with Babe. And she admits to him that she knows she is in love with somebody, but won’t tell him who that is. He tells her he’s had some mishaps in his life but has never lost sleep, lost weight or lost his sanity over another person. He asks for her phone number.

Aidan runs into Anita outside the casino. She tells him she decided to come alone and not be afraid. He sounds like he still has feelings for her. She admits that she wishes he could find Bobbie and has no clue where he is or what he’s up to. He reveals to her that he and Edmund are working together to investigate Zach Slater. She wonders why they are both so concerned about Zach. He tells her that he knows that Zach has some secret plan that might affect or hurt many people they both care about. She says in that case, maybe Bobbie could help in their investigation. But he tells her that he has reasons not to get Bobbie involved and asks her never to tell Bobbie about his and Edmund’s secret investigation. She promises not to tell Bobbie. He tells her she looks very beautiful.

Krystal admits to David that he could have easily bailed out on their daughter and on her, but he has not. And she tells him that she really appreciates all he’s done for Babe.

JR inquires whether anybody would believe that his daughter is better off with a lying skank than with him. Jamie tells him he’d better not talk that way about Babe. She tells him she admits she’s made mistakes but she is not the liar he is. She is surprisingly unemotional in this confrontation. And she surprises everybody by agreeing with JR that Bess does not belong with her. Bianca demands to know how she could say such a thing. Jamie tells Babe she must not tell JR what he wants to hear. Adam and Tad interrupt them and get into their own argument. Bianca says that JR has no business saying that Bess is his child, she belongs with her mother and he has no business judging Babe when he almost killed the mother of his child. He attacks Bianca about being a lesbian, killing Michael Cambias and having an eating disorder. Babe rips into him for insulting Bianca. She also tells him that he has everything, all the wealth he could ever want, friends who used to care about him, a wife that loved him and a beautiful little girl and he blew it all. She tells him she pities him because all he can see is the bad in all people. He says there’s nothing else to see in her. She tells him that it’s his own problem. Adam jumps in and tells her that all of her watching television may have paid off but they can all live without her Dr. Phil analysis. She tells Adam that it’s his fault that JR turned out the way he did.

Krystal tells David that she knows he has an attitude about her morality. She tells him that although Tad will dump her when he finds out her secret, that does not mean she is capable of behaving like the Chandlers. She also suspects that he’s trying to come on to her. He tells her he has no intention of that, he’s just concerned about his daughter and what is wrong with that?. But right away, their argument turns into laughter and they both apologize for yelling at each other. She tells him she must depart to go check on Bess.

Right in the middle of Babe’s and JR’s confrontation, Babe gets a call on her cell phone from Krystal. She tells her mother that she is ready to return home to Bess. But Krystal tells her that she’s discovered that Bess is gone. David gets on the phone and tells Babe she must remain calm. She tells him she knows that JR has kidnapped Bess and she is going to kill him. But he tells her that if Bess is with JR, at least she’s safe. Once JR finds out the truth, there’s no telling what he might do. When she gets off the phone with David she goes after JR demanding to know what he did to Bess. She tells him she knows he took Bess. He tells her that Bianca is the one to ask since she knows all about kidnapping babies. Adam tells Babe that she has enough of a problem watching her child. Tad asks JR if he would stoop so low as to take a baby from her mother. He tells them that Beverly is taking care of Bess and has everything under control. Adam calls Beverly on the cell phone and confirms that. Babe reminds them that her mother could not find Bess and Beverly did not have the common courtesy to tell Krystal where she took Bess and she does not believe a word JR or Adam tell her. Jamie tells them he’s going nowhere until they tell him where Bess is. He tells JR that he pulled off quite a scam, just so that he can make Babe look bad.

Krystal gets in her car and tells David she will stop at nothing in finding Bess. He tells her there’s nothing she can do now. But she tells him it’s her fault not to have watched over that crooked nanny and get too distracted to take care of her granddaughter. She tells him she should have grabbed hold of Babe and Bess a long time ago and ran. And she drives off.

Babe tells Adam that if he’s done anything to hurt her child, he will be sorry. He asks if she’s making a threat. Tad tells Adam he will go and find that nanny. Adam says if there are no more threats or accusations, then he and his son are going to get out of there because they have been through enough today. When Babe is alone with Bianca and Jamie she tells them that she will never forgive herself for distrusting Jamie and being such an idiot as to believe her husband loves her. They both tell her she needn’t blame herself. But she tells Jamie that he almost died because of her and tells him she is so, so sorry and puts her arms around him.

David rides in Krystal’s car and tells her she must slow down. But she tells him they must find Bess. He tells her she is out of control and must pull over and let him drive. She tells him to shut up. He takes over the steering wheel and it looks like they are headed for an accident. The car stops and he tells her that she is driving like a maniac. She says she does not care, all she cares about is finding Bess. He tells her that making them both road-kill will not help them find her any faster. She says it’s all her fault, if she had not switched the DNA test and just given her back to Bianca, none of this would have happened. He tells her she needs to breath. They both calm down and she gives him a hug.


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